Kraft and Conagra Shut Down Restaurant Supply Manufacturing Plants – Simultaneously Expand Retail Manufacturing Due to Excessive Demand

CTH: Hopefully the advanced information CTH provided on the food supply-chain has helped to understand the issues, challenges and demands many are seeing.  Inside the food manufacturing industry the impacts of COVID-19 are stunning; crazy increases in business; and there are going to be interim shortages on popular products.

To understand the ongoing issues with empty shelves, and also prepare for future shortages on specific products (hint: buy extra pet food now), here’s some interesting background:

Champaign, Illinois – […] “We can’t make enough mac and cheese right now,” said Dilton “Dee” Gibbs, plant manager at the facility that makes half of the Kraft Macaroni & Cheese sold in the U.S., as well as A-1 steak sauce, mayonnaise and salad dressings.

The packaged food giant, along with many of its peers, has had to ramp up production amid an abrupt reversal in consumer trends. Shoppers who in recent years shunned processed foods in favor of fresher, healthier and more premium products are now loading up on shelf-stable standbys as shelter-in-place orders force vast swaths of the nation’s population to prepare for a long stretch of cooking at home.


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  1. I’m avoiding any restaurant that still operates. If this is as bad as said, I don’t want to risk it eating food other people have handled and breathed on.

  2. I’ve only been to the grocery store once since this all started and I was reminded, once again, why I don’t like to do the grocery shopping. Besides the usual reasons, however, it was like walking through a morgue. No one was friendly, no one even looked at each other. Geoff C. has graciously taken on the task of going to the store. Last week, in light of the “seniors only” shopping hours, he checked in with our local Safeway manager to confirm hours and to ask if the shelves would be stocked, and the manager confirmed both. When he got there early the next morning, however, the place was emptied and the store manager said the neighborhood moms had already scoured the place, and there wasn’t much they could do about it. We live in the most retarded of the libtard cities (outside of SF), so I’m not surprised that the the most virtue-signaling asses in the country DGIS about the seniors in their neighborhoods. Gotta get that 1200th roll of TP, ya know! So, I’m not eager to grocery shop, because I’d probably give someone the whatfor over something stupid.

  3. Why is all the white vinegar gone?

    You people are hoarding white vinegar?

    More apple cider vinegar for me….but still…. the hell are you people doing with all the vinegar?

  4. I’m fortunate in the fact that I know how to cook and don’t have to rely on canned and processed foods. I also learned a valuable lesson from the Northeast blackout of 2003 and have had a more than ample supply of dried and canned supplies on hand. I may not eat the variety of foods I’m used to but I’ll eat well. A tip for those who are able to obtain dried goods such as flour, beans, rice and others that are prone to possible bug damage upon long term storage, place them in the freezer for a week as it will destroy bug eggs and larvae. If using flour from freezer let it warm to room temp before adding to recipe as it will affect performance if used cold.

  5. Aaron Burr — I didn’t know white vinegar was being hoarded, too! I suppose people are thinking it’s a disinfectant/cleaner. It is, but not effective against CV19.

    I’m glad we don’t eat much white rice (or any rice), because apparently that’s gone missing, too. I know it’s one of the things that Costco will not take back.

  6. I wish the fools who are hoarding all of theTP would do something useful with it and figure out how to make TP face masks.

  7. Tell everyone to get their ass back to work. Any ‘high-risk’ people should simply take the normal procedures of using basic caution.

    DO NOT let the commie liberal ASSHOLES win this minute skirmish that they have turned into a full-blown war.

  8. Now that I know crazy people are into vinegar I see my clear duty ahead.

    Convincing these people that white vinegar in your gas tank will destroy the airborne Chinky Chills Virus…..from China.

  9. I think the vinegar hoarding is because is is very useful in quite a few food preservation recipes.

  10. Abigail Adams, when the trumped up panic first began about 3 weeks ago my daughter and I were doing our usual Sat. morning grocery shopping and we didn’t expect to see just about everything wiped out by 9 AM in the morning. No produce, no chicken, most of the ramen and pasta etc. wiped out. It was so stinking somber that it was surrealistic like someone had died and no one was talking to anybody else. It made my daughter cry, I have never seen anything like it ever before and hopefully I will never experience that ever again. Since then Winco has kept up on their stock and is fairly well supplied until the next panic. Trader Joes on the other hand was well stocked, they were playing good elevator music in the background and everyone was happy, go figure. Maybe the snobs and very eclectic and eccentric customers at TJ’s are sometimes smarter than your average sheeple. Or maybe those who supposedly can’t afford to shop there but will rely on convenience stores and their EBT cards just don’t shop at TJ’s. And you know of course that convenience stores should really be called rip off the po folk markets.

  11. C’mon Tim. Spread the word.The only way to defeat this insidious enemy is to fill your gas tank will vinegar and drive around town.

  12. @Aaron Burr April 4, 2020 at 9:03 pm

    Will it help if I fill my “gas tank” with vinegar, and fart around Walmart?

  13. Less than a month ago we were at a basketball game with nearly 14000 people. FSU won the ACC title.
    A few days later FSU was suited up and ready to play Clemson again in ACC playoffs for possible national championship when the whole March Madness was called off 10 minutes before game time.
    Two weeks ago I ran a 5 K race.
    Unbelievable what can happen in less than a month.

  14. And my daughter lost going to Seattle this week to see all 4 games of the Mariners/Red Sox series this week from April 9th thru the 12th. And fishing season in Wash. state has been called off as well because of this bogus panic. My son and a lot of others I know are really pissed off about that more than anything else.


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