Kelli Ward Demands Wall Built After Border Patrol Agent Shot and Attacked

Breitbart: Arizona Senate candidate Kelli Ward launched a new campaign ad reiterating her support for President Donald Trump’s promise to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico Border with Mexico after a Border Patrol agent was shot in the Tucson Sector on Tuesday.

“Securing our border isn’t just about illegal immigration,” Ward says in the ad, which includes a photo of the Arizona Daily Star headline: Tuscon Border Agent Shot and Wounded Near Arizona-Mexico Border. “It’s about stopping dangerous drugs, illegal weapons, and human trafficking.”

“It’s about protecting our communities,” Ward contends in the ad. “President Trump is committed to building a wall, but many in Congress don’t share this commitment, including my opponents.”

“I support the president on building the wall,” Ward says. “In the United States Senate, I’ll be a relentless voice to secure our border and I will not stop until it’s done.”  more here

3 Comments on Kelli Ward Demands Wall Built After Border Patrol Agent Shot and Attacked

  1. I’m not too sure about this woman but when compared to McCain how bad could she be? She may be a complete flake but that would still be an improvement.

  2. She is running against McSally in the primary race for Jeff (the commie) Flake’s seat. McSally is wishy-washy on the border and has questionable allegiance with the Trump agenda. She openly avoided supporting Trump in 2016. Dr. Kelly Ward needs our support.

  3. The president won, campaigning on building the damn wall. How any Republican scum doesn’t support this is mind boggling. I guess Ward gets that.


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