Kentucky Republicans Censure Mitch McConnell After His Outrageous Attack on President Trump

“This Is Not Consistent With What He Promised Us When He Was Running”.

Take out the trash, Kentucky!

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  1. Democrats spent tens of millions to try and unseat him and Kentucky Republicans will have to recall him to remove his lips from their ass.

  2. They need to use Mitch’s head like a toilet. Get him out of there!
    If the Senate R’s have any balls they need to remove him as minority leader.



  4. “This Is Not Consistent With What He Promised Us When He Was Running.”

    Says Kentucky every election year.

    No sympathy.

  5. another distraction (as is the sham ‘Impeachment’) to make us all come back to the repugnicans

    …. not this time …. not ever again

    (reminds me of those stumpjumpers in West Va. voting again & again for that crapweasel Man-chin)

  6. Why doesn’t he make it official and be like Arlen Specter whom Bush campaigned for over a more conservative candidate just to switch to the Dems.

  7. Give him a double secret pinky swear censure while you’re at it. In the mean time he’ll be taking in cash like a Indian Casino right now off the deals he will have made with Chuck. He couldn’t do that very easily with the previous administration. Sounds like everything’s getting back to normal to me.

  8. Where are you at Nebraska Republican Party?

    Have you not been paying attention to that piece of shit Sasse?

    He needs to go. Why has he not been censured? He sure as hell isn’t doing anything the people that voted for him want him to do.

  9. Was the message not sent when Eric Cantor lost his seat when he was House Majority leader?

    I know 2014 is ancient history. We’re sick of these chummy swamp creatures that talk Conservatism every 4-6 years and then break their promises until the next election year.

    Technology has advance to the point that we don’t need to send our reps to Washington to start their fabulous double life and be corrupted. They can vote from their home states.

  10. You guys kill me with this recall and censure crap. Let’s get rid of Sasse and McConnell, they don’t speak for our values. Hahaha, good one. Where should I go from those 2? Tim Scott, John Cornyn, Mike Lee, Tom Cotton, John Boozman, Susan Collins, John Thune, Lindsey Graham…everyone of these scum and more are back stabbing liars.

    Buy a fucking clue. 90%+ of Republicans in Congress don’t speak for our values. But MM “only” 10 Republicans voted for impeachment. Can you imagine what the dems would have done to him if they had a Mitt Romney in their caucus? That voted for impeachment of their own party’s president?? And the Republicans? Gee, bad Mitt…now carry on.

    How many, year after year, vote for continuing resolutions instead of a budget? When was the last time you even heard the word budget? We’re now pushing $30 Trillion in National Debt with yearly deficits in he trillions. We’re fucked doesn’t begin to describe the position we’re in. That’s K Street writing our laws and when they get the vote they want, the pol gets the dough. Sweet huh?

    Why was nothing done about the big tech censorship? 1A NBD? Oh wait, Jim Jordan made some CEOs uncomfortable. Guess that’ll have to do.

    How many Republicans did we see with their hair on fire over the 4 year constant & illegitimate Inquisition of DJT? And I mean Laura Loomer, in your face, hair on fire? I count 2.

    What’s maddening is that the playbook for how a true party acts to push it’s agenda is right in front of everyone. Just look at the dems. They stand together, get in faces, and NEVER let up.

    Fact is, trying to root out these worthless POS Rs in DC will never work. In the 1850s, the Whigs saw the writing on the wall, as the newly formed Republican Party began to make huge gains they joined the Republican Party. The die hards joined the Know Nothing Party(really) which sounds like a great place for the above mentioned.

    Of course the Rs got Lincoln elected who turned around and invaded the South, trampling the Constitution and got over 700,000 men killed but that’s a story for another day.

  11. The establishment squishy Jeb! loving R’s are already sending fundraiser pleas and trying to push Nikki Haley on us.
    They think we’re like the sheeple who still only watch the evening news and we have short memories.

    Sorry Mitch. You guys made promises you never kept.
    Pres. Trump made the same promises and more and got most of them done in 4 yrs.
    He showed you up.
    No vote for swamp dwellers from me.


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