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Killing Milo

Milo spoke the truth about male homosexuals and got killed for it. He was killed, largely, by people who hate Trump, hate Steve Bannon, hate Breibart, and hate Milo because he is a senior editor at Breitbart.

I don’t believe the majority of people are killing him because he is gay. We took a poll here and the people overwhelmingly believed that someone can be gay and be a conservative.  Whether someone would want a homosexual to be the face of conservatism at CPAC is an entirely different poll, particularly one that has made provocative statements that blur the lines of what society has determined to be illegal versus their own code of ethics and morality.

Protecting the identities of men who were plying underage boys with drugs, and having unprotected gay sex with them, might disqualify you as keynote speaker at lots of organizations, let alone a place that disinvited Trump because he made a veiled remark about a woman’s menstruation.

CPAC’s bar is pretty high, even if they’ve proven to be disingenuously outraged in order to score political points.

Milo never had a prayer. I think he was invited just to be uninvited.

I care little about CPAC and what CPAC does with their soiree. I care about CPAC using Milo to go after Breitbart, Bannon and, by extension, Trump.

Milo, unfortunately, has made it easy for them. His remarks were wince-inducing.

Conservatism has many definitions, depending on who you are talking to. For many it’s about fiscal responsibility, personal freedom, supporting the rule of law, supporting a strong national defense and defending the constitution. Homosexuality isn’t in conflict with these principles, but Milo might be.

Milo’s main misstep is on the rule of law component. His rhetoric, and that’s all it is, is troublesome in that it sounds like leftist activism, where one seeks to “smash the whatever” and drag the old-fashioned into the new paradigm, where age of consent is seen as a farty construct decided by repressed, straight, farty old men. That’s not a great optic for the face of conservatism.

It doesn’t take a real sharp reader to see that I’m conflicted on the Milo issue.

On paper, I like him around. In reality, he’s an interesting dynamic that might not be the dynamic we want to embrace.

Has he achieved the Peter Principle? Maybe a few promotions ago.

But I still like the guy.





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  1. While I disagree with his lifestyle, I do like him simply because he is a thorn in the side of the left. He’s a christian, jew, and fag along with being conservative, and that just pisses off any progressive, anywhere. He excels at pointing out the hypocrisy of the left, and is in their faces while doing it.

    That being said, he has about shot his wad at being useful, and I think it’s about time for him to ease back on the throttle and take a break. He has a following, but he will never be a mainstream personality.

  2. It’s all about capturing the narrative at the moment. We need to think carefully about what we say/write and we should hold the left accountable for every single remark they make. Not that it excuses anything but the left are such hypocritical douchebags, remember when their literary icon the putrid Gore Vidal and his support of NAMBLA? Like ironyCurtain stated in the last thread, not a peep out of them when the light is shone on them and theirs.

  3. Breitbart should not dump him. It will make leftists and rinos think they have more control than they do. Don’t let the media dictate your decisions and loyalties!

  4. He was the wrong guy to be the Keynote Speaker at CPAC. He may have been invited just so he could be uninvited in a most spectacular way. That wouldn’t surprise me. There is a lot of devious bastards out there.

  5. Milo’s having a BAD day. His book has been canceled. There are reports he’s about to be let go by Breitbart. I hope that’s not the case. Personally I thought some of what I watched on older You Tube videos was a bit over the top but the guy doesn’t deserve this.

  6. If he was a lefty on HBO saying this, no one would blink.
    He’s right that the older gays love the young boys. ‘Boys’, meaning 16ish and into their 20s. Gramps gets a sweet young thang, and the kid gets a sugar daddy. That’s how shit works.
    The police drama shows prove it every time.
    Old dude picks up young dude, shit goes wrong, blah blah blah etc. Next thing you know, young buck is in front of a judge trying to get a reduced sentence.
    That and for some reason, crazy 2nd wives love to murder their doctor husbands. lol

  7. I agree he shouldn’t be fired because I love the left calling Breitbart the home of the alt right Nazis and Stormfront Troopers while its editor is a gay half-Jew.

    But, honestly, I was shocked that Milo was promoted to such a high level at Breitbart.
    People who blurt because they believe they have the shield of “hey, I’m offbeat and bizarre and fabulous and screw you if you’re not down with my outrageousness,” are a risk.
    Breitbart doesn’t need that coming from editors.
    Milo NEEDS an editor.
    I think he can be absolutely brilliant and he is witty, fast and, unfortunately, combustible.

