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Kevin McCarthy To Meet With Private Citizen Trump


You know it had to irk President Trump intensely for House minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to blame the Capitol Hill riots squarely on him.  Additionally, thanks to Rand Paul, with 45 senators voting to dismiss the article of impeachment, President Trump now knows the almost certain February outcome of the ridiculous partisan effort.  That’s the background for a report that Kevin McCarthy is heading to Florida this week for talks with President Trump.

The MAGA movement President Trump inspired is itching to break down the republican party in the next set of primary races.  McCarthy has no leverage; the establishment GOP have no leverage; the republican national committee have no leverage.  President Trump can destroy the republican party with a few targeted and direct words. More

17 Comments on Kevin McCarthy To Meet With Private Citizen Trump

  1. Here’s hoping that President Trump kicks McCarthy in the face repeatedly with steel toed boot for several hours.

  2. Mr. President, please pat him on the back and re-assure him everything is OK, because revenge is a dish best served COLD.

  3. “When McCarthy left Mar-A-Lago he was seen limping and grimacing, like he had been kicked in the testicles.”

  4. I hope he is bringing McCarthy down there to introduce him to the person who is going to primary him with Trumps full support and resources!

  5. They are not in government because they are the smart people. Although having fat bank accounts is automatic.

  6. Mr. President, please make him dance to your tune. Do it for us all. We deserve to see the GOPe fail, big time!

  7. He shouldn’t speak with him until the bullshit impeachment is over with.

  8. I read that, according to a former Trump advisor, Trump is not interested in a third party.

    We know what the words of former Trump advisors are worth, don’t we?

  9. I hope we get a picture of McCarthy leaving Mar a Lago and Trump hollering out to him, like we have of Romney leaving the White House. That made some great memes.

  10. @Jethro -“When McCarthy left Mar-A-Lago he was seen limping and grimacing, like he had been kicked in the (place where his testicles would be if he had any) testicles.”

    Fixed it for you.

  11. Bakersfield Bolshevik has been a Ronny hating Bush lover for 14 years! This is a mistake!

  12. Too bad the weather’s too cold for the gaters to feed!
    Have the dipshit back this spring and show him the Everglades!

  13. Fuck Mccarthy for all eternity, oh, and everybody that looks like him.

  14. Ah, so McCarthy is being sent to plead with Trump to take it easy on the Republican Party. “Yeah, sorry we stabbed you in the back and totally fucked you over, but c’mon, man — give us a break!” Trump should send McCarthy back to the G.O.P. in multiple gift-wrapped packages.


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