Klobuchar’s got the hair shakes

ht/ jerry manderin

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  1. It’s worse because she has about 20 oz of hair gel in her bangs. Check out her earring, too. She was definitely nervous. Or was having a ‘hillary’.

  2. ‘helmut head’
    might be adderall or another CNS stimulant, they’re in vogue for some
    if so, I wonder if she got it from hunter

  3. At least she hasn’t been hanging around here in Minnesota. I dread her “triumphant” return to torment us some more as she has done for so many years now.

    She has a well-known name because her father was a drunken liberal newspaper writer.
    That’s how she was ever elected in the first place.

  4. Evil is coming, it will be slow and steady but if Trump is not reelected, all of the machinery of Socialism will have you trapped by 2026 and you will lose your child to the system, your own life will be muted to make no waves and punishments will be doled out and advertised on the Media to let you know…and then, it will be an Empire of evil…The Hope and Change slogan was first tried out in SAfrica elections, all of South America is experiencing the same protests orchestrated by the Left, Cuba etc…Slogans are measured for effectiveness, Israel just Impeached by indictment Bibi…we pay for the UN and other massive Socialist entities to take over the world…the largest building in Rome, near the bath ruins, low like the Pentagon, is where the money and credits and allocations flow from…

  5. This is going to be like the “Dean Scream”. The nail in the coffin – proof of such nervousness she can’t handle the pressure.

  6. Sadly, this is a relatively common and incurable disorder for those on the left. My services can only help relieve the symptoms temporarily and the prognosis is very bleak for the sufferer.


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