Koskinen’s Farewell Speech

WT: The IRS fends off 4 million hacking attempts a day, Commissioner John Koskinen said Tuesday, saying the tax agency does a solid job of keeping intruders out of its databases, though they’ve managed to spoof some taxpayers and steal their information individually.

Mr. Koskinen begged for more money and talked about his repeated battles with Congress as he prepares to leave the IRS on Nov. 12, when his term ends.

Speaking to the Tax Policy Center, the commissioner said the agency is down tens of thousands of employees and has fallen behind on its budget, blamed Congress for not allocating more resources, but praised IRS employees for slogging through. He also pointedly recalled efforts to impeach him for his handling of the tea party targeting scandal, which he was hired to clean up.

Mr. Koskinen did not, however, apologize to tea party groups for the targeting — though Attorney General Jeff Sessions last week said the IRS owes the groups a mea culpa.

He did praise the workers responsible for the targeting, saying that when he visited with them in 2014 for a town hall, he found them “energetic and dedicated to the mission.”  read more

14 Comments on Koskinen’s Farewell Speech

  1. Why spend so much time battling hackers, when you (Lois Lerner) just handed over confidential taxpayer info to Barack Obama and the DNC without a please or thank you?

  2. “Our top notch IT staff not only blocked bazillions of hacking attempts, they also blocked several subpoenas by deleting all our backups!”

  3. I would just LOVE to know the thinking behind WHY these ObamaHoldover turds were kept on.

    But then again, I’m a glutton for political gossip punishment.

  4. He really is precious. Thinking taxpayers wanted his demonic little claws mismanaging and stealing their money.

  5. We beg for better service, and they beg for more money.

    Decentralize the IRS, and put a federal office in each state so we know where to go to wring your filthy necks every tax season.

  6. A long stretch in a federal facility might just be the medicine to take that irritating smirk of that assholes face.

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