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Knockout Game POS To Be Tried as Adult – Facing 20 Years in Jail

This punk should have been charged with attempted murder. That is a charge that can be made when you continue to beat an unconscious victim, particularly a 12 year-old one.

The 16 year-old is being charged as an adult and is facing 20 years. I hope he gets them all. The jerk is wearing illegal brass knuckles.

I would also look into charging the girls. The one holding the camera seems to know what’s coming, and the girl who exits the frame at the last moment looks like she’s getting out of the way so the other moron can capture the punch.

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  1. Being charged with battery. What a crock of sh$%.

  2. I hope they can fit a Volkswagen up his ass by the time he gets out.

  3. Brass knuckles?
    Concealed illegal weapon.

  4. Funny, you don’t see white people doing this. Or Latinos. Only niggers.

    The worm will turn and when it does, it’s not going to be pretty.

  5. Wow. When he goes in, he’s going to be the “fresh fish” for Bubba, Thor, Tiny, and Dr Julio. I wonder how many cigarettes he’ll fetch as the “New Boy On The Block”?

    I hope he cries like a little bitch girl the first time one of them say “com’here” to him.

    He’s better get used to a steady diet of cockmeat sammiches with extra nutbutter and manmayo. And to daily coloanal straightening physical therapy.
    Yeah, by the time he gets out, when he farts, he won’t squeak, he’ll “whoosh”.

  6. Well, he’s one step closer to meeting his father for the first time.

  7. I hope he get a beating every day along with the cornholing.

  8. This kids parents should serve an equal sentence.

  9. This feral beast has no place in a human society.

  10. Porch Monkey gotta learn to stay onna da porch.

  11. Well as mentioned by other commenters I suspect he’s going to be a real popular new arrival to prison life. The dumb sob will probably join a prison gang as quick as he can figuring on protection but in reality he’ll just be the gang whore for use inside the gang and for sale to those outside. I hope the years of beatings and rape that are in store for this monster just drag on and on until he finally clicks his little feet together three times and leaves via a shank. Welcome to Oz.

  12. If you really knew how often this type of violence (black-on-white) happens you’d go out of your minds. It is rarely published and the police do not pursue much of it as hate crimes. I took a look at the FBI UCR for hate/bias crimes and they are full of crap. Look at the homicide stats for the real story.

    In 2014 there were over 18% more blacks arrested for murder than whites (5173 v 4367) even though blacks. comprise only 13% of the US population.

    For murders where the offender is known, 15% of whites were murdered by blacks (446 out of 3021) while only 7% of blacks were murdered by whites (187 out of 2451).

    Source: FBI Expanded Homicide Data able 6.

  13. Odds are he will do very well in prison. He’s made for it. Clearly raised to be a psychopath, already fitted with a frame that can put on muscle mass, and willing to inflict random and potentially lethal violence on a whim.

    He will be a prison catamite for awhile but his story will catch the ear of higher ups who will use him as an enforcer once he lifts weights enough in the yard. Within three or four years of constant yard weights, he’ll be well on his way to becoming gigantically muscular…yet with the same mind and non-soul that put him in the joint.

    Having already been forced into homosexuality at knifepoint or by beatings, he will have learned to fear literally nothing. And if he hasn’t murdered anyone else in prison, eventually he’ll be released to the public.

  14. The white kid must not have a dad.
    his situational awareness was zero, as the setup happened less than 6 ft from him.
    When wild animals are present, you don’t stand with your back to them.
    Weakness is a provocation.

  15. JohnS is actually right. I grew up in a 60% black town and attended a 75% black high school. My older brothers taught me how to survive there. Never let a black kid within striking distance, especially when you’re outnumbered. Unfortunately, this white victim was probably raised by a white mom single mom who didn’t teach him what my brothers taught me. So he’ll 1)continue getting bullied the rest of his life. 2) get tired of it and fight back, but probably become just as much of a thug as the black kid. Or 3) steal a gun, walk in to a black church and kill nine innocent people one day. I’m so glad I grew up in the seventies.

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