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  1. We had a fella at Wallyworld, back when I unloaded trucks for a living, give birth to a kidney stone. He turned gray and said he didn’t feel so well and shuffled off to the shithouse. He came back out 20 minutes later covered in blood. The shithouse looked like a bad horror movie set. There was blood on the ceiling, the walls, the floor.

    His name was Carol, and he was a goofball, and people chided him constantly — but after that there was no chiding BS.

  2. Yup. Kidney stones will double you over. Had one many years ago. A miserable experience.
    Also had the strainer. Ultimately it was a beautiful crystalline gem barely larger than a grain of salt.

    I was like whaaaat?

  3. I know a couple of people who pass a handful of them every few years. Both men. One guy makes the calcium versions. lol. I can’t imagine.
    Interesting categories of shapes and sizes. Gaah. The ones that look like ocean mines are a nightmare. Yeesh.

  4. My poor father has had them all his life.
    I had my first last year, having dodged them for decades.
    I awoke at 3 AM to a sharp pain in the groin area and knew immediately what it was.
    I went to the bathroom and sat down, knowing it was going to hurt and to not be standing.
    I quickly passed it with a fair amount of pain and then passed out.
    I woke up on the bathroom floor and crawled back to bed.
    The next morning my head was hurting and after looking in the mirror and seeing all the dried blood on my face I remembered what had happened. I hit the top of my nose and forehead very hard.
    As Clubber Lang would say…
    P A I N

  5. Oxalates – bad (but they taste so good and they’re so good for us otherwise). Found in high quantity in:

    swiss chard
    sweet potatoes
    BEER <—-

    Lots of natural Calcium (milk, cheese, etc.) and citrus fruits are supposed to help, as are Vitamin-D-rich foods and always staying well hydrated.

    Gout (like in the joints of your feet) is another issue related to oxalates.

  6. Gout. Shit. I remember Rich, my dear friend and boss…

    He was in tears and I wasn’t supposed to see them. “Mac, can you get me some ice?” I wanted to say, “How many tons?”

    It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

  7. Pussies!

    Passed them on a regular basis for fifteen to eighteen years. Started out maybe every six months or so and finally where it was as often as every couple of weeks. No meds, no ER, just sweat and squirm. Sometimes over a twenty four hour period to get it done. One was three days. Didn’t say I was very bright. Finally, said no more and we cut out the right kidney and threw in in the slop bucket. Never had another problem.

    Now if you want a GOOD story on what I found to be as bad we have “Cystoscopy + Retrograde!” That’s what we did to determine what was going on and the telling that story I’ve made many a man squirm and sweat just listening. Early eighties? In the OR, no anesthesia, awake and about forty five minutes to accomplish. As this was many years ago and then I waited fifteen or more years to cut the kidney out after that.

    The best part of passing the stones is when it’s over. Like stopping beating your nuts with a ball-pean hammer it almost feels good when it stops.

    Jimmy mentioning the beer, in the beginning I was still drinking and gave me the excuse to stop drinking beer as every time I drank it the stones came after. Yeah switched to straight hard stuff, that fixed everything. Lord the stories of my “formative years.”

    Is this the type Cluadia was looking for the other day?

  8. Like you said, Anymouse, “… when it was done…”

    Carol said, “I’m good.”

    Alex, a real Irishman and the Night Super said, “Go home Carol…”

    Carol said, “You dock my pay?”

    Alex said, “No, you are not docked — go home, one of these guys can drive you”.

  9. 40 minutes later Carol was right back to being Carol. “My wife is so fat… when she sits around the house — she sits AROUND the house!”

    If I ever wanted an employee that employee would be Carol.

  10. Addendum:

    The hunk of stainless steel WAS NOT FLEXIBLE, but it did have all the attachments: rotor router, head lights, camera and others. From the exit to the kidney. Back half way out to wait for results from the pictures… In my best Rasish voice, I am so sorry, it is back up we must go as the pictures did not turn out! Back up and second time they turned out. But you can’t go home until you take a piss. What fun that was in recovery…

  11. I’ve had them a few times. I’d definitely recommend the bubble bath mentioned as the much better option.

    The first one looking like a tiny shark’s tooth. Only a couple of mm on a side, a blend of shiny pretty shades of brown/tan. But under a magnifier had serrated edges. The next few were just painful. Only the last one sent me to the ER before my eyeballs began to float. It was nasty looking thing. Dull black color and shaped like the mutated offspring cross between a football and a burr. About 15mm x 5mm. Spikes all round, and it appeared many of them had broken off on the way outside.

    For several years, starting in the late 1980s, I installed and serviced the x-ray imaging systems on Dornier Medical SWL, shock wave lithotripsy, machines. After having a few ks myself, I better understood the benefit to the patients with stones to large to come out themselves.

  12. I thought one time, “I know I’ll just get shit faced and I won’t feel the pain.”


    Now you have a bad behaving drunk in a high level of pain. Took a number of surgeries and becoming a tea totaler to teach me about how pills can work. But I have to be REAL careful with that crap also.

    Well the boss just came home so it must be bedtime. Later folks…

  13. After 15 kidney stones that hit as large as 12mm…


    You don’t wanna shoot shards of safety glass out your dick. nope. you don’t.

  14. It’s the most pain you can feel without being in danger of actually dying.
    You’ll just wish you were dead.

  15. Sounds funny to listen to now but when they are moving, they can control your life.
    I have a film canister maraca with over 10 I’ve passed. That doesn’t include the four lithotripsies and various cystoscopies.
    I will say that THC gummies works better than Percoset. We can get them here in CA. Easier to sleep and not too much grog in the morning.

  16. Right kidney blockage was why I was in the hospital this feburary.
    It was so severe that I had to have surgery with a stent in for three months.

    …and lately my left kidney has been bothering me so… yippie. >>


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