Key House Dem committee chair refuses to rule out border wall

American Thinker: Tick, tick, tick…the resistance to a border wall among House Democrats slowly is crumbling.  Boss Pelosi still maintains a posture of absolute opposition (“not one dollar…”), but among her troops, doubt of the wisdom of that position is appearing.

Yesterday, on ABC’s This Week, the chair of the House Homeland Security Committee – with jurisdiction over a wall – expressed an unwillingness to oppose a wall without reservations.

Kudos to Martha Raddatz for presenting the case for a wall to Chairman Bennie Thompson and questioning his party’s blanket opposition.

8 Comments on Key House Dem committee chair refuses to rule out border wall

  1. They have played into DJT’s hand. He has CYA’d, they refuse to budge.

    Next step: Hold the SOTU as is traditional, use that platform to declare national emergency on the southern border.

  2. Trying to figure out this whole thing is getting sort of complicated.

    I’m not seeing how Pelosi has anything to gain by stubbornly refusing to give in or how Trump can lose anything by standing firm with his (IMO) very reasonable demands.

  3. It seems pretty apparent to all now that Trump is waiting at the White House for a response, having offered to talk, while Pelosi refuses even to talk.

    Guess what – Trump will be making a State of the Union address next week, one way or another. If Pelosi doesn’t even offer to talk by then it will be the prime subject of his address.

  4. They are following in the footsteps of their patron saint, Al Sharpton.
    Their motto is “resist we much”.
    The Democratic Party has become the party of cretins.

  5. “You can’t pick which democrats you want to work with Mr. President…”

    No Bernie, it’s y’all who can’t pick which democrats you want to work with. You chose Nancy as your mouthpiece. Time to choose if you wish to follow her off the cliff.

  6. Let’s face it; every congoress-critter that votes against the wall is telling his (hers or its) black constituents to go fuck themselves – not a great position in terms of retaining the best fucking job they’d ever hope to have.
    Crumble, crumble, crumble…

  7. Everyone is using this to cry and use for their advantage. Indians are crying IHS can’t pay their doctors, even damn convenience stores are claiming when their ebt machines are down that it’s due to the government shutdown.


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