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“Kiss A COVID Patient To Fight Fascism”

Freedom Tunes tackles the important issue of the day and probes into why there are so many new people testing positive for COVID-19 despite the continuing lock downs across various blue states? Watch

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  1. Love this guy. He has lots of vids on YouTube. Check them out.

  2. Question posed by wife’s hairdresser yesterday worth exploring.

    How many people do you personally know that has or has had the Wuhan Red Death? She hasn’t met such a person. Neither has wife. Neither have I.

    Is this whole thing a politically engineered myth?

    Thoughts? Do you, personally, know of anyone diagnosed with this disease? I mean, yesterday Ohio Governor was tested positive. Next day? Negative.

    I think this is all Bravo Sierra.

  3. PHenry
    AUGUST 7, 2020 AT 3:34 PM

    …my wife tested positive for the Chink Stink and cost me 2 weeks of pay for NOTHING. She only got tested because someone in our church she brought stuff to tested positive, she did not have and never had any symptoms.

    Everyone else around our house tested negative.

    …funny thing is, I got tested a month or so before because I got surgery, and my son also got a presurgical test for something HE needed, and we both tested negative. He and I got a test where they took what felt like cotton batting on a baseball bat and jammed it through our noses into the backs of our skulls.

    When she got HER test, I warned her it was VERY unpleasant, and she went to the same place I did, but they just brushed a swab a bit in her nostrils, and she thought I was just being a wuss until the nurse told her no, they DID change tests and SHE got the nicer one.

    Funny though, that when SURGERY was on the line they did ONE type of tests that came back negative, but for a casual inquiry they did a DIFFERENT test that came back POSITIVE, nicht wahr?

    …almost like they WANT different results for different purposes…

    …of COURSE they hit the County Board of Health, just to make SURE I couldn’t leave the house or be useful…BUT NO ONE WAS EVER SICK.

    …Which goes back to my firm belief about the basic fraudulent nature of this whole ginned-up Democrat Disease.

    ….if you need a DOCTOR to tell you you’re sick – you ain’t sick.

    I call bullshit.

  4. PHenry
    AUGUST 7, 2020 AT 3:34 PM

    …but as for the man in my church, please pray for him, his name is Riley and he’s in a bad way. Not because of the Covid Conspiracy, but because his base problem was leukemia, but he’s old and had other problems so the hospital locked him away from his elderly wife, probably GAVE him the Cantonese Crud (look up noscomal and iatrogenic disease transmission to see what I mean by that), made it impossble for him to talk to his wife, started giving her dire reports, knocked him put, him on a ventlator, blew out one of his lungs, and they’ve been telling her he SAID he wants to die even though that’s not the instructions he gave HER when they discussed it before this farce started, and obviously with him knocked out and isolated, she can’t ask him, so they keep trying to push her into letting him die without her ever seeing him alive again. Seems they want his space in the ICU.

    So far she’s held them off, but obviously she’s distressed and scared out of her mind. A move of God is needed, so if you have prayers you can spare, soare one for Riley and his wife.

    Dear Lord, I come before you today in supplication to ask that you deliver my brother, your blood-bought child in Christ by Your mighty hand, to restore him against all medical opinion, to clear his lungs and his leukemia and restore him to his wife and his Church family even as he was, that it may confound the medicine of Man and add to Your glory as it would be clearly a miracle that could come only from You. Touch these people that they can be restored to worship You in Your house, and bear a mighty testimony of the healing only You can bring. In prayer and thanksgiving for all You have done, all You are doing, and all that You promise to do, we wait in hope and anticipation as we stand on Your word that he may be delivered from his trial by Your mercy.

    And we ask it all in the precious name of Jesus, amen.

    God Bless,

  5. @SNS Prayer sent. But it isn’t Covid-1984.

  6. SNS

    Can’t they at least use smart phones for some face time, it’s not optimum but better than nothing. It may be comforting.

  7. gin blossom
    AUGUST 7, 2020 AT 5:06 PM

    Can’t they at least use smart phones for some face time, it’s not optimum but better than nothing. It may be comforting.”

    …nope. They held the regular phone for him, but he’s tubed and out now, and it wouldn’t really serve any purpose but to upset her more. Also she’s old and not that tech savvy anyway, but in his current state that’s probably a blessing.

