Keep America Great #WalkAway by Toots Sweet

In celebration today Toots Sweet’s new song Keep America Great #WalkAway

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9 Comments on Keep America Great #WalkAway by Toots Sweet

  1. “Walk Away”

    When I called You up this morning
    Told me ’bout the new love I’d found
    You said “I’m angry at you
    I’m really angry at you”
    Voting for someone else
    guess you won’t be coming ’round
    I guess it’s over, baby
    It’s really over, baby, whoa
    And from what you said
    I know you’ve been repulsed by me
    It’ll never be the way it used to be
    So if it’s gotta be this way
    Don’t worry, baby, I can’t take the news okay

    But if you see me walking by
    And the Joy is in my eyes
    Walk away, baby, walk away
    If we meet on the streets someday
    And I don’t care what You say
    walk away, baby, walk away
    Don’t f*ck with me
    I never wanted to Vote Your way

  2. I made it through about 50 seconds of that (c)rap.

    Let me be clear: I HATE rap. I have to put up with enough of it with the local “boom cars” going through the neighborhoods.

    I don’t care what the subject is, or who’s quacking it.

    If Jesus Christ Himself was doing rap, I would turn Him off.

    Have I made my animosity to rap sufficiently obvious?

    I hope so.


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