  8. I love Gavin McInnes.
    If you hire him as an editor, you’re going to be doing a lot of answering to his past, and possibly his future.
    Doesn’t mean I won’t listen to a lot of what he has to say.

  9. I too am torn. He is an amusing fellow to watch. A bit coarse, with a little TMI in his talks. Yet he takes the left to the threshold of a stroke. And that’s always fun to see. I could not watch more than a minute of any of the controversial videos. So I am a bit in the dark on the accusations. So I guess I’ll just take a wait and see attitude, and hope things work out for him.

  10. While I hate having the homo agenda forced on societal norms, I look the other way with regards to their freedom to live as they please. This Milo is something special. He cuts through to something the right has been missing. I like what he does.

  11. “Let no one deceive you with empty words, for it is because of these things the anger of God comes on the children of disobedience. Don’t be partners with them.”

  12. He’s actually turned in some pedos.

    This is as much a cultural scalp as Flynn was a political one. I am livid with CPAC (maybe they’ll get Lindsey Grahm to sub now) and Simon&Schuster both. If Breitbart caves, I’m done with them.

    He’s a brilliant extemporaneous speaker. He’s on our side. I don’t admire his homosexuality, but I don’t have to. He doesn’t support the pedo bit. He deserves our support, if you’re willing to give it.

  13. I watched three or four appearances he has done. I didn’t get why he was so “shocking” or whatever. But then, I have led an interesting life. Anyway, I read some of his work, which I thought to be a bit better than his in-person shtick.

    I mean, EVERYONE is outrageous these days for petes sake, right? And everyone who is making their living based on being outrageous has some stuff that should stay locked inside of their head because it is all to easy to put a foot wrong – then you CAN’T backtrack because everyone knows how outrageous you are… exactly because you sold yourself that way.

    It is terrible to have your carefully built body of work suddenly become toxic, and you become so along with it.

    I have had conflicting feelings re Milo all along. Mostly because something about his act rings false to me. I don’t care if he is gay, outspoken, flaming, confrontational. He just never sold me on it really. Seemed more like a way to make a living.

  14. I’ve said it before and will say it again.
    The media created Milo and they will destroy him once he leaves the narrative.

  15. Milo is a pretty young guy at 33. I don’t know when those interviews took place but I am sure this is teaching him a valuable lesson about having his own internal edit on. I’m not defending anything he said, he has to own it and deal with the fall out. But this situation reaks of being a planned set-up to ambush him. Frankly I was shocked when they announced he would be a speaker.

  16. Regardless this tempest in a teapot, an edited interview from a YEAR ago, Milo will land on his feet. Simon and Shuster cancelled his book? Castalia House is ready to step into the breach. The things being said about Milo have been said about DJT: “Geeze, why’d he say that,” “…he needs to tone it down…” “cringe inducing…” Whatever, Milo is an effective communicator; he helps our cause, he brings new guys to the fight; but now he’s not pure enough. This attack was promulgated by cuckservatives, you know some of them as #Nevertrump. Like the whole General Flynn thing, this is just another attempt, using a third party as the vehicle, to interdict President Trump.

    So lets all do what the right always does: form a circle “Ready. Aim…”

  17. The point of being an Outsider is to not be invited to CPAC.

    Embrace being outside the circle and demand that the people setting him out over his comments hold the Hollyweird producers and Directors like Bryan Singer (the XMen movie franchise) who’ve been accused of plying underage boys with drugs and cash for years now. Call them out by name.

    After that Maher interview on Friday, it looked like he wanted to be accepted. This whole exercise should have made it clear. You will not be.

    On the other hand, what can they do to him? Tell him that he’ll never suck dick in this town again? Nobody believes that.

    He’s not a conservative. Never was. Never pretended to be. But he serves a purpose and if he wasn’t doing it so effectively they wouldn’t be pulling out the big guns for the sideshow clown.

  18. I’ve held of commenting on this matter because I’m conflicted same as friend BFH. Milo’s a highly intelligent, quick-witted, engaging, attractive person who can write and speak with facility and literacy. When he’s on target with his observations and analyses of modern Western culture, especially political culture as it is being stifled by the PC collectivists, he is brilliant and a superb spokesman for free speech and against all forms of repression. This is an invaluable set of traits, at the moment a unique set of traits, to boot.