    …like you’re problem solving thinking, thought, thanks…

  8. But still. It is old age and comorbidity. It ain’t the Wuhan.
    The media are LYING about the Wuhan.

  9. PHenry
    AUGUST 7, 2020 AT 4:52 PM
    “@SNS Prayer sent. But it isn’t Covid-1984.”

    …nope, Leukemia was his underlying problem, he lost a TON of weight so quickly that my wife was giving him clothes I’ve been too fat to wear since I was 30, and the hospital probably donated the flu (regular or super), pneumonia, a staph infection, or all of the above, as hospitals tend to do.

    See, one problem I have is that I know the CLINICALLY likely future. Most intubated patients would quickly succumb to an overwhelming infection or a glowing fevet if they stop treating these as disease ALWAYS stalks the halls of the hospitals, and they know this very well, so their next act is to try to talk his future widow into stopping everything, even Tylenol, and sign a DNR so one of those carries him off, if he doesn’t drown in pneumonia first. They will also tell her, truthfully, that he can’t be tubed much longer orally, and they’ll have to give him a cricothyrotomy and drop it in his throat if she wants to keep the meter running.

    And yes, they WILL scare her with the price tag, standard operating procedure. Medicare don’t cover EVERYTHING, they like to bankrupt you on the way out and you can’t discharge medical bills even in bankrupcy, they WILL get PAID…

    ..of course, they’ve got OTHER ways, intentional or not, to kill him. Turn the ventilator up and pop his remaining lung. Medicate incorrectly or not at all. Or do the insane thing they told her TODAY, which is that they somehow claim to have noticed a thrombosis in his LEG, so they want to put a guy with a shredded LUNG on BLOOD THINNERS, which is a DANDY way to get headed over to a tension pneumohemothorax and make SURE even a VENTILATOR won’t work.

    They can do any damn thing they WANT since NO one who LOVES hinis allowed to see them DOING it.

    …and it doesn’t even have to be malicious. People forget things, doctors and nurses included. Unconscious people are boring, so maybe we don’t NOTICE that temperature spike, or that deviated trachea. Stuff happens…

    …see, I know all this, but all I can do is frighten her at this point. If you’re not there WITH him, you have no CHOICE but to take their word for it.

    And their word may be incorrect or even trying to achieve a particular outcome…

    …I won’t reiterate the time the most reputable hospital in town almost killed my son after major surgery, and WOULD have if we hadn’t been physically in the room and raised holy hell along with LPM. It wasn’t even malice, it was a young nurse scared to make a decision and a doctor who apparently missed a phone call. Again, it happens. But without loving eyes keeping a ceaseless vigil on someone they know MUCH better than the hospital staff does, bad things happen.

    And Democrats have forced out those loving eyes.

    Sorry to carry on, but sometimes knowing all this stuff is a curse instead of a blessing, and cold clinical knowledge makes it harder to pray for an illogical miracle even when you KNOW God still does them. I can’t buden my church family or actual family with this or THEY will just get uselessly upset. And I love my brother in Christ and it kills me to not be able to be with him and lay prayerful hands on him in his hour of need. And the devil just uses my experiences to stir doubt anyway, which is NOT needed in this situation.

    So agaib, sorry, but it’s nice to have a group of familiar strangers to vent to about it.

    So I thank you for praying for my brother,

    And I thank you for lending a sypmathetic ear.

    Again, God Bless,

  10. And again I pose the question.
    Who is actually dying from the Wuhan Red Death?

    Answer? Nobody.

  11. @PHenry
    It is like Global Warming where we are always told people are dying, but they have to go to the North Pole to find proof.

    The Straight AIDs epidemic is always about to take off. though Homosexuals still are the main sufferers of the disease.

    Some plague, If the media wasn’t hyping it, who would know about it?

  12. Our niece got Chink Flu. She’s a nurse.

    Two couples that are our church friends got it. But that was before we resumed Sunday services. One couple, the guy is head of security at a hospital.

    All five peeps have recovered from it.

    It seems to me that people can give themselves protection against the side effects of Chink Flu. It’s not the Chink Flu that kills people. It’s the goddam pneumonia that sets in after your immune system is weakened by the Chunk flu. So the simple answer is cough up the $190 for the Prevnar 13 or Pneumovax antipneumonia vaccine. Then even if you get Chink Flu you have a rough week or two at home but YOU LIVE AND DONT DIE.

    I got the shot at a Walgreens a couple years ago and have had zero bronchitis and zero walking pneumonia since then.


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