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KFC Drops “Finger Lickin’ Good” Tag Line

USA Today

Fried chicken chain KFC is hitting pause on one of fast food’s most popular slogans.

The restaurant said Monday it will suspend use of “It’s Finger Lickin’ Good” in its advertising after 64 years.

In a statement, KFC said during an unprecedented year during which the COVID-19 pandemic has upended businesses and lives around the globe, use of the slogan “doesn’t feel quite right.” More

28 Comments on KFC Drops “Finger Lickin’ Good” Tag Line

  1. “Finger likin’ good”…”doesn’t feel quite right”….New political ads for Kamala?…..

  2. Must have something to do with Jacob Blake domestic abuse charge.

  3. Oh brother. How ‘bout “Bend over like we did, for a bucket”

  4. I don’t lick my fingers after handling rats.

  5. I’ve got a double whammy for them, 2 middle fingers. It’s been 10 years or more since the last time I ate at a KFC. Their chicken is too darned expensive for me to eat there anymore, once upon a time I did eat a lot of KFC but not now. We also used to call it KFR, Kentucky fried rat after the urban legend of some some poor soul getting a fried rat as part of their meal.

  6. willysgoatgruff
    AUGUST 30, 2020 AT 12:03 PM
    ““Finger likin’ good”…”doesn’t feel quite right”….New political ads for Kamala?…..”

    …”Dixk Lickin’ Delightful” doesn’t really have broad appeal, even if it appeals to that particular broad…

  7. I still lick my fingers. Does that make me a bad person?

  8. Used to be licking good , After PepsiCo took over it went down hill . By the way what are those mutant pieces from?

  9. stirrin the pot
    AUGUST 30, 2020 AT 12:35 PM
    I still lick my fingers. Does that make me a bad person?”

    …If you’re White or conservative, you’re AUTOMATICALLY a bad person, doesn’t matter WHAT you lick, WHERE it is, on WHOM, WHY, WHEN, or HOW, so lick away, your Communist masters have condemned you already anyway…

  10. Only slightly off-topic, but still about stupid PC crap…

    At The Last Ditch, Ronn Neff suggests

    …that the Washington Football Team inscribe on the players’ helmets an unpronounceable symbol — like that guy Prince Nelson (aka for a while, “Prince”). Then the announcers and others could refer to the team as “The Team Formerly Known as the Redskins.”

  11. …I gave up on KFC when they served up lightly fried breading over pink, bleeding meat because they were too busy to actually cook it properly. I know some folks like a rare STEAK, but I personally find Chicken Tartare repulsive and go to the soul food restaurant for chicken, but always send a Black person in for it if you don’t want it to suck…

    …true story, there’s a Lee’s Famous on our way home from church, and we always got MUCH nastier and smaller chicken when served by a Black person than a White. We got in a discussion about “White Peoples Portions”, and decided to settle it by going there when there was a Black person on the counter, parking a distance away so they wouldn’t know we were together, then sending a Black person and a White person in separately to get the exact same meal.

    Guess who got the large, juicy, mouth-wateringly GOOD stuff vs. Who got the wallpaper paste nuggets that may or may not have had actual chicken inside?

    …had a little fun with it by sending the Black person back in with the White person’s chicken to complain, which must have made him think he screwed up, but let it go at that.

    Because corporations don’t make chicken.

    People do.

    And the people the corporations employ aren’t gonna be the most professional at that pay grade, and will ALWAYS bring their own personal predjudices to the game.

    Better if you cook your OWN.

    Or at least go to a nicer neighborhood.

    …sometime I’ll tell you about the “windowsill bugs” a work friend told me his brothers always held back for the bags of people who were assholes on the drive-thru intercoms, but that’s a different story for another day…

  12. When they made everything fresh it was good. Hasn’t been for a good decade.

  13. @stirrin the pot — Nice photo! But I gotta tell ya, that cat could just as easily have been cleaning its paws just after stepping out of the litter box it just crapped in. (-:

  14. Kcir - (Trudeau, prime minister blackface 3 times)

    BUZZARD in a BOX

  15. Kcir - (Trudeau' s Mommy got PAID $250,000 by a Charity)


    or the other “c” word

    Sorry for ruining your lunches folks.

  16. @Uncle Al – only a democat (not a typo) would do that. 😆

  17. @Supernightshade August 30, 2020 at 12:44 pm

    If I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t, then by golly, lick away I shall!

    Not that I give a shit what commie leftard thinks anyway.

  18. Stirrin the pot, great picture!

    One comment about dropping the “finger lickin good” tag line: I can’t imagine (because I’m not a leftist) why they would think I would lick anyone’s fingers except my own!

    Ok, yeah, I know. Just be quiet!

  19. Claudia AUGUST 30, 2020 AT 2:31 PM

    “One comment about dropping the “finger lickin good” tag line: I can’t imagine (because I’m not a leftist) why they would think I would lick anyone’s fingers except my own!”

    …well, you can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose but…


    …oh, yeah, Japan. Forgot about THOSE guys.

    …never mind…

  20. @SNS: yeah, chicken tartare ranks right up there with pork sushi.

  21. They think they are the white man’s Popeyes.

  22. So they finally got some industrial strength napkins that could wipe the grease off your fingers without shredding.

  23. It WAS finger-lickin’ good, then we learned about Triglycerides…


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