Kim Jong Un has a soft spot for dogs

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NBC News

Kim Jong Un’s executed uncle was eaten alive by 120 hungry dogs: report

By Eric Baculinao and Alexander Smith, NBC News

BEIJING — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s powerful uncle was stripped naked, thrown into a cage, and eaten alive by a pack of ravenous dogs, according to a newspaper with close ties to China’s ruling Communist Party.

The report could not be independently confirmed by NBC News on Friday.

Jang Song Thaek, who had been considered Kim’s second-in-command, was executed last month after being found guilty of “attempting to overthrow the state,” North Korea’s state-run news agency reported.

The official North Korean account on Dec. 12 did not specify how Jang was put to death.

Hong Kong-based pro-Beijing newspaper Wen Wei Po reported that Jang and his five closest aides were set upon by 120 hunting hounds which had been starved for five days.

Kim and his brother Kim Jong Chol supervised the one-hour ordeal along with 300 other officials, according to Wen Wei Po. The newspaper added that Jang and other aides were “completely eaten up.”



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  1. Well, dog is considered to be a delicacy in Korea, could be those dogs will be served on a coming anniversary diner. That will something to look forward to.

  2. Someone must tell Kim Jong Un never to feed bones to a dog because they might get caught in their throat of stomach.

  3. Being fed to prison camp guard dogs isn’t that are. There have been lots of stories from ex NK gulag inmates with tales of prisoners, especially women, being set upon and eaten by camp guard dogs or new born babies being ripped from their mothers and thrown to the dogs.

  4. @Anon:

    Someone must tell Kim Jong Un never to feed bones to a dog because they might get caught in their throat of stomach.

    Nah, raw bones don’t splinter. This was OK for the dogs unless L’il Jong Un cooked Uncle Jang first.

  5. How Nice-

    On his next cross-cultural visit, Dennis Rodman can continue to teach Kim Jong Un the finer points of basketball…

    Kim Jong Un can teach Dennis the joys of watching senior citizens beg and scream as they are gnawed apart by starving K-9s.

  6. There now, who’s hungry?

    Would have thought the NORKS would have auctioned them off to the starving masses.

  7. Thanks to Bill Clinton they have nukes, wonder if they’d sick’m on us or South Korea. Evil little man. Can’t wait to see his end.
    Dems are the worst horse traders on foreign policy.

  8. years ago I got 2 Korean visiting coworkers with the same joke. I told them to pick me up the new Korean cookbook… 101 to wok your dog. Maybe I should have them pick up the sequel. 101 to feed the dogs you are going to wok?

  9. John Fkn Kerry, ” well at least their not feeding the dogs cheep dog food loaded with grain and fillers”.

  10. Whether this is true or not, the story will just give American libs new ideas about how to deal with dissent

  11. LMAO from the Comments:

    “I guess he should have gotten the hint when FatBoy started calling him by his new nickname “Uncle Snausage”!

  12. On a serious note, this is how you make your subjects fear you and he just certified his ruthlessness. If he will do this to a relative, be certain no one will ever cross him.

  13. I call BS…

    I seriously doubt there is a wild dog in NK much less 120…

    They were all eaten years ago.

  14. How do these sick fucks think this shit up? If a Communist/ Socialist/Fascist/Democrat ever had an original idea and a cold drink of water at the same time, it would kill ’em dead.

    Naw, one of those bastards had to have read 1984 and thought “we no have rats we can stuff into head cage. We ate arr the rats rong ago. But we have prenty of reeducation camp guard dogs that are starving. We wirr just chuck him in with doggies. I bet Uncre Jang gonna taste rike RIVA-SNAPStm. yes! yes!”

  15. Hey, that guy sitting in chair; he rook rike Saddam Hussein’s harf-Asian brother! Who he pray to? Arrah or Buddah?

  16. I’ll bet Jang’s sixth “closest advisor” is breathing a big sigh of relief about right now…

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