Kicking Kickstarter’s Ass

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7 Comments on Kicking Kickstarter’s Ass

  1. Oh you younger people. Always keeping up with what’s new in progressiveville. Kick starter? I have one on each of my bikes.
    But of course that’s not what you mean. Some liberal has taken the word and destroyed it. Like the word gay.

  2. I gave a few bucks to the Gosnell movie. It’s a very worthy cause. They’re almost there if you’d like to give but they’ve only got a week left so hurry!

  3. I put $10.00 bucks in this morning and I’ll be getting a nice post card as a souvenir.

    There are 8 days left to put your own 2 cents in.

  4. got me a DVD. thanks for the reminder. I wanted to do this last week, but forgot.

  5. the idiot left closed a door.

    the American spirit kicked it back open.

    this is what makes americans exceptional!

  6. First time i ever donated money (and i’m what the kids call “broke ass @#&$%^” these days) to one of these crowd-funding things. How could anyone with half a heart, or soul not be compelled to do so. Thanks for posting Dr.

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