Keep your eye on those potatoes…

Potatoes Took Over Apartment While Owner Was Away For 3 Month Quarantine.

And keep an eye on Jerry Manderin. It’s his birthday today, and he ain’t in quarantine. LOL!

Happy Birthday!!!

Mmm… potato cake….

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  1. aleon – that’s when you tell her to tell her potatoes to stop looking at your eyes.

    Happy Birthday, Jerry!

  2. That cake looks great! I bet it tastes even better than the Water Pie! 😀
    Happy Birthday Jerry! Whoot!!!

  3. Thank you BigFurHat, MJA, and everyone!

    MJA. I’m working in my FAVORITE spot of all time today.


  4. Happy birthday jerry.

    Sorry all your friends here are racist, bigot homophobic….
    Something. Binary/nonbinary tapioca hating yadda yadda.

  5. POTATOES? They hid you behind POTATOES?

    …anyway, Jerry, since you’re pulling back the curtain anyway, wanna expose how MANY it is?

    …feel free to round to the nearest decade, though, don’t need to be TOO honest…

    Mandarins like haiku, right?

    Jerry Mandarin
    Always exposing others
    But keeps self covered.

    …no, we appreciate your content, cuts to the point with no digressions or incredibly long personal stories, just like me! 😉

    May the Lord bless you on this day that you celebrate His first sending you into it. May He hold you and all you love in His hand, and may he keep you on this Earth until just before those you love tire of you at last, so they are left to do His bidding to join you in Heaven to get all their fill of you.

    And may your first question to them when they come to you behind Heaven’s gate NOT be, “C’mon guys, why couldn’t you let me finish the WEEK at least?” XD

    …seriously, may you grace us with your wisdom for many years to come.

    God Bless,

  6. Kinda reminds me of the movie Creep Show. 😱
    Hope you had the best birthday eva’ Jerry, since once again I’m late to the party. 🎉🥳🎂

  7. Oh, and when scrolling past that picture of Denise Austin *ahem* exercising, try not to stop. 😁

  8. Jerry Manderin, little late to the party. But, Blessings to you on this day of your birth and all the days that follow.


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