Keith Ellison CONFRONTED by Laura Loomer About Domestic Violence Allegations

What Happened To The DNC Investigation Of Keith Ellison’s Alleged Domestic Abuse?

Daily Caller: Two weeks after the Democratic National Committee (DNC) announced a review of domestic abuse allegations against Minnesota Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison, the public still has scant information about the probe.

The DNC has offered no details on who exactly is running the probe, what evidence they have uncovered or when they expect to have enough information to either affirm or withdraw their support for Ellison.

Laura Loomer picks up after the DNC drops the ball. SEE THE CONFRONTATION HERE

Keith Ellison CONFRONTED by Laura Loomer About Domestic Violence Allegations

As he arrived for a campaign event in Minnesota on Saturday, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) was confronted by investigative journalist Laura Loomer about the numerous domestic violence allegations that have been brought against him by two different women.

Loomer questioned Ellison about a 2005 police report filed by Amy Alexander, a Democrat activist who he had a relationship with. With the police report in hand, Loomer asked Ellison to explain why the police report says there was a domestic violence call to Alexander’s house, despite the fact that Ellison has denied the allegations.


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  1. Laura needs to be careful–Democrats would love to see her dead. What’s going on with her case against Maxi Waters?

  2. This is going nowhere because the leftist media are not interested.
    Ellison is a muslin, socialist,black. Untouchable.
    Laura Loomer has brass balls. I hope she dosen’t get hurt. Lots of loonies at that gathering. See the guy with green hair?
    For fook sake!

  3. Keith whose real name is
    Hack’em Moe-He-Mad
    is nothing but muslim gutter trash scum
    And naturally, of course,
    eminently qualified to lead the
    democrat party.

  4. It should be required that he have a current valid law license to an AG. Oh, that’s right he’s Black Muslim. Never mind.


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