Kellyanne Conway Accused Of Violating The Hatch Act


Originally passed in 1939 to stop federal employees from openly campaigning for a sitting president, the Hatch Act has been applied in recent years prevent executive branch staff from making any statement in support of any candidate.  It applies mostly to federal law enforcement or intelligence but including the Senior Executive Service.

Yesterday the Office of Special Counsel stated that President Trump’s current counselor, Kellyanne Conway, violated the Hatch act when she spoke in support of Roy Moore on Fox News during the Alabama senate special election.  More

The White House could avoid this problem in the future if they assigned her a position that wasn’t considered Senior Executive.




16 Comments on Kellyanne Conway Accused Of Violating The Hatch Act

  1. The Clintons turned the Lincoln bedroom into a bordello, sold military blueprints to China on their way out the door. Hillary sold Russia 20% of our uranium, and essentially gave her server password to every tinpot dictator with money.

    But hey, KellyAnne is a Hatch Act violator.

    Calling Mueller. Mueller. We’re gonna need another investigation.

  2. The democrat assassins still try to pick off PDT’s people one by one. I’m sick of it and it pales in comparison to the true corruption of the Obama/Clinton syndicate.

    They keep hitting Trump’s team with jaywalking. The other side has a well documented body count and yet no changes are forthcoming.

    Just ignore it.

  3. I’ll say one thing for the Office of Special Council: They are on the fucking ball when is comes to Republican/Conservatives. Fugetaboutit!
    Clean that fucking swamp of asshole investigators.

  4. And Trump should follow the same protocol Obama did for Julian Castro -

  5. The left have been after Kellyanne ever since she disgraced the Oval Office by sitting on the couch with her bare feet on the couch. Good Lord. That was worse than getting a Wolinsky in the Oval Office.
    Whale oil beef hooked again.

  6. Kelly Ann should have said: “I can’t call Doug Jones weak on crime, weak on borders, strong on raising your taxes, terrible for property owners, and a doctrinaire liberal, because that would be a violation of the Hatch act, but there is no law against thinking it. “

  7. In 1953 Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed just up the road from me in Sing Sing prison, NY for violating the Espionage Act? They sold secrets of the Atomic Bomb to the Russians during time of war. Hillary approved selling uranium to the Russians during time of war while Secretary of State. She still wants to be President.
    And the media love her, and hate President Trump. You tell me we’re not in deep shit.

  8. DRG. Yeah I remember him. Its a cultural thing. In Kenya you have to rest your feet to think. I read that in National Geographic some years ago.

  9. Andrew McCabe’s wife was given $675,288.00 for her Virginia Senate run by two Democrat pacs. Violating the Hatch Act.
    One Pack, the Clintons and the other Terry McAuliffe. McCabe campaigned for his wife while Deputy Director of the FBI. Photos of him at the election site in a tee shirt with his wife’s name and campaign logo are on the internet.
    I do not think Kellyanne Conway did anymore than say she supported Roy Moore.

  10. How then do sitting presidents continually endorse state candidates?

    Seriously, we need to kill all the lawyers and start from scratch.


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