    But…he is a sinner. As all of us are, but his sins are viscerally abhorrent. I’ve seen and heard the video records in the links on the earlier article threads, and the two that I paid particular attention to were clearly not edited in any significant way nor were Milo’s comments taken out of context. I wish they had been, but they weren’t. Some of his observations about his own experiences as a young homosexual and his relating of things he has seen are utterly chilling. But some are just descriptions of the way complex human personalities and identities act towards and with each other, like it or not.

    The reason I’m still conflicted is his account of being at a party and seeing older men plying young – “quite young” – boys with drugs in order to engage in unprotected sex. If it weren’t for that, I’d follow the “hate the sin, love the sinner” cliché path. But his own personal sexual failings do not, as far as I’m concerned, disqualify him from using his positive talents in beneficial ways.

    Now we get into Part 2 of this mess. There are many whose opinions I have long respected (best example: Zonga) who find Milo’s flaws to be fatal ones and honestly do not want him to be a spokesman for anything they themselves support or espouse. These people are the exact opposite of the anti-Breitbart, anti-Brennan, anti-Trump cabal who have been the instigators, the gasoline-spraying Bic-flickers of the Burn Milo at the Stake hysteria of yesterday and today. To emphasize, I respect the Zongas who honestly and simply find Milo’s statements about age-disparity homosexuality (to be as euphemistic as possible) to be inexcusable and who have washed their hands of him.

    The perpetrators of the “Killing Milo” crowd are another matter. These are social/political Machiavellians who give not one shit about anything other than discrediting fully half of the people who voted in last November’s election to repudiate the business-as-usual politicians who have been pushing the U.S. hard into ruin, and to do whatever they could to try to change the disastrous govt and social trends that already may not be possible to derail. Such people are the enemies of the just and orderly society we who voted for DJT are trying to achieve.

  19. Yeah, well I heard another blogger tonight who said if Breitbart fires him, they loose at least half their traffic. So fire him, cause it’s good for the bottom line.

  20. My opinion of Milo has changed from who cares? to CPAC needs to get their head out of their asses and reinstate him.
    He’s not the face of conservatism, but he is the face of a segment of Trump support that needs to be supported in this time of turmoil.
    CPAC unfortunately, is the “pinkie up” school of conservatism and unfortunately, Milo is from the street brawler division….
    Trump is not from the former and displays a good deal of the latter.

  21. Okay. Look, you guys. We’ve found the intersection between Aiken and Mourdock.

    We disagreed with what Aiken said, yet there was nothing wrong with what Mourdock said.

    Aiken said a woman has superpowers that prevents pregnancy after rape.

    Mourdock confirmed that God moves in mysterious ways. Oh! And that Americans have a first alleged right to their life. Imagine that!

    Why are we trying so hard to make Milo Aiken instead of making Milo Mourdock?

  22. govlawyer, CPAC is a collection of cuckservatives; they hate DJT. They are useless to the cause of saving Western Civilization. This does not mean that we can’t win converts from amongst the “hoi polloi” conservatives; but as far as the leadership goes, they will never join us.

  23. Thanks, Uncle Al. Milo is a sinner. He accounted for past mistakes. Bristol Palin had sex out of wedlock. Either we learn from their experiences or we do not. Accepting leftist theology that we cannot embrace our own sins means that we conform to their ruleset.

  24. Listen guys, I’m a regular commenter here, making this post anonymously, and I’m also parent of a gay child. I knew my kid was gay when they were 4 years old. There is NO WAY a child that age CHOOSES their ‘lifestyle’. If its a choice, then wake up tomorrow morning and make a point of being attracted to the same sex—see how that goes. I have several long-term friends whose children are also gay and none of them surprised me. No one would ‘choose’ a lifestyle which until recently was so reviled, considered so ‘deviant’ and out of the norm. If its a ‘choice’, why do so many gay people commit suicide? Why not just ‘choose’ to be straight instead of killing yourself?

    That said, most gay people consider trans people/cross dressers and bisexuals as big-time F’d up. I don’t get them either……..

    The real fun will begin when pre-natal testing can reveal babies who will likely be gay—and that isn’t very far in the future. Then you’ll see the pro-choice vs. LGBT communities go to war. Should be entertaining-

    Just my two sense.

  25. CPAC didn’t invite any Pro-Trump speakers. Then, out of the blue, they invited Milo to be the keynote speaker? Doesn’t make sense unless CPAC did it with the intent to shoot Milo down spectacularly a day later.

    Milo’s comments weren’t supportive of pedophilia. He spoke truthfully about a common practice of adult homosexuals who groom teenage boys. Repugnant to me but it’s not the same as raping children. This grooming technique is taken as standard operating procedure in the “gay community” but Milo is getting bashed because he announced it to a wider audience.

