Kevin Spacey Foundation Is Shutting Down


Variety: The Kevin Spacey Foundation, which worked to encourage young people in the performing arts, will cease operating in the U.K. from Wednesday, the organization’s trustees say.

The foundation’s social media activity had already been wound down and its website scaled back in the wake of the sexual harassment and assault allegations against Spacey that emerged last fall. The site now consists of a holding page and another page announcing that the foundation would be shuttered Wednesday.

“The Trustees have reached the conclusion that the work of the Kevin Spacey Foundation UK is no longer viable and as such the Foundation will be closing on the 28 February 2018,” the statement read.  MORE


8 Comments on Kevin Spacey Foundation Is Shutting Down

  1. Looks like his grooming club is not producing the required amount of flesh to justify the cost he was pumping into it.

  2. According to sources familiar with the proceedings, the old school facility is to become a pizza parlor, with games for the kids, such as ping pong.

  3. well it is in the UK so he could claim he converted to be a muzzie and the sexual allegations would go away. 🙁

  4. That fact that Spacey and Weinstein are the sacrifices to the alter of Hollywood’s latest fad of pretending they give a shit about the rampant rape culture and pedofaggia that goes on there shows that there must be some monster players at work trying to cover their own asses. I’d wager Geffen’s dirty laundry is considerable.

  5. The majority of these celebrity foundations are no different than the Clinton’s money laundering foundation. They take in money and enrich their family, friends, attorneys, PR folks etc., pay exorbitant amounts for travel/entertainment and pay very little toward their actual causes.

  6. “The Kevin Spacey Foundation, which worked to encourage young people in the performing arts…”

    I’m pretty sure we all know what kind of “arts” Kevin was “encouraging” these “young people” to “perform”.


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