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Klavan To Write Gosnell Movie

The producers of the Kermit Gosnell movie have announced that Andrew Klavan has signed on as writer.

Read the announcement here 


 This must be a tremendous challenge; to write a compelling story of a remorseless killer of unborn children.  Good luck Andrew, I’m pulling for you. 


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  1. Yes, huge challenge. I read a bit about Gosnell, and could read no further. This is a movie that I will not see. Too painful.

  2. Hell thrives in the absence of Truth and Light.

    Abortion gained a foothold in America and only became talked about when the Rescue movement started.

    The Rescue people are heroes because they put their bodies on the front lines. They risked all, including the taunting and sneers of “sophisticated” people who called their sanity into question. God bless these men and women. They brought light and truth to the dirty secret of abortion.

    God bless Mr. Klaven and pray for him to do God’s will in shedding light on this subject.

  3. Thia is GREAT news! Such a wonderful idea. This guy has the ability to take a tough, nasty topic and make it digestible with his humor.

    DON’T GET ME WRONG: this is not a funny topic or one to be made fun of…QUITE THE OPPOSITE.

    SEE: the idea is to WIN HEARTS AND MINDS.
    To WIN hearts and minds, you have to break through all sorts of different mental and emotional barriers that different people have about abortion.

    Maybe they’re for, but afraid. Maybe they’re against. Maybe they can’t even THINK about it.

    Klavan’s searing style of humor breaks through alot of that and “keeps on ticking” (don’t know if he wears Timex). I can well imagine his could be a breakthrough hybrid of “smashmouth documentary.”

    Insert Mr. Montgomery Burns laughter here.

    Klavan’s the man. The only better choice maybe would have been Fur.

  4. @ tnrwc

    Holy cow even. I watched all 5 parts. TY for the heads up and link. He is good. Glad this didn’t come up right before I would be going to sleep.

  5. I’m bothered by people declaring their intentions not to see a film that will attempt to breach popular culture with liberal ideologically induced nightmare.

    I hate slasher / horror movies that are designed to make you jump out of your seat or to evoke at least some modicum of emotion from those deaden from a steady diet of pop culture. I won’t go to them. Hell, I haven’t been in the theater for over a year now (I think Avengers was the last movie I actually went to see). Theater movies have become so dull and predictably flat.

    But this is more than entertainment. Its putting a tent poll smack dab in the middle of the nation’s zeitgeist. Its Gosnell’s horror show backing up nation’s memory hole like a bad septic and leaving stinking filth all over the pretty illusion foisted each weekend on the desensitized movie going public.

    Even if you don’t actually walk into the theater, buy you’re usual tub of popcorn and soda and find your favorite seat during the previews, consider buying a ticket to at least support the effort.

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