Kids Learn About Socialism on Halloween – Crowder – IOTW Report

Kids Learn About Socialism on Halloween – Crowder

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  1. I hope he does it again this year to address systemic racism, make the white kids give their candy to all the people of color. Call it “Reparations”.

  2. A life lesson they won’t soon forget.

  3. Reminds me of my childhood.
    I had two older sisters, bitches, to this day.
    Had to learn to like licorice, because they hated it.
    If we went to the movies, we each got 25 cents, a dime for admission and 15 cents for candy and popcorn.
    Hey, it was the fifties, on a military base.
    If I got anything they liked they would steal it.
    They both hated Good and Plenty, love licorice. to this day, it’s good for you, and the dog.
    Another, had to hide Halloween candy, same reason.
    Another, Mom would buy a tray of Hershey bars, 6 in a pack.
    One to each kid, one for her and 2 for Dad.
    Sisters would eat theirs in one sitting, I could make one last a week, a square or so a day.
    Had to hide mine, same reason.
    I didn’t realize they were Socialists, at the time.
    Learned to hate Commies early on.

  4. Proof that primary school children are smarter than Dim voters.

  5. An oldie but it never gets old.

    I saw this joke at Ace a few weeks ago
    A couple and their young child happen to be walking by their neighbor’s home. They stop and chat. The conversation turns to the young lad who is asked what he wants to be when grows up. He answers The President. Oh why is that the neighbor asks. He says so he can help the homeless with homes and feed the hungry. His parents are beaming.

    Well the neighbor says you can do that right now! The young boy says how. The neighbor offers him $50 to come over every day after school the next week to help p/u garbage, do yard work and clean out the basement & garage. Then he tells him, you can take the $50 and give to that homeless guy always begging in front of the grocery store.

    The boy thinks about this for a minute and then says, why doesn’t that homeless guy just come and do it himself?

    I said welcome to the Republican Party.

    His parents aren’t speaking to me.

  6. In Halloween-socialism it’s the adults who whine to the children it is they who own all of the candy in every child’s candy bag, and it’s their privilege to redistribute the candy to each child. Not equally, but according to their whim. Who they wish to reward or punish. Some are judged more equal than others.

  7. In a Blink of an eye, Dad’s take charge of all candy on Halloween. He’s the Candy Tax Man. Hehehe.

  8. She Who Must Be Obeyed did this same scenario w/ our then 10-year old granddaughter … our granddaughter grasped the scenario immediately & said the heck w/ that! the other day, she came home from college & proudly stated that she registered to vote for the first time, & will vote for PDT

    …. good girl! …. good grandma

    P.S. during their early years, all the grandkids used to Trick-or-Treat in my neighborhood ’cause it gave out the best candy (we’re pretty rural down here & most of us use pick-up trucks or tractors & lawn tractors pulling wagon-loads of kids) … when they would come back, they’d dump all their ‘loot’ in piles, start sorting …. & then they learned the basics of capitalism by bartering

    … all my candy corn for your 2 snicker bars!


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