KFC “Sorry” About Ad Called a “tired trope where young women are sexually objectified for male pleasure”

If it was a transgender the ad would win an award-


 KFC has apologized over a “sexist” ad released in Australia, showing two young boys gaping at a woman in a low-cut top. The woman is seen adjusting her top while looking at her reflection in the tinted window of a parked car, which suddenly slides down to show the boys gawking, alongside a female driver who looks disapproving. The woman, who looks embarrassed, soon provides a distraction: “Did somebody say KFC?” she asks. While some said the 15-second ad for KFC’s Zinger Popcorn Box was “brilliant,” per Sky News, a rep for Collective Shout, a group that campaigns against the objectification of women, labeled it harmful, per the Australian Associated Press.

It’s “a regression to tired and archaic stereotypes where young women are sexually objectified for male pleasure” and “another manifestation of the ‘boys will be boys’ trope, hampering our ability to challenge sexist ideas [that] contribute to harmful behavior toward women and girls,” said Melinda Liszewski. 


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  1. They don’t have to apologize, just make a new ad with a good looking guy using the car window as a mirror just like this girl did. How can an ad guy not figure that out. He’d win an award.

  2. Lets see a pic of Ms Liszewski, all 345 lbs of her. It should clear up why she’s so upset about women being objectified.

  3. gin, I was thinking there would be girls in the car, not fudgepackers. There I go, thinking like a normal, healthy male again.

  4. … ehh… yeah… Ol’ ma nature set things up the way she did cuz it was what worked… yeah… so… I don’t know where to go from here, but I know I don’t want anything to do with any feminazis any time any where they are found.

  5. lol @flip I was thinking KFC is really pushing the envelope with a hooker, and that’s what really upset the feminists, who are supposed to be allied with whores but they really secretly hate them.

  6. Would it have been better for Collective Shout if she was in the kitchen making a chicken sammich while barefoot and pregnant?

    Probably not. Women can’t get away with doing anything these days. No sports, no cooking, no cleaning, no showing your body.. Burkas next?

  7. I searched for Melinda (call me Mel) Liszewski and she seems to be one of those women (or maybe “womyn”?) determined to stamp out men’s desire to gaze upon attractive women in advertisements and also pornography. I suspect her obsession may be rooted in jealousy of men’s attention being diverted from herself to women who are pretty.

    Or she just hates men.

  8. Actually, the ad wasn’t even about men at all… it was about shallow women who can’t stop objectifying THEMSELVES in every reflective surface.

  9. Boobs, legs and butts have been selling merchandise for years. The only people I’ve ever seen that got upset about it were obese women or women with flat chests, no butt and ugly legs.

    It reminds me of this young woman who always ran around with low cut shirts and push up bras complaining that the propane man was a disgusting old man always looking at her boobs. He told his boss, “yep I ain’t gonna lie, I looked, if you’re going to go to the trouble of showing em to me, I’m gonna look.”

  10. Darn, if young women only knew that they are being objectified by young boy’s they wouldn’t collectively spend multi-billions of dollars a year on makeup, hairdo’s, skimpy clothing, short shorts, Bikinis, and diets

  11. It is a stupid ad! There is no good reason to use a busty young woman to sell KFC. Melinda Liszewski does not weigh 345 lbs. nor is she ugly. Stop name calling! There used to be something called respectful, moral standards in advertising??? Women are human beings with a brain and a soul inspite of the fact that some men view them as nothing but boobs, butt, and vagina. Grow up, you’re stupid!

  12. The woman is not pleased and the boy in the back is not leering…he’s too young. The one in the front is not old enough to do anything about it, and his “leer” is pretty mild anyhow.

    Liberals will always find something to complain about.

  13. If ladies did not want to show off their attributes, they would not dress as they do. I read that Jennifer Aniston wore a see-through dress at some award show a couple of nights ago.

    Men, at least normal men, do not wear see-through clothing.

  14. @Yanny

    The woman in the ad probably liked it, and the paycheck she got from it.

    You: “Stop name calling!” Are you trying to make this 2nd grade recess?

  15. That’s all men need women to be: boobs, butt, and vagina! Mother Nature designed them to be objectified as Mother just cares about the perpetuation of the species!

  16. Yanny,
    I’m old, but not so old that I don’t remember using boobs, butts and legs to attract a man. I certainly didn’t get all dolled up and put on jeans you had to lay down on the bed to zip for comfort or my brain.

    Is there something wrong with being a woman with all the parts God gave us along with having a brain? Sorry not many men I know today that are happily married were first attracted to their wife for her brain.

  17. “tired trope where young women are sexually objectified for male pleasure”

    ya mean like Bill Clinton did?

    … or Anthony Weiner, Elliott Spitzer, Ted Kennedy, John Kennedy, John Edwards, Bobby Kennedy, Al Gore, Harvey Weinstein, Jeffery Epstein, Prince Andrew, VA Lt. Gov. Fairfax, Gary Hart … the list goes on … (& we haven’t even touched the pedophiles & homosexuals … right Adam?)

  18. @Old Racist White Woman ~ “Sorry not many men I know today that are happily married were first attracted to their wife for her brain.”

    oh no darlin’, you’re wrong … I wanted to fuck her brains out too! 😜


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