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Keep Your House Filthy To Avoid Being a Racist Because…

Does the left realize how friggin’ racist they are?

The premise of this ridiculousness is that “black people can’t help but be messy, so if you’re neat and clean you’re a racist.”

Don’t believe me?


Requiring ID is racist.

It’s racist to value education.

Math is racist.

It’s racist to have a clean house.

Grammar is racist.

Let’s finish the thread to its logical conclusion –

Going to bed early so you can get up early, go to school, learn, graduate, get up early for work, save money, start a family, have kids, stay married, keep a clean house, obey laws… all of this is racist, even though it is available to anyone.

So, what the left is really saying is that black people aren’t capable of any of the above. So, what’s the solution?

I say the solution is to get rid of the left.

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  1. The “left,” particularly demonrats, absolutely hate negroes and will do anything and everything within their considerable power to keep them on the plantation.

    Keep em stupid, helpless, angry, and doped up – and they’ll stay.

    But it seems to be what the negroes want, as well – back in the 60s they were told that their children would be smarter if they sat next to a white child – and instead of being insulted, they believed and embraced the concept.
    Pretty weird.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Ask a cop, utility worker, CPS worker, about people who live among filth. DH has come home many a day telling me about the homes he had been in that day. Some of it a crying shame. He said the worst were white trash. He called CPS a couple of times. I believe this is why DH doesn’t like leaving the house, his days of public service are over, and that’s why. He doesn’t want to see anyone he has dealt with in the past. Surprisingly, he loved the work but not the people.

  3. Pigs is pigs. Oink, Oink! Sooie, Sooie! Now go wallow in your filthy mud hole you racist pigs. And to parody Orwell, some racist pigs are more pig like than other non-racist pigs. Guess who the real pigs are? Yep, the usual white guilt ridden progtards. And one of the biggest and most racist pigs (as well as a vulgar, profane slob) ever was LBJ himself.

  4. I watched a Modern Family episode yesterday, the highest-rated one of the entire series, in which Claire is stuck in an airport and the entire episode takes place on her iPad. She has a link titled ‘Porn’, which she clicks on a couple of times during the episode. It is, of course, photos of closets – because she works for her dad’s closet company. 🙂 Ooooooh, the organization!!!

  5. Goldenfoxx
    MARCH 18, 2023 AT 8:32 AM

    “Ask a cop, utility worker, CPS worker, about people who live among filth. ”

    “He doesn’t want to see anyone he has dealt with in the past.”

    …I know what you mean, but I found my best defense against it was to mentally lock it away.

    I compartmentalize so thoroughly I don’t remember patients. When I lived in my district I would sometimes have people come up to me randomly and start talking about some interaction we had, some trip to the hospital for them or a kid or parent. I’d just smile and nod and listen well enough to make sure they weren’t hostile, but otherwise wait for them to run down and go away because I don’t remember most of them at all. They got real disappointed if it got to where I had to admit they were a blank to me, so I’d shake hands and break off quick as I could.

    As long as your man did that and since he’s retired, I’m surprised he isn’t the same way. But being LEO may be different, he probably retains and processes faces better than I do.

    I had a kid come up the other day in the break room real happy to see me, and then crestfallen when I had no conception who he was and went off without saying why I should know him.

    Turned out he was a guy we revived in the smoke shelter last year. I’m crappy at facial recognition anyway, but I never saw this kid upright and alive so I have a little bit more excuse here. Peel his shirt so I could see his prison tats and slap AED pads on his chest and a rescue mask on his face, and I might remember better. But without context, people I interact with in that way are quickly forgotten by me.

    It’s like that.


    …but amen the filthy house thing, double. Basement fires were always a joy when you had to blast rubble out of the way just to get to a fire, and wading through roaches and shooing them away from patients you had to carry over mounds of fetid clothing just to get them somewhere clean enough to assess them was a laugh a minute too.

    But it could be pretty tragic as well. Some of the worst houses were old people living alone who were too sick or crippled to take care of themselves adequately, let alone clean a house properly.

    And there’s really nothing you can do to fix that.

    I shoved this off to the side, but its still there. And sometimes as I get older, it seems like it seeps back in.

    Maybe that’s a problem he has as well.

  6. ALL the above mentioned are also WHITE PRIVILEGE. Why? Because the message is melanated people CAN’T do self respecting, healthy,productive things for themselves and society so instead of addressing those issues in their community it’s SO much easier to put the responsibility of NOT doing those things on people who DO. BONUS? You create MORE victims, reparations and of course DEMOCRATS!

