Kraft Handing Out Their Products To Government Workers

Using the catch phrase, “Kraft Now Pay Later,” food processing giant Kraft Foods has opened a “pop-up grocery store” in the District of Columbia for federal employees. Those with a federal I.D. will be treated to such brand favorites as “Kraft Mac & Cheese, Kraft Natural Cheese, Kraft Singles, Kraft Salad Dressings, Kraft Mayo and Kraft BBQ,” until January 20th.

The “Pay Latter” part of Kraft’s give away ask that those who receive items from corporation donate (if possible) to a favorite charity once the government reopens.


19 Comments on Kraft Handing Out Their Products To Government Workers

  1. Oscar Mayer should be handing out free Pelosi Baloney.

    Don’t give a shit about government employees. Not one.

  2. TRUST ME:
    the LAST people who need “help” affording food are DC Federal Government employees…
    …the only people LESS deserving are the Federal employees on the same pay-scale as those in DC but who live in regions where the cost of living is much lower (i.e. EVERYWHERE ELSE IN THE USA).

    BUT: I give kudos to the Kraft PR team who thought this nonsense up; in a twisted sense, it’s a “positive” version of the Gillette ad.
    I repeat: in a TWISTED sense….

  3. It’s getting so bad, I saw a bureaucrat on the exit ramp, with a sign saying “Will Leak For Food”. Poor guy must have lost everything but his Security Clearance.

  4. @CC
    My brother-in-law was a dairy farmer. All of his milk went to the plant that made the “gubmin’t” cheese. He called it “poor people’s” cheese.

  5. All the useless seat fillers crying about their paychecks just like they cry about regular americans when some Washington lawmakers pass some stupid law that puts them out of work. Oh wait, they don’t?

  6. When I was in the military, before direct deposit, we were paid once per month and when I was in either Alaska or overseas it would sometimes take months to get our paychecks and I lived off base. They can cry me a river….

  7. Plenty of media tears shed for the pampered and overfed fed employees. Not one media tear shed for the victims of murder by illegals.

  8. Make work, non-essential federal employees have nothing to bitch about.

    Premium salary, premium healthcare, premium retirement and benefits.

    More than likely they’ll get back pay for not working…..kinda like everyday except now they aren’t physically in the building to Not work.

  9. Apparently, Federal cheese reserves are at an all-time high. Maybe the President can open up those reserves and have that gubmint cheese handed out as pay – in lieu of “salary” (“salt”).

  10. As a dairy farmer, I raise goats and sheep, I know what real cheese tastes like. That kraft can call that crap that they mass manufacture cheese is an abomination.


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