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Kevin McCarthy Tries Making His Case for Speaker to Breitbart

In an exclusive with Breitbart, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy makes a number of vows on priorities when Republicans take the House this coming November. Starting with stripping Omar, Swalwell and Schiff of their seats on the Foreign Affairs and Intelligence Committees. Here

McCarthy also pledged no Amnesty for Illegals no gun control while he holds the speakership. Here

13 Comments on Kevin McCarthy Tries Making His Case for Speaker to Breitbart

  1. If McCarthy is the next speaker then we are fucked! Do we even have a chance short of an armed revolution?

  2. It’s time to turn the tide, MTG, or Gaetz. Let’s get the part started. No more pussies.

  3. Not just, no –

    HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. let’s get perfectly clear on this. You mess with us Americans…Ever! We’ll come after you whether Nuremberg 2.0 gets you,…or we will…So, settle down, cowboy. Old geezers like me, love. Apparently you don’t.

  5. bank on it …. McCarthy WILL be the next speaker …. if the d’rats don’t bother to steal the election, again. my guess is that they’ll let the repug’s win to ‘show the peasants’ that, of course elections are ‘free & fair’

    McCarthy is as worthless as Ryan, as worthless as all the other corrupt RINO’s
    only difference is he’ll be attacking a d’rat

    btw, a little digging on which members of congress outdid the S&P
    (top 5 were repug’s … then Nan Piglosi)

  6. Leftist Kev has always bee a Ronny hating “Bush Republican”. Bush Reublicans have no morals so telling lies comes easy. Kev has always said “A” and then done “antiA”. One I’ve mentioned many times the last 10 months is his “Vow to remove any Bush Republican” joining Nancy’s conservative INQUISITION from the party LAST MAY. 2 Bush Republicans joined 10 months go; one has had many rallies with GWB and Karl Marx/Rove helping and spekaing NAD SHE IS “COCBAIR”! Kev has done nothing for 10 months. he lies; but his leftist actions speak much louder than his “conservative” lies!
    The differences between Bush Speakers John and Paul from Speaker nancy were COSMETIC AND NOT MEANINGFUL. SPEAKER KEV’s changes will be frivolous; but loudly proclaimed. The House will, as it has been for 21 years, still be liberal and not pass conservative laws; preferring liberal laws!

    KEV HAS NO MORALS SO HE ALWAYS LIES AND NEVER KEEPS HIS WORD. If Adam and Liz are not proof positive i question your morals!

  7. Funny how they’re always talking about “what they’re gonna do” while currently doing not a fucking damned thing.

  8. MTG or Gaetz, now thats really funny, both don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground.

  9. He was great in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” … hasn’t done shit since.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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