  7. I live in a neighborhood that used to have “virtue signs” in half of the yards. You know the ones:

    1) Black Lives Matter,
    2) Yada,
    3) Yada,
    4) Yada
    5) Yada.

    One day it occurred to me that there were never many blacks around the neighborhood. That was back when the Adobe Acrobat reader still worked. I looked up the neighborhood demographics on the NYTimes 2010 census “tool” and found that there were less than one percent black in “my” virtuous neighborhood.


    Google her name: Lady Liberty

  8. I’m guessing Professor of Marketing Jenna Drenten has a pussy that looks as overgrown as Herman Munster’s yard… Because personal grooming is probably racist as well.

  9. A bottle of vodka and an onion! Sob. Sob. … and the filth was unimaginable. Sob. Sob.

    A friend in college was hell bent on being a social worker when she graduated from college. That is what she found in the refrigerator when visiting one of the shitholes. Said she couldn’t take it. There was nothing for the kids to eat and they just got their food stamp allocation for the month days earlier.

    My response: I rest my case.

    Fucking white trash, but their race didn’t have anything to do with it. I have friends of all races and the black families I visit homes are neat as a pin. Damn near all of them are from the Mississippi Delta and grew up dirt poor, joined the military and I met them through a common interest in hunting.

    It has nothing to do with anything other than a filthy disgusting piece if shit is going to always be a filthy disgusting piece of shit. Want to know another stone cold natural fact? Instead of making an effort to improve, they invest all of their energy dreaming up excuses how it’s always someone else’s fault.

  10. @SNS, I STILL remember a few names and faces after all this time. I was not recognized by people when I was out of uniform, probably because I had very long hair that I braided in one braid then coiled it and secured it at the back of my head at work but wore it loose off duty. Plus, no ballistic vest and uniform.

    I compartmentalized most of the crap I saw and, probably symbolic of that, I showered off the “filth” at work and dropped the uniforms at the cleaners before going home to my family. 😁

  11. June Cleaver would be jealous of my wife’s housekeeping. It is the extreme opposite of my first marriage encounter. Things weren’t bad for the first half on the marriage, but it quickly went South from there. After the divorce that she wanted, I took possession of the house after paying her for her half. I videoed every square inch of the house and hired a dumpster to hold all the filth. I hired a guy to clean the carpet and told him it was really bad. He chuckled and said he had seen things beyond my imagination. After he was finished, he looked uncomfortable when we were talking. I told him to give me his honest opinion. He said in all his years of cleaning carpet, he had never seen anything that bad. I paid him extra and he wished me luck. I had that carpet removed as soon as I could afford to.

  12. Reparations for slavery? How about herding them all up and shipping them back to Africa. Seems fair.

  13. I guess this means I’m going to have to stop calling Saturday “cleaning day” and start calling it “racist day”.

  14. Conservative Cowgirl
    MARCH 18, 2023 AT 10:59 AM
    “I STILL remember a few names and faces after all this time.”

    …it was likely more of a job skill for you than for me because you HAD to be able to identify people quickly and remember them to the point you could testify, and -other than very specific things like looking at pupils and for raccoon eyes and Battle’s sign and things like that- I didn’t much need to know what their faces looked like at all, and I was going to cover them up or shove a tube in them anyway, so yeah, not much need to get familiar.

    Also more of a survival skill for you than me. I had very few people that actively wanted to kill me as compared to our cops, but that’s no credit to me or shame to them, it was just the way we related to the public affected their perception of who was freind and enemy. I would imagine that its much healthier for you to be able to recall the faces of folks who want to do you harm and say so, so recognizing a face 5 years later after he gets out of prison with a buffed body, loose asshole, and a load of hate for the LEO who caught him would seem to be very valuable to your future survival from your former line of work.

    You’re also a woman, and women tend to be better than men at remembering faces anyway. Not sure if you consider it a blessing or a curse. I am just as happy to forget them forever, but that’s just me.

    I stayed recognizable just because I’m a fairly distinct sort of ugly, or so I’m told, and in ANY context people recognize me much longer than I do them. Also I’d look silly if I tried to braid my hair, so no help there.

    But you saw more people longer and in a MUCH uglier context than I generally did, again the nature of the job, so its a blessing that you found a way to wash it off at the end of the shift and leave it in your uniform for the cleaners. May the Lord grant you the blessing to remember forever those parts you treasured, and y
    to sink the rest into eternal silence

    God Bless,

  15. Fat smelly slobs want an excuse to be fat smelly slobs.

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