Keeping Schools Safe

Guest post by MerryMouse-

All the screaming rhetoric in the world will not stop criminal-minded people–crazy or otherwise–from acquiring the means to do harm to innocent people. Everyone on both sides needs to shut up and start THINKING!  We can THINK our way out of allowing kids to be maimed and slaughtered in our schools. Here are my ideas, after consulting with the StingyOgre who lives here, too:


Schools in France are locked when school begins and NO ONE is allowed in. No moms who want to help with parties. No helpers to serve cookies. No-BODY comes in. Teachers are the masters of their classrooms and highly respected. Parents do not “assist” them. (This from a French exchange student who grew up to be a teacher herself.)

Also, banks in France have a secure vestibule and you must be buzzed in to cash your traveler’s checks. You must then be buzzed into the bank proper after the clerks can see you are not a robber or terrorist. The doors lock automatically behind you. Combining these two ideas from FRANCE (fer crying out loud!) could significantly limit evildoers going in to our wide-open, gun-free public schools. Check out your local schools and see if it would possible to add a secure vestibule to them.

It will be a while before our public school teachers become masters of their classrooms and highly respected, but we could demand that they do their jobs without help from parents. Therefore, close the doors when school starts.


If the evildoer manages to get in, everyone needs to help apprehend him. Throw things, sweep their feet, punch back, swarm the maniac. DON’T HIDE like scared rabbits! Criminently! Take lessons from Israel. Let qualified teachers carry handguns if they so desire. Consider demanding school uniforms so responders can tell friend from foe.


If the statistics are true, and 98.4% of shootings take place in “gun-free zones,” then this idea is not working! Duh!

When you go to a place where the door is posted with a “weapons-free” sign, ask to talk to the manager and tell him/her that if you are not allowed to protect yourself in this place then you are assuming they will. Ask to see their “active shooter protocol.” If they can’t, tell them if you are hurt on their premises your heirs have been instructed to sue them to oblivion. Personally, I carry pepper spray everywhere.


Since most of the mall/school/theater shooters seem to be under 25, this makes sense. They can still get a permit to purchase a firearm but there will be new restrictions: Personal appearance at the Sheriff’s Office for an interview, two personal references from non-family members (co-workers, teachers, employers), medical history regarding psychoactive drugs, urine screening and psychological screening. Boom! Tell me this would not work! Leave everyone else alone.


Make it a criminal offense to WITHHOLD information from NICS. This happens. It’s political. It’s stupid. And it’s killing people.


Rush said the other day that state and local agencies should go back to being the incubators for new ideas and solutions. If a school district wants to arm teachers, let the locals decide that. Some districts already are doing so. One size does not fit all. Let the states become the testing grounds for these new ideas.


It seems practical to plan better schools, rather than just REACT all the time. School choice might be a good instigator for this to happen. Opening up the market to schools that promise secure situations and vetting of students might be a big plus to parents.  Retrofitting existing schools with locking vestibules is still reacting, but better than just sitting there like a good collectivist and taking what the government gives you. Sheesh!


Drug use, expulsions, local criminal activity, domestic violence, psychological problems, mental health intervention, fatherless families, age, social media threats, etc. We know who these kids are. See #4 above.

I am no great thinker or philosopher, but I am also no dummy. We may not be able to quickly reverse the cultural decay that has led to these horrific scenes, but we can’t just sit there. Let’s use our American know-how to tackle this problem. It isn’t the guns that are the problem.


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  1. Disband all brick and mortar schools, send all “pupils” home to learn online and let robots administer curriculum and learning.
    With the money saved administer new social, interaction, and gaming norms among students. Teachers have failed us.

  2. MerryMouse

    Your taking a constitutional right away from people that are of the age to fight and die for our country. Guns are not the problem.


    I’m not sure what state you live in but during the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s the big push for new school construction was “Open Campuses”. You’d be hard pressed to harden a lot of these schools. To many individual building, to many entrance points.


    I believe this has already been done. It just needs to be implemented. The number of times the local popo was called out to this shooters house in the last two years is now up to 39 times. Come on. In California LEO would have 5150 him. Psych hold, can’t own or have weapons around him.

    That’s already a federal offense. Says so right on the 4473.

    YES. Stop making schools soft targets. We guard our money, our politicians with guns. Why not our kids.

    Regarding #4
    Personally I would no be opposed to set the minimum age for purchasing a rifle to 21 instead of 18. They already do it with handguns. But again we’re infringing on the 2nd Amendment.

    Thanks for starting the discussion.

  3. Fur,
    Keep it simple. Every school should allow for at least one trained CCL teacher/principal.
    1. The signage out front- THIS SCHOOL HAS ARMED RESISTANCE,
    is a detterent.
    2. NO shooter, NONE, can focus on indiscrimate killing when they are facing return fire. It doesn’t matter if the defender can shoot or not. It doesn’t matter how far away they are. It doesn’t matter if they follow the shooter. The moment the shooter KNOWS there is lethal resistance he has been crippled. You cannot ignore a person with a gun who is shooting at you. This gives first responders precious time to make entry and neutralize the threat.

  4. A. It’s not always kids.
    #4. Why not just require this of everybody, even if they don’t want to buy a weapon? Because we can’t and we shouldn’t. Let the mentally ill own a gun, just lock up the mentally ill so they can’t access their guns.
    #8. Over half the population would need to be profiled. Start with a national ID and see how far that gets you.

    I understand there seems to be processes we could use to minimize these tragic actions, but remember, security and liberty are diametrically opposed.

  5. How about granting every leaving or retiring Officer in the Military a fast track to a teaching certificate.
    Give them preference over all other hires, and pay them more than other hires.
    As they are natural leaders and teachers they will excel in their craft
    Arm each and every single one.

