Key Justice Department officials, including Mueller deputy, knew about dossier

WAEX: Testimony last year before a House task force investigating the Trump-Russia affair confirmed that top Justice Department officials knew about the Trump dossier earlier than first thought, and that among those who knew was Andrew Weissmann, who went on to become the top deputy of special counsel Robert Mueller.

Bruce Ohr, the fourth-ranking official in the Justice Department, told the House task force that he met with Christopher Steele, the former British spy who wrote the dossier, at a Washington hotel on July 30, 2016. At that point, Steele, recruited for the job by Glenn Simpson of the opposition research firm Fusion GPS, had completed a few installments of the dossier, including the salacious and never-verified sex allegation featuring Donald Trump and prostitutes in a Moscow hotel. Ohr testified that shortly after meeting with Steele, “I wanted to provide the information he had given me to the FBI.”

Ohr said he got in touch with Andrew McCabe, who was at the time the number-two man at the FBI. When Ohr went to McCabe’s office to talk, FBI lawyer Lisa Page was also there. “So I provided the information to them,” Ohr said. Ohr said he later talked to another top FBI official, Peter Strzok.

That was the FBI. But what about the Justice Department itself? “Who at the department knew that you were talking to Chris Steele and Glenn Simpson?” asked Trey Gowdy, who last year was chairman of the House Government Oversight Committee.

“I spoke with some people in the Criminal Division, other career officials who dealt with some of these matters,” Ohr answered.

“Any of them have names?” Gowdy asked. more

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  1. Eric Holder knew about a DOJ program, and lied about not knowing about about it. Lies to Congress. People died as a result of that program. Then the president exerted executive privilege over communications between the White House and Holder about that program.

    Then absolutely nothing else happened.

    So what does anyone expect to come from this stuff?

  2. Hell, go ask William Barr at the hearings. He probably knew about it too. Catch him while he’s under oath.

  3. Such a tangled web of lies to get the President impeached and/or jailed. If the basis for the FISA warrants was a lie then all involved are guilty. And the basis was a lie. They knew it.

  4. “He’s a goofy looking bastard.”
    if you look into his minimal and almost non-existent online bios, he is listed as being ‘caucasian.’ He is not. He took his wife’s name when they married. Oh, yeah, that’s right- his wife, nellie ohr. The one who isn’t mentioned. Who worked for fusion, who used a Ham radio to communicate to escape NSA surveillance. The same wife who refused to testify before congress about her involvements with her husband in this ‘matter’, and based that refusal on ‘spousal privilege’. ANd congress respected that. The wife who is fluent in Russian…
    I like and respect John Solomon, but this bruce ohr guy is in this as deep as his wife. I don’t see any redeeming qualities in either ohr, and these stories about him ‘warning’ others might be stumbling blocks being strewn as obstacles on the path to justice. By that, I don’t mean to say that Solomon is creating that- he is reporting facts and stats as he finds them. The ‘deep state’ is devious enough to have premeditated many various and nefarious scenarios beforehand. They do include the cia, don’t forget.

  5. Gee Wally, all that knowledge about “collusion” in the summer 2016 and no October Surprise!
    Not one peep!

    Yeah Beave, everybody knew it was a cooked up, preposterous lie financed by the disingenuous, crooked, money grubbing, influence pedaling, cold, calculating, deceitful, divisive, double-dealing, four-flushing, criminal business partner of the bicycle seat-sniffing Arkansas trailer park troll who was convicted of perjury, impeached and disbarred!

  6. The Russians invested $140 million in Clinton via the Clinton foundation and had an additional $500K paid to Bill in cash. They also provided damaging information about Trump through Fusion GPS. And they set up Trump Jr through the Trump Tower meeting, and other contacts with his campaign associates.

    Why in the world would they want Trump elected? It looks much more like they were doing everything they could to defeat him, and put their bought and paid for stooge Hillary into office.

    Could US Intelligence services have been infiltrated and compromised by Russian intelligence?

  7. I don’t expect much of anything to come of these latest relevations. Up there it’s like a family spat and is kept among themselves and considered none of the publics business.
    This proves without any doubt that Herr Mueller has been perpetrating a farce entirely for public consumption and yet nary a peep from the major news outlets.
    Why even bother to pretend anymore?


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