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Klaus Schwab: China Is ‘Role Model’ for ‘World Of Tomorrow’

TimCast: During his interview with CGTN, a state-run English-language news station under control of the Publicity Department of the Chinese Communist Party, Schwab was asked to comment on his trip to the Group of Twenty (G20) forum last week in Bali, Indonesia.

“I think it’s positive. The base has been formed, but we have to go one step further,” Schwab replied. “We have to have a strategic mood; we have to construct the world of tomorrow.”

The WEF founder continued referring to the forum’s topics as a “systemic transformation of the world.”

“We have to define how the world should look like which we want to come out of this transformation period.” more

21 Comments on Klaus Schwab: China Is ‘Role Model’ for ‘World Of Tomorrow’

  1. Klaus Anal Swab is deceiving the world. Just take a look at the abusive Communist China govenrnment which believe they alone have the right to exist while cruelly mistreating their own citizenry not to mention their WUHAN VIRUS which they intentionally spread around, their despicable slave labor, slave trafficking, minimizing women, killing off members of large households, killing political opposition, exterminating of black and brown people living/studying in China, manipulating and stealing data, thievery and money laundering (with Biden as accomplice), trafficking deadly opioid drugs and much more which Mr. Anal Swab evilly declares as a “role model”. right.

  2. “We have to define how the world should look like which we want to come out of this transformation period.”

    Very well, then!

    The world should look like a wall with your pink brain guts splattered on it – during the ‘transition period.’

  3. Every day for the longest time I have prayed for the eternal demise of this evil piece of demon feces. Make it today Lord!

  4. How in the world could someone who looks and acts like the combination of every evil villain from every sci fi horror movie ever made get this much global power without anyone with influence stepping back and saying “Whoa, wait a minute…”?

  5. If depopulation is the road to be traveled, We must require the WEF and the UN pave the way for Communists, Socialists, Dictators and Oppressors of citizen’s rights to follow close behind.

  6. Old Klaus hasn’t emigrated yet?

    Judge him by his ACTS – not his words.
    He’s a lying fukkin hypocrite.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Schwab, if he’s able yet, should breed Gretchen Whitmer, if she’s still able, between them they could produce the very pinnacle of super villains.

  8. Mustapha Mond is the most powerful and intelligent proponent of the World State. Early in the novel, it is his voice that explains the history of the World State and the philosophy upon which it is based. Later in the novel it is his debate with John that lays out the fundamental difference in values between World State society and the kind of society represented in Shakespeare’s plays.

    Mustapha Mond is a paradoxical figure. He reads Shakespeare and the Bible and he used to be an independent-minded scientist, but he also censors new ideas and controls a totalitarian state. For Mond, humankind’s ultimate goals are stability and happiness, as opposed to emotions, human relations, and individual expression. By combining a firm commitment to the values of the World State with a nuanced understanding of its history and function, Mustapha Mond presents a formidable opponent for John, Bernard, and Helmholtz.


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