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Key Progressive Action Items Just Took a Major Hit


You’ve all heard about the election overhaul bill Democrats want enacted. For the People Act, also known as HR 1, seeks to pretty do what Democrats have dreamed of doing concerning elections since Citizens United, among other things. They also want DC Statehood. Democrats cannot obtain the vote totals in national elections to clinch the legislative majorities need to enact their doomsday bills, so they’re gunning to make DC a state. They want the two senators. That’s it. It’s not about giving a voice to these people. You saw that when an alternate proposal to retrocede the city into Maryland was received. It gave the people in DC representation, but they want the two extra senators which are obviously going to be Democrats. Oh, and to oppose it is a sign of racism. So many eyerolls there.  more

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  1. I don’t trust Manchin as far as I could throw him.

  2. Manchin on HR1: “…It’s a far reaching 800-page bill that I do not support in its totality,” Manchin said. “As it exists today I would not be able to support that bill…”

    Translation: “trim it down to 799 pages and we’ll talk”

    Sounds more like posturing than principle to me.

  3. Does it really matter if Mittens decides to raise the middle finger to us? I wouldn’t be surprised.

  4. Anyone remember Colorado Senators Bennet and Hickenlooper? They both ran for President as Moderates, and got nowhere. Either one of these two feckless Senators could join with Manchin and put paid to all this nonsense. There’s definitely something rotten in this State.

  5. @Marco – the problem is that neither of them is moderate. Bennett has always been radical left and The Hick doesn’t do anything.

  6. RogerF: I agree with you, but they are both ambitious schemers. This is their grand opportunity to gain leverage and score some points. Most of Colorado is not buying the Obiden-Kalamity catastrophe. They can afford to move towards the center.

  7. Well if DC becomes 51st State then the residents of the other 50 States should no longer pay federal income taxes to just 1 State and the Capitol should become the State that the new President chooses as his home State during his term. The rest of the DC government should be spread out over rest the country as well. No single State should control so much power over the other 50 so you want to become a State then your power must be spread out to the other 50.

  8. I got a better idea. Make DC its own country, then build a wall around it.


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