    Breitbart is in a difficult position. They’ll do what they deem is best. I can’t offer any suggestions nor would they listen regardless.

  26. If something awful happened to him, would he get a US Naval vessel named for him like Harvey Milk did under Obama. Milk was a molester of young men and an outspoken defender of the lifestyle that has turned Castro Street into a depraved wasteland. Yes, Milo is very entertaining and makes a lot of noise, but so does Chelsea Handler. I am past the point in life where someone’s sexuality is a big issue with me, but I get tired of having it thrown in my face every time he makes a point I would otherwise be in agreement with.

  27. I am bashing Milo because he was at a party he said where very young boys were being sexually abused by men. He stood by, he did not rescue or protect the children.

    Adults have an obligation to protect children, especially when drugs and sexual abuse are happening right in front of your face.

    I don’t care that Milo is gay.

    I do not believe it’s OK to expect a 13 or 14 year old boy to decide consent for sex with a man. I do not believe it is OK to stand around while young boys are being sexually abused and drugged by men. That washes away all of Milo’s cleverness, and entertainment value.

    I am talking about a man that stood around while young boys were being sexually abused and drugged. Who are you people talking about?

  28. Reasons why we should support Milo:

    If we toss him aside the Left will celebrate. Trigglypuff will have won. Chew on that for a second.

    He was telling the truth. Would you rather a convenient lie? He grew up in the gay culture and described how it really is. Are we the kind of people who would rather hear a comfortable lie?

    Jettisoning Milo would be far more damaging than losing an aging and out of his depth General Flynn. We MUST win the culture war.

    The Left always accuse us of their crimes. Always. Always. Always.
    They are attacking him on this particular issue, not only because it is effective, and his own words will damn him in many eyes, but also because they are guilty of what they accuse him. The Pizzagate thing is not going away.

    Milo owns his sins. He is not what they accuse him of being and they know it. But THEY ARE GUILTY and they are trying to silence us on this issue by saying we are just as bad. Don’t fall for this shit. Milo is a flaming queer but he isn’t a pedo.

    Finally, we can’t give them an easy victory, and we can’t take one of our Knights off the board.

    You don’t sideline George Patton because he says things that are uncomfortable. You deploy him against the enemy and get out of the way.

    I will stand with Milo.

  29. Claude Balcz, I’ve contributed to a local women’s shelter. Let’s say that I partially agree with you, meaning some people choose and some people do not.

    Who really cares? Really?

    Milo is on our side right now. Let’s join him allowing us to let him in.

    Then, once we’re in the majority, let’s exodus him. Dig? Just don’t let him know that yet, since we got that whole “useful idiot” thing going for us at the moment.

  30. “Then, once we’re in the majority, let’s exodus him. Dig?”

    Wow dude, I’d have a real hard time being that dishonest.

  31. President Trump is going to be the keynote speaker at CPAC on Friday at 7:00.
    No way in hell that Milo can be with in 100 miles of President Trump now.
    How much more shit do we want heaped on us, the optic’s would be ruinous to him [ P. Trump ] and all of us. For what? Just to get a point across that we have a gay guy on our team?
    Just think about it, now they will have the ammo to go after P. Trump for the blow job angle but only worse with a Priest and a young boy. And don’t think they won’t use it.
    Milo needs to take a break and think about the damage that he can do to P. Trump.
    I like the guy and the message that he brings to the cause, someone needs to reel him in before he does real damage.

  32. All I will say is that I am still a fan of Milo. And…we do live in a time where you almost have to watch every word you speak or write because somebody, somewhere, just can’t wait to fuck you up, mainly in the public’s eye, over them.

  33. I support Milo. Lucky for all the cucks at CPAC,they aren’t going to have to answer for everything they’ve ever said. It’s a damn shame.

  34. Wasn’t Obamer on the receiving end of the man boy love thing in exchange for the “choom” he passed to his friends?

  35. ‘Milo needs an editor’. Hmmm. Heard that way too often about Trump.

    The hypocrisy re gays is astounding to me. The thing I hate about many gays is that they feel compelled to wear their sexuality on their chest. I don’t want to know what anyone does in the bedroom. I wonder how many dirty little secrets Clintons have on prestigious members of congress. Sure would explain the stalling.

