Kirsch: Biden is highly likely vaccine injured; Newsom is DEFINITELY vaccine injured

Steve Kirsch’s Newsletter: Peripheral neuropathy is extremely common after vaccination (an estimated 80% of vax injured have it), and the timing lines up perfectly. His doctors have ruled out every other cause.

I have to catch a plane and will update this story later today.

My text and emails have been lighting up recently with messages such as: “Biden now has peripheral neuropathy like all of us vax injured. Wonder if it was from the vaccine.”

Subtle hint, but let’s check it out…

My initial determination is that it appears that Biden’s medical problems that caused him to finally get a medical checkup were highly likely to be caused by his recent vaccine booster shot.

I say that because:

  1. all the evidence we are presently aware of fits that hypothesis without exception,
  2. there isn’t any evidence supporting a more likely alternative hypothesis. more

20 Comments on Kirsch: Biden is highly likely vaccine injured; Newsom is DEFINITELY vaccine injured

  1. i dont mean to sound heartless or callous but . . .

    where do i send the condolence card or is it too soon?

  2. Yeah, they checked his trunk but didn’t look under the hood at the engine compartment. Nobody goes there. He had a couple of steam cleanings in there some years ago and a bunch of stuff fell off the engine and never got put back.

  3. We should all send PedoJoe46….
    a “condolence….get well soon” card….
    Imagine 100,000 arriving with the postscript….


  4. However, IMHA, his affliction is more likely the result of being a lifelong Dem and a pain in the ass to all Americans and keeps getting caught in the act of being himself (or someone he thinks, or forgot he is).

    Hope you all have a beautiful Thanksgiving tomorrow with your families, and/or favorite Friend(s), Girl/Boy Friend, parents, sister/brother/children/relatives, aging grand mother/father, etc., etc..

    A special Prayer for all you Beautiful Americans tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving!


  5. Vaccine injured or not, Xiden primarily has dementia. Most of his symtomatic effects confirm it and his warped mental state is more damaging to the nation than his ability to walk properly.

  6. Biden – not sure a zombie can be injured by it.
    Newsom – I think so. Has he been in public at all, apart from a couple of grainy photos at the Getty wedding? And Steve Kirsch offered him $5 million, now has increased that offer to ‘name your price’, with no response.

  7. It was just a bad batch, they well get it right on the next booster. Happens to a lot of folks.
    Maybe they need to get him a breathalyzer or a inalater thing? Whatever Borock was jabbering about?

  8. Paresis from syphiliptic neuropathy.

    No mystery there.

    He never had it cured because he enjoyed giving syphilis to the children he raped, now it’s too late to fix it.

  9. So die, already – both of em.
    No great loss.
    Their deaths would make the world infinitesimally better, in fact.
    (not sure we could stand the stench)

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  10. That would explain the sudden flurry of worry about VP Kamala. BTW, she got her tune-up jab on October 30th. Maybe she warrants a vax vigil, too.

  11. And I reckon Newsom’s daughter will not be getting the Juvie Jab. I mean, aside from the general toxicity of this shit, there could be a hereditary component that we don’t know about, and probably never will.


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