Kimberly Guilfoyle kisses Bob Beckel at Midnight

Published on Jan 1, 2015

Fox News’ Kimberly Guilfoyle and Bob Beckel Awkwardly Kiss at Midnight: Anyone who’s watched The Five knows about the long, strange history of co-hosts Kimberly Guilfoyle and Bob Beckel. And Fox decided to up the awkwardness of last night’s New Year’s Eve special by holding a viewer poll asking if the two should kiss on-air at midnight.
With 65% of viewers saying “yes,” Guilfoyle leaned in before midnight and said, “I’m going to see if I can restart Bob’s heart, Fox News-style.” After a passionate kiss that left Kennedy mock-puking off the side of the set, Guilfoyle asked, “Fox News Channel, where’s my bonus

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20 Comments on Kimberly Guilfoyle kisses Bob Beckel at Midnight

  1. She was drunk from the first attempt. Personally I’d kiss her all over, and over and over. I bet that chicks got the best looking—- I’ll stop now.

  2. Seems to this old fart that some things just aren’t worth doing, no matter what the pay…

  3. Hmm… I never thought of her as having such a charitable nature, before. Kind of partially offsets the fact that she kissed Beckel for money.

  4. Missed that one, We were watching “Twilight Zone” marathon. Did “liver lips” kiss turn a big turd into a toad, or vice versa.

  5. Missed the train wreck… And I don’t watch the “5”. So, really don’t loose sleep over it, worry about what Obola is doing to the Country…Kiss it good bye!!!

  6. Having watched Guilfoyle on The Five, I think she’s terribly insecure.
    She always seems to be competing with Andrea and even Dana, who’s not sexy at all. Between the overdone makeup, cleavage and legs shoved into the camera, you’d almost think she’s trolling for dates.

  7. That Lucky Bastid!

    Reminds me of the scene in Austin Powers where Heather Graham had to sleep with Fat Bastard in order to “implant” the tracking device in his Obama!

    (every time I try to link a video, it embeds it in the comments. So look it up…)

  8. Here’s my take: Guilfoyle is on a power trip. She knows Beckel’s tongue is hanging out, so she teases him and she gets off on knowing he’s a hound dog for her. (She’s probably the only one who can get ole Bob to sit up and beg WITH a bone, if you catch my drift).

    It wouldn’t surprise me if in her private life, she’s a dominatrix in stilettos and tight black leather. I think she looks like a tranny who’d bite it off with that huge mouth of hers, just to watch them suffer.

    Just sayin’…


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