Klobuchar Doesn’t Support Open Borders Like Castro, Fauxcahontas.


Democratic presidential candidate and Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar on Sunday said she doesn’t support open borders like some of her Democratic opponents Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) and Julian Castro.

Klobuchar appeared on ABC’s This Week, where she was asked if she supported decriminalizing unauthorized border crossings.

“Elizabeth Warren this week came out with a proposal following up on what Julian Castro said in the debate to decriminalize unauthorized border crossings. You said you were going to look at that in the debate. Do you support that idea?” fill-in host Jon Karl asked.

“I support different enforcement priorities and of course I’ll look at the statute to see if you can make changes depending on the level of a security risk, but no I don’t support open borders and simply getting rid of this statute” Klobuchar said, referring to Section 1325.

She went on to say she believes the best solution is replacing President Donald Trump with a Democratic president. more

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  1. “I’m not like those other idiots, I’m a unique idiot!” Besides I know better than to tell the voters the truth before I get elected!

  2. That woman is the least photogenic person on the planet, perhaps next to the future black, female James Bond.
    Seriously. Some people are homely, it happens.
    Yet with Amy I stop and marvel at how unattractive she is.
    It’s a sight to behold.

  3. Klobuchar is definitely different from the rest of the Demographic-Socialist-Homosexualist-Reparations Party presidential candidates. She is a moderate dunce.

  4. “of course I’ll look at the statute to see if you can make changes depending on the level of a security risk…”

    Like what, asking them “have you murdered 2 or more people in your native country within the past 2 years, or raped anyone 12 or under on your journey to the US?”

    What’s her threshold?

  5. I saw the photo by the teaser and though, “WTF happened Chrissie Hynde?!?” Then I googled her, not much better either way.

  6. Have you seen PDT twitter page lately? So much vile hate, lies and propaganda directed at someone who has done nothing to deserve it. What will they do to us when his term is over?

  7. Cryojohn, I also saw the photo by the teaser and thought–you can’t see her eyes, like an English sheepdog.

  8. She’s a democrat, which means she’s lying her fucking fat ass off. Of course she supports open borders.

  9. What’s she running for? – To win a Dianne Feinstein look-a-like-contest?
    She certainly has no chance of becoming President, that’s for sure.

  10. The question she needs to be asked is “Rep Omar has made pro terrorist statements, minimized 9/11 and had made antisemitic statements; she is from your state and belongs to your party and yet you have had nothing to say about her one way or the other- why? Follow up question: There is growing evidence that Omar married her brother to help him immigrate- if true Omar committed fraudulent felony- should there be an investigation and if Omar is found guilty should her citizenship be stripped from her and sent back to the hellhole from whence she came? If not why not?


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