    I don’t like organizations giving in to the bullying pressure re:speakers. Milo was hired to TALK, not give a gay sex presentation. General Flynn was allowed to ‘resign’ because of what is now thought to be unfounded charges. As long as we continue to allow the bullies to dictate to us, we will not be free.

    As to the gay thing, I’m a life-long Christian. But the very last thing I have a right to do is judge someone else, morally. Criminally- we have courts and if don’t like someone’s behavior, I stay away.

    My wonderful loves-everybody mom was worried one Christmas, because a newly, former brother-in-law who was gay, (out after two kids and long marriage) was coming for dinner. I asked what the worry was, we had known him for over 20 years. She asked if I know what they do with their mouths, and she was concerned about her dishes and cleanliness. I said, ‘Mom, you do realize oral sex is NOT confined to gays, don’t you?’ She looked like I’d hit her with a brick. ‘Well, I never thought about that!’

  36. I find myself agreeing with Zonga, at least mostly. I like Milo, he is honest and is willing to mix it up with anyone. In his response earlier today he said that he has outed 3 child abusers, and that he is ‘disgusted by pedophilia’, and I believe him. But while he says that he feels the age of consent should be ‘about 18’ (which was very ambiguous in the recordings and sounded more like 13), he also suggests that some as young as 13 are capable of consent. Having spent the past 25 years with teens I just can’t buy into that. And standing by and doing nothing while children were drugged and abused – well perhaps there were extenuating circumstances but I have yet to hear them.

    I do think that he recognizes, today, his gross errors in judgment, and will be much more careful from now on. It will be hard to overcome the damage he has done to himself, but I think Milo has the character to apologize, explain himself, and move forward by developing his delivery and his character. Only time will tell.

    The primary reason I love to visit this site and am proud to call this group my friends is that you recognize what is right and what is wrong rather than cling to a public figure regardless of ideology. We loved Marco Rubio a few years ago when he gave a great rebuttal to the SOTU address and became a rising star. We turned away from him when he tried to turn illegal immigrants into citizens. We loved Cruz for so many reasons, but turned away from him and toward Trump when he sought to expand immigration, and went into the gutter to battle Trump. We still appreciate that these people do much for our nation and are important players. And so can Milo be.

  37. No matter which side of the fence you are on (pardon the pun), there is no excuse for for not protecting Milo as one of their own. Heck, they aren’t even posting article one about Milo. Pro or con. Leaving it all up to Drudge, etc. Shameful. I thought they had balls, I guess I was wrong.

  38. Ps, all these comments from everyone makes me realize why this is one of my fav sites. Pro/con
    intelligent conversations everyday. Plus, under the silly articles there are the funniest comments on the net😂 Sometimes I can hear myself shouting out “THREAD WIN” when one of you types out a real humdinger🤣


    DEAR WHITE (conservative) PEOPLE:

    If democrats stare blankly in your face every time they violate morality, or federal law, then go right back doing what they are doing, THEN YOU CAN DO THE SAME THING!

    With Milo, just punish him a little, wait the news cycle out, have him wipe away a few tears, apologize here and there, and that will satisfy MOST people. Those who still oppose “have no heart, no forgiveness, no sense of allowing others to make amends” then the LIBERALS ARE THE BAD GUYS!

    Never truly dump on your own people unless it is wise that nearly 100% of the population would disavow their behavior.

  40. Milo probably, at the time, didn’t see the young teens at the party doing drugs and having sex as tragic because he was probably one of those teens at one time and didn’t view them as victims.
    He speaks about it now like someone who has changed his views, viewing it as something terrible, while simultaneously saying it wasn’t something that he regretted when he was their age.
    He’ s thoughtful enough now to realize that he can only speak for himself and not for the kids who were at that party.
    He cannot go back in time, BUT, he could name the director who threw the party.

    The more we debate this, the more we see that the side angered by Milo have valid points.

    I’m starting to see, in a bit of naked candidness, that I’m willing to play politics a bit in order to win a battle.

    On one hand his personal ethics, if what he says is true, is wobbly.
    On the other hand, I don’t want to see him damaged if it means it will make my enemies happy.

  41. Oh, and there is absolutely no question that Milo was invited after they knew about his interviews.
    He was set up to take a very public fall.
    The NeverTrumpers are playing like the left.

    One thing to take heart with- you can go to the mall and ask 100 people who Milo is and 98 of them will say “a Disney animated character?”

    We will survive this.

    I hope Milo does.

  42. Oh my how times have changed. I am old enough to remember how the conservatives once were attacked for loving a dude named Milton for believing his “controversial” views.