  6. I’d like to focus on the “profiling” issue. In this country we do not lock people away simply because we don’t like how they act or what they say, and certainly not in anticipation of a “possible future crime”.

    We can “Baker Act” people who appear to be “a danger to themselves or others” — and this involves an involuntary commitment for a short period of time for an examination, after which, if the person (who will be exhorted to do so if he or she has nice insurance) does not agree to a voluntary commitment, then a petition can be filed for an extended involuntary commitment (in Florida, this potential loss of liberty entitles the subject to a public defender.)

    The problem with all of this is that psychology really has little to nothing that it can offer. People are drugged — frequently the same psychopharmaceuticals that increase suicidal ideation in youngsters, or which are given to children for frivolous purposes, poisoning their growing brains), and non-drug “therapies” which as short-term solutions to cognitive issues are flimsy at best, and which are absolutely useless in the cases of personality disorders and long-standing emotional issues.

    There are many dangers in the calls for “mental health treatments” beyond the risk of unhustified losses of liberty for those who are not in fact dangerous (psychs have no crystal balls and their risk assessments are terrible), including the waste of taxpayer and insurance dollars and the further burgeoning of the trendy private mental health rehab and hospitalization thing.

    We should not fall into the fallacy that is sometimes called “black swan” cognitive distortion. While thousands of youths shoot themselves to death in some of our urban environments in “every day criminality”, rare and unexpected events loom larger than they should. Statistically, the chances of any student being shot and killed in school is lower than it was before the relatively recent advent of a relative handful of “mass school shootings”.

    Before we go off half-cocked and start locking children away in stultifying concrete and steel fortresses, or throw more money at “mental health treatments”, how about reining in the poisoning of children’s brains for frivolous reasons with psychopharmaeuticals — instead of addressing their (or their environment’s) actual other issues, and working to bring back some normalcy, community, and patriotism in the values we inculcate in school and via the media.

  7. Get rid of the over protective child labor laws. 14, 15, 16, year old kids who would rather work than be forced to spend their days with bullies should be allowed to. They will gain experience and confidence instead of building up rage and exploding. And, bonus: they can do some of the unskilled low-paying jobs that ‘Americans won’t do,’ so we can reduce our ‘need’ for illegal immigrant labor.

  8. No way that would work. Much easier to do what libs want and go door to door rounding up all 8 trillion guns in America by force.

  9. Make a law against liberals if you want to fix the gun issue.

    Everything liberals work for creates more gun crime. Liberals are the root cause of 95% of the mass shootings the past 5 years. I started keeping score when Sandy Hook happened, when you dig into the story, it’s almost always failed liberal policy.

  10. My niece’s school (Hazleton PA district) has a policeman and woman guarding the school, inside and out, everyday….and a State Trooper is present at their basketball games……Smart…..

  11. I remember that my kids high school school, in Riverside, CA was plagued by gang warfare. Gangs fro outside the school would roam the campus, causing havoc and selling drugs.

    Then a new principal came in and shut that school down. 8 ft. Fences, entry only through secured front doors, no other doors had knobs on the outside of the building, uniformed guards on campus patrolling the perimeter and parking lot.

    If parents wanted to visit the office or have a teacher conference, we followed the rules. One entry, sign in and out at the office and if you stayed beyond your estimated time they looked for you. Each classroom had communication with the office and guards.

    Lockers were eliminated.

    It took less than 1/2 the school year to make it safe.

  12. A radio controlled locking system for all classrooms would reduce the impact of these psychopaths. A “Panic Button” under each teachers desk could activate it. It5 wouldn’t be that expensive to install.This would help but nuts would simply switch to killing the kid in or on their way to the bus. Making it easier to put a nut away in the nut house would resolve a lot.


    Oh, won’t SOMEBODY, think of the CHIRREN?!?!?! 🙄

  14. I read all this Hollywood people talking shit plus the DEMS . My response is to the Hollywood you have your bodyguard, your gateway community, shut the fuc up that people like us need are owned protection from the criminal. Plus most important that is my constitution right.

  15. I was thinking that young adults would have to be vetted differently because of the statistical likelihood of mayhem. Much like young adults have to pay more for car insurance based, again, on statistical evidence. Not that they couldn’t own firearms at all. I am opposed to any restrictions on law-abiding Americans from owning firearms. I would support this idea, though. Maybe to see how it works out? Maybe sunset it in five years? Very curious how others think about this.

  16. MerryMouse

    I’m in the Gun Business. At times anyway, not a real hot market right now, but believe me. If they want a gun, even an AR, they’ll get one. They sell 80% (un registered) lower receivers with jigs to make it a functioning gun. Not that tough, not registered.

  17. They also sell 80% Glock frames with jigs and instruction to complete them. The Frames and Receivers are the parts with the serial number on them. All the rest of the component parts are not regulated and easily purchased.

  18. Black men are statistically more likely to commit criminal actions and engage in aggravated assault than other Americans. By your logic all black men should be subject to “extreme vetting” for fire arms purchasing. Not only is this a constitutional violation, it unfairly punishes the majority of his black men without th true just cause. Each individual must be liable for his actions and character, not his demographic lot.

    The more probable answer is to focus on the almost non existent mental health system ability to catch truly dangerous individuals before they act out while empowering the general public to make known problems in their communities. As we’ve seen time and again theres almost always screaming warning signs that were missed by mh professionals or people who didn’t know how it whom to effectively report.

  19. The one bad thing about “Profiling” is we’ve seen already how politicized that can become.
    Did the IRS “profile” you during the Obama debacle?


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