Klobuchar on Staff Abuse Claims: ‘Yes, I Can Be Tough’

Breitbart: After the announcement of her intentions to run for president on Sunday, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) responded to a question about reports she has been abusive towards former staff members.




The 2020 Democratic presidential candidate did not deny she has been “tough” on her staffers, brushing it off as having “high expectations” for those that work for her and for the United States.

“[Y]es, I can be tough and push people, I know that. … And I have, I’d say, high expectations for myself, I have high expectations for people that work for me, but I have high expectations for this country,” Klobuchar told MSNBC.  watch

11 Comments on Klobuchar on Staff Abuse Claims: ‘Yes, I Can Be Tough’

  1. Being tough is different than being cruel. She obviously does not understand or does not care about that difference.

  2. Well, that’s encouraging.

    I treat my staff like shit because I have high expectations.

    But I have high expectations for this country too.

    This is called foreshadowing.

  3. Did you know her father was a newspaper man? She inserts this tidbit into every committee hearing to drive the point Pres. Trump is a danger to the 1A and freedom of the press.

    So Klobuchar’s father delivered newspapers and Kasich’s delivered the mail, and all their legacies begot are one hot tempered bully, and one blowhard whine baby who won’t go away.

  4. “… she has been abusive towards former staff members.”

    Why would “former staff members” hang around to be abused?

    I have no doubt that she’s an evil abusive bitch … a “bully,” so to speak …

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Hey, didn’t bitching at staff work out well for the Hildebeast’s reputation?
    Apparently, she’s too dumb to come in from the snow and cold, and now she wants to get into a battle of words with the master, President Trump.
    Minnesota nice, my ass!

  6. Woman abusive to her staff: Inspiring example of strong-willed intensity that is needed in modern society.

    Man abusive towards staff: Dangerous example of toxic masculinity that should be removed from modern society.


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