    Can somebody pinpoint the year that gay sex trumped spending policies in the decision making of the American electorate?

    Whether or not the federal government condones or opposes who sticks their dicks where they do makes no difference on my tax bill. Can we just get our government back on the track they are supposed to be on?

  43. You can know by age 4 that your son is a little different – not proyotypically rough & tumble & such but it is a modern construction to go from that to “knowing that a 4-year-old is gay.” I really think that is a terrible mistake.
    The hetero world has room for men that are of all shades from neanderthal to poet.

  44. BFH, I just started following Milo’s FB page recently. He’s got about a bazillion followers and he seems up beat. That bazillion followers is something to consider. The CPAC thing was definitely a set up. There are other way more subdued conservative gays they could have invited. His “I’m a flaming gay” routine pushed a lot of us away. But if he’s attracting more people to the conservative side of things he deserves our support. Visit his FB page. You can’t say he isn’t hell on wheels. CPAC material? Oh hell no.

  45. I was mostly fine with Milo until the Drunken Peasants interview. A bridge too far.
    Most men who identify as gay had their 1st sexual encounter by age 13, and it is usually with a man more than 5 years older. We call that child sexual abuse. Gay men call it their first time.

  46. Mr. Hat. I don’t want to see Milo damaged, but he needs to name the director, or could he?
    The most important thing that he has to do right now support is our President. Or stand down.

  47. The left loves the fact that we conservatives are effectively pole-vaulting over ant shit right about now.

    If Milo is a true conservative, he’ll bounce back. We always do.

    If he’s false, he’ll probably stick a gun in his mouth. Liberals can’t stand being told ‘no’.

  48. Milo proudly and loudly denies he is a conservative. Let’s please not forget that.>>

    Oh, then by all means let’s fry him.

  49. “WE” didn’t force him to say or do anything he didn’t want to do.

    Conservative or not, sometimes people say stuff they regret. Milo said something on a topic that is as filthy as it gets.

    Do we want that on OUR side, conservative or not?

  50. Honestly at the end of the day I’m saturated with this shit. I hope the guy lands on his feet for his own good. But in the long run the big story for me is Rand Paul climbing on the Unconstitutional Trump Train. For me that’s the big story for the last couple weeks.

  51. Milo is no better than a Cindy Sheehan, something to be used when it feels good, and to be discarded when there is no value left. That’s my point.

    Do you disagree?

  52. “WE” didn’t force him to say or do anything he didn’t want to do.>

    Absolutely correct.
    But we did, in a weird way, grease the skids for him to think he could say outrageous things and we’d still applaud him.

    Milo was riding a dangerous wave, drunk with the applause. He was drunk with the sounds of squeals of delight when he said things that conservatives would normally not embrace.
    The swishier and bitchier and catty he got the more he was egged on.
    At times it seemed like his audiences were out of the Morton Downey Jr. Show, waiting for the moment to explode with applause because the applause was a weapon aimed at the left.
    “You see, we can applaud a fierce, very effeminate gay man.”

    Milo lost his sense of proportion. And when he sat with Joe Rogan, a bit of an “all over the park” dipshit, Milo’s entertainment sensibility, a wrong one, told him to go more outrageous.

    Now he knows he doesn’t have unfettered speech without consequence.

  53. All of the comments regarding this issue have been extremely thought provoking for me. I will try to keep this short, but…

    The paradox or dichotomy, not sure which definition to really use here to describe, as they are both applicable in the same but different manners: the “forgiveness” in one’s heart vs; those that seek/require that forgiveness is, “acceptance.”

    In every post on the subject at hand, these are specifically the two words that come to mind. Those words could not be any more opposed. One can forgive without acceptance of the act, acts, thoughts, or beliefs yet; not be ‘hateful,’ as oft times accused of by both left and right.

    Without being a “thumper,” yet what all of this has reminded me of within this realm of thoughts and beliefs is, those without sin cast the fist stone.

    No one stepped up to stone the adulteress because none (of us are) were without sin. This is where the conflict between forgiveness and the concept of acceptance comes in.

    There are those that will say you ‘must’ accept and if you truly forgive, you have accepted. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is usually a ploy by those that want acceptance by asking, “What would Jesus say or do.” This is and of itself an easy answer.

    When no one would step forward to cast the stone, the adulteress’ sins were forgiven as there was no ‘person’ there to judge her, and she was told to, “go and sin no more.” If she chose not to, a higher source to be reckoned with at some point.

