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Kellogg’s is not so GRRRRREAT to work for

Kellogg’s has been accused of many years of sexism, bullying, age discrimination and racism. When does the company find the time to operate the business?


Breitbart:  #DumpKelloggs: Minority Employees Accuse Kellogg’s of Racism, Subjecting Them to N-Word, Photo of a Baboon.

The progressive Kellogg cereal company, known for funding causes aimed at “white privilege,” “institutional racism,” and efforts to defeat voter ID laws, has been accused of standing by and doing nothing as employees at one of its New England distribution centers are daily subjected to mistreatment and racist name calling by management. One African American employee was even allegedly harassed with a picture of a baboon.

A number of employees of the cereal giant’s Franklin, Massachusetts, distribution center, which handles shipping of its Kellogg’s Keebler cookie products, have filed formal complaints and some lawsuits over alleged racial and sexual abuse by managers, according to a report by a local Rhode Island NBC affiliate.

Employees charge that they were constantly the subject of racial epithets, comments on their sexuality, and images of black faces, baboons, and other animals hung around the warehouse. They were also frequently threatened with firing and in some cases even physical abuse, and all the while, employees say, management in Kellogg’s main headquarters in Michigan was aware of the whole situation but did nothing to stop it.

According to complaints made by up to a dozen employees, “their workplace is riddled with bullying, racial slurs and unfair work practices,” Rhode Island NBC Affiliate Channel 10 reported.

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SNIP: Out of all Kellogg’s products, I only ate Cheez-Its. That is until they started tasting like oily salt and paper.  I find it funny that they tried to use Breitbart as ‘the shiny object’ to call away attention from themselves. I guess they thought it was much easier to pick a fight with a news organization than to handle their business, make things right with their employees and improve their products. That worked out well for them, didn’t it?

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  1. Cheez-Its are probably one of the products now made in Mexico. Their packaging has gotten flimsy and cheap too.

  2. Grrreeeeeeat! Liberal whiner suing because feelings were hurt. Will hire a liberal lawyer to butt hurt Kelloggs. Kelloggs will hire liberal defense lawyers. Oh, for some sugar frosted flakes on the cake? The jury is going to be made up of intolerant bleeding heart liberals who are gonna wanna teach that big bad nasty corporation a lesson. Can we say “You’re fucked, Kelloggs?” Buncha ass holes.

  3. “Out of all Kellogg’s products, I only ate Cheez-Its. That is until they started tasting like oily salt and paper.”
    …and PEE! Don’t forget the pee!

  4. Another MBA that takes over a legendary company and fucks it up.
    John Bryant has been Chairman of the Board of Kellogg Company since July 1, 2014. In this role, he also chairs the Executive Committee of the Board. Mr. Bryant was named President and Chief Executive Officer in January 2011. He has been a member of Kellogg Company’s Board of Directors since July 2010.
    Mr. Bryant received a degree from the Australian National University and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

  5. Tony R,
    If you have the tools (a waffle iron, etc), the ingredients,and the ability, make your own waffles, zip lock bag them, and freeze them. When you want one, let it thaw and put it in a toaster. Much better tasting.

  6. Store Brands. I have found many to be just as good or better and cheaper. Shop at discount stores and save a bundle. I’d give names but don’t think that’s allowed. Some imported cookies and snacks are garbage, it doesn’t take long to figure which ones.
    I only go to the big name grocer for produce and meat.

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