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Kenosha Ain’t Afraid of No Chickens


This week, the city council in Kenosha, Wisconsin, voted to allow residents to raise backyard chickens. The vote was popular with people who like a side of freedom with their fresh eggs.

“Give people the right, give them the freedom to choose to have chickens,” council member Kellie MacKay said in remarks reported by the Kenosha News. “Let them have the freedom to do what their passions are.” More

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  1. “Give people the right, give them the freedom …”

    Soooooo … our rights and freedoms come from the City Counsil?

    So far have we fallen …

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Didn’t Kyle Rittenhouse help get republicans elected in Kenosha along w/the BLM riots. How bad can chickens be compared to that fiasco. Let them eat the bugs and give you eggs.

  3. Hens make almost as much noise as roosters. Birds poop constantly and shed feathers. You need to clean up after them or things get bad quickly. You need to limit access to food and water and don’t let messes pile up, to keep the rodents down. Chickens will eat the mice and kill the rats that remain.

  4. I drive about 15 miles outside of the suburban area where I live to get fresh free range chicken eggs. It’s outside of the city limits so all the restrictions don’t apply. These folks have an average of 300 chickens walking around the house and the barn. It cracks me up when I pull in the driveway and about 50 chickens will come charging towards me. They are looking for food, I suppose, but it’s just funny to watch. Makes me feel like a rock star in front of a pack of groupies. Anyway, the yard looks pretty clean even with all the birds running around. They also have about a dozen barn cats hanging about. I suppose that is for the mice and rats. The two biggest problems they face is coyotes and eagles. Both prey on the chickens and you can’t shoot eagles. The birds are all kept in the barn at night. I haven’t been in the barn so I couldn’t comment on the cleanliness. I imagine it’s a lot of work to keep clean.

  5. ^^^^^ The powers that be are circling in on the scum that abuse screen names, beware you filth….I like chicken cheeks…

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