    Her acts were not ‘accepted,’ but her acts were forgiven if she were to go and, ‘sin no more.’

    Which brings me full circle. We have the capacity to forgive in our hearts, but we are not required to be in acceptance of the act, acts, or beliefs.

    There are responsibilities on both sides. I can forgive, I do not have to accept. It is my responsibility to be an example, share, to treat everyone fairly and without prejudice but; I do not have to be friends with you or be in acceptance of your belief system. Those of us who sin, need to ask forgiveness and the courage to have the strength to change our ways. Ultimately, forgiveness does not equate to acceptance and you (figuratively) don’t have to answer to ‘me.’

    In short, do I forgive? Yes. Do I have to be in acceptance of lifestyle? No.

    Yet, I pray for all of us and hope that you pray for my transgressions as well as we await our unknown day, hour, as we pray for His grace.

  54. Milo is no better than a Cindy Sheehan, something to be used when it feels good, and to be discarded when there is no value left. That’s my point.

    Do you disagree?>>

    I agree that many feel that way, yes.
    I don’t agree that that is right.

    I agree that Milo is a political tool for many, and I also think there is a great possibility that Milo is a gifted speechifier who might be an opportunist. We can be his marks.
    I don’t know for sure and anything is possible.

    But, he’s like Darryl Strawberry.
    Nobody went to the bathroom when he got up to bat.

    He attacks the left with weapons the left are not used to having fired at them.
    I find that compelling to watch.

  55. I seem to remember one Ann Barnhardt, true conservative, being outspoken to the point of being actively attacked and rendered destitute by the IRS and other powers that be.

    But Ann, it seems told so much truth that people effectively forgot about her. That, and the fact that Ann isn’t looking for all the fanfare and fabulousness that Milo capitalized on.

    The term diabolical narcissist comes to mind.

    Maybe this is God talking to him. All we can do is pray for the man.

  56. Milo has been of little interest to me, but many of my friends disagree with my assessment, so of late I have been following him. Generally, I stand by my early assessment of him. Being a prevaricator for the fame of being provocative does little to garner my attention. (not sure if spellcheck translated properly).

    Was Andrew alive when his namesake “hired” him? I doubt so…Mr. Breitbart was not easily fooled.

  57. One more thing for you BFH before I go to bed. I saw a comment about Hitler’s phone on a local news story today and immediately thought about you. The guy said something to the effect of “His DNA is on that phone somewhere, let’s clone him and execute him again”.

    I like that guys attitude.

    Sleep tight and play nice while I’m gone.

  58. ya know, now that i think about this attack on Milo, it could backfire on them. He will probably come out shooting. metaphorically, that is.

  59. I don’t think it’s right to out him for a
    setup kill tactic that was successful in the press.
    Just like pussygate for Trump. I read his fakebook
    statements and I understand better the comments that
    he made and the context.
    I don’t think there is one adult here that has
    no transgressions from their teen years. We are
    all dirty in some way.

    I hope Breitbart doesn’t fire him. He’s a good
    tool that is needed.

  60. My 2 cents worth:
    I have no interest in CPAC.
    I paid little to no attention to Milo.
    You sometimes have to draw a line in the sand and on this occasion
    it is called for.
    I wouldn’t want Anthony Weiner around my underage niece and I wouldn’t want Milo around my underage nephew.
    Perversion is perversion and I have no tolerance for deviant behavior especially when innocent children are involved.
    This isn’t a matter of a “purity ” test for conservatism.

  61. Side point re: judging sin.

    To simply report what God has already said awaits ALL who will not repent [change their minds] about their sin, and Christ’s payment for it, is not judging and does not involve judging. It is simply quoting what was already said by Him. One may believe He really said it or not, but there’s no judging involved on our end. It says what it says.

    Milo’s arrogance is what put him in his current bind. The same sass that brought him fame and now has brought him low.

    But beyond all that, he is an unrepentant pervert who, it is 100% certain, will be condemned if he never trusts Christ’s death for the forgiveness of his sin…just as ALL will be who don’t believe the Good News, homosexual or not.

    In the meantime, believers (who I realize are not everyone here) are indeed commanded to have nothing to do with such. Don’t be yoked with them, it says. Don’t be partakers with them, it says. Light has nothing to do with darkness, it says. There’s no middle ground position on that in the Bible. It’s all or nothing.

    None of us are perfect. We all screw up at times. We’re faced with many such choices daily, and sometimes we choose poorly.

