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Kevin McCarthy Is The Poster Boy For the GOP’s Identity Crisis

Emerald Robinson:
On November 9th, Rep. Andy Biggs broke major news on my TV show The Absolute Truth by pointing out Kevin McCarthy’s record of failure as a GOP leader — and by insisting that McCarthy did not automatically deserve to be House Speaker without a debate.

Biggs rightly pointed out that Kevin McCarthy had flip-flopped on important issues like impeaching Joe Biden.

Rep. Biggs was soon joined in his public opposition to Kevin McCarthy by Bob Good (VA), Matt Gaetz (FL) and Ralph Norman (NC) and Matt Rosendale (MT). The full number who oppose McCarthy is said to be close to 20 congressmen.

Matt Gaetz, in particular, has been adamant that Kevin McCarthy has never had the necessary votes to become the next House Speaker. MORE

13 Comments on Kevin McCarthy Is The Poster Boy For the GOP’s Identity Crisis

  1. Indeed he is!
    Will the GOP be leftist; i.e. Bush Republican
    or conservative i.e. Ronny republican.

    Ronny hater Kev is clearly a “Bush Republican”.But the Reagan folk likely will stand in his way. AS WELL THEY SHOULD!

    I am biased! Voted Ronny 9 times. Never voted leftist; i.e. GWB! Did , once voted stupidly for a leftist GHWB WORST VOTE I EVER CAST! I clearly am far from flawless!

  2. I want a GOP Speaker with honey badger fangs who will use them against the demoncraps. Not a McShit sandwich.

  3. Doing the right thing always works out in ways impossible to predict. The right thing is to deny McCarthy any power even if we get a Democrat speaker.

  4. I think we need a better class of GOP Speaker that knows what actually representing “America” entails.

  5. Satan does NOT provide a path to sincerity, honesty or integrity.

    It is a trail you have to blaze without him.

  6. RINO McConMan will reach “across the aisle” and get a fistful of Xiden kickbacks from Ukraine, China, unions, crony corporations, progressive non-profits, etc. etc…
    True MAGA congressional members need to fight to keep him in line- if possible.

  7. Contrary to popular belief, Kerensky, head of the Mensheviks, lived until 1970.

    Surprising that neither Lenin nor Stalin killed him, isn’t it?

    This is why McConnell and McCarthy (also Mittens and some others) linger in Congress – they are two of Nihilistic Totalitarianism’s more useful idiots.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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