    But this one, without a doubt, cannot be more clear for believers:

    Either enjoy the rush of the passing (and ultimately worthless) political influence of a vain, arrogant pervert, OR obey the revealed will of God and absent yourself from it entirely.

    Don’t claim you can or are doing both because God’s Word says you can’t. Not if you want to please your Master, anyway.

    Pick a side.

  62. just looked at Breitbart no mention of milo even if it’s true turning of him blocking him is so gay sjw I will find it hard to read Breitbart knowing they are more gay than milo…

  63. Breitbart should fire Milo forthwith. Homosexuality is a mental disorder and we do not need deranged sodomites like Milo representing thoughtful conservatives.

  64. Now Mili is a victim? Anyone – include him, using this cop out now are all hypocrites.

    The disgusting Leana Dunham, pizza gate etc all ignored or celebrated by the left is wrong and beyond Evil.

    He justified evil and inexcusable behavior. No way that should be celebrated or given cover. I think anyone who follows him with an open mind saw him slowly unraveling the more publicity he recieved. He has self loathing issues (jmnsho) clearly stemming from his homosexuality and abuse that he has never dealt with to conform with his religion and political leanings.

  65. Great points from both sides. Which is why I’m still torn on this issue.

    grool’s comment was excellent. As was Super Toe’s. And Uncle Al’s was superb as well. Ultimately, even though politics is important and fun, God’s will trumps them all.

    I cannot condone homosexuality. Ever. It is a perversion, an abomination. It is sin. I feel sorry for anyone who engages in that immorality. I will not condemn them, that’s God’s job, but I will certainly judge their actions and words.

    And that’s the issue for me here. Milo would have been better off admitting what he said and admitting it was wrong. Admitting he used to view things that way but has changed his mind. Instead, he used a lefty’ tactic and said it was misquoted or taken out of context.

    Bottom line for me. Politics do not trump God’s Word………

  66. “Milo would have been better off admitting what he said and admitting it was wrong.”

    Maybe he does think it’s wrong. Maybe he doesn’t. But there’s a reason NAMBLA was a member in good standing in the larger gay rights tent, right up until just before Clinton got in office. That’s when the bolder chickenhawks were told to take a hike for purely political reasons (those optics couldn’t possibly be spun in the Left’s favor back then). But they’re still there.

  67. ….I love Gavin McInnes…

    He said his eyes look like his daughters tiny vaginas….too much for me. When this kind of crude and vulgar talk gets a pass I worry we get another Milo down the line.

  68. I said Gavin has baggage.

    I like that a guy who says outrageous and bizarre things, as an entertainer, embraces the core of conservatism/capitalism as the superior system of governance and finance.
    If Gavins are to exist, and they will, I don’t want them voting against my self-interests.
    It doesn’t mean I share every interest of Gavins, nor am I compelled to.

    It’s the Gavins that insist I celebrate their every interest that I abhor.

    Don’t push Gavin away, he represents our tolerance, untread upon – that is a core conservative principle.
    This makes us better than the left.
    I want budding politicos to see that, understand that.
    It’s how we win.

  69. @grool

    I agree with you. I avoid “hanging out” with people who embrace perversion. I would have less of a problem with him if he used to be, repented and changed his life. That doesn’t seem to be the case. So, I judge his words and actions.

  70. i weep for children. whose parents label them at age four. when my daughter was four, she thought she was a kitten.

    adults impose their hang-ups and ideology on children. and the labeling of adult sexual behavior in children is evident today. to destroy the innocence of children is the greatest of evils.

    homosexual behavior is a vice. to say otherwise is disingenuous.

  71. “Don’t push Gavin away, he represents our tolerance, untread upon – that is a core conservative principle”

    How does the mesh with this?

    “But we did, in a weird way, grease the skids for him (Milo) to think he could say outrageous things and we’d still applaud him

    I understand my take on Gavin’s comment may not be shared. My point is by asking me to give him a pass -as many now are asking on Milos behalf- is you asking me to lower my personal standards for the good of the group. I see no up side to that arguement, that is straight from the lefts playbook. Sexual deviance is not acceptable Period.

  72. “Sexual deviance is not acceptable”

    +1000 Aggie, but that’s why conservatism is always bound to lose in the end. It resists the downward pull of human nature…for a time. The Left counts on that downward pull and appeals to it.

  73. Grool,

    Don’t forget, in the end God wins. Good will always defeat evil.

    But good has to put up a fight. Evil only apparently succeeds because it is easier to destroy than to create.

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