Krauthammer: Going After Hillary Over Bill Clinton’s Indiscretions ‘Too Toxic’ – IOTW Report

Krauthammer: Going After Hillary Over Bill Clinton’s Indiscretions ‘Too Toxic’

‘Would Backfire,’ ‘Extremely High Stakes’.

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31 Comments on Krauthammer: Going After Hillary Over Bill Clinton’s Indiscretions ‘Too Toxic’

  1. Krauthamer, you ignorant, political slut! It is not going after Bill’s indiscretions, it is pointing out to those that are too young to remember what an evil, vile, co-conspirator Hillary is.

  2. If that windbag thinks it is a bad idea, I say go ahead and do it! He, George Will (will what no one knows), Bill Kristol (kristol clear stupidity) have been wrong on everything else. No surprise they are as out of touch as the politicians they allegedly report on. Short story is she enabled Bill “velcro zipper” Clinton’s behavior by attacking the messengers AND the victims. She had to know what was going on.

  3. Hillary Clinton has always known that her husband is a sexual predator. Her political ambitions have always outweighed any sense of pride or shame. That is why she enabled her husbands behavior and why she has been so nasty to his victims.

  4. Where’s THE REAL Paul Ryan
    when you need him
    to roll a cripple off a cliff?!

    (Dear Lord, forgive me,
    for I have sinned…with snark)

  5. To me, even worse than a “conspirator,”
    SHE PASSIVELY let it happen.

    Her business when it’s her husband and marriage.

  6. Krauthammer used to work for the Mondale campaign and that says it all for me. I no longer take his word for anything.

  7. Remember when Hillary said recently that if a woman says she was raped, that that should be all that’s needed; take her word for it. (or something like that).

    Well, I think this needs to find the light of day for anyone thinking of voting for that hag:

    Why didn’t she believe all of Bills victims?

  8. Texas Gun O, Two great links. Well worth the read.

    Proves Spiro Agnew’s point . Krouthammer, Will, Kristol, Loury, are the new “nattering nabobs of negativism,: an “effete corp of impudent snobs.” They despise Trump.

  9. she wasn’t passive. She helped cover it up by destroying the women who came forward.

    She might as well been in the room raping them with Bill.

  10. no, he needs to point out how hillary was the one who covered up the affairs and attacks and rapes by destroying the credibility of all those who came forward.

    It’s not about Bill’s diddling. If that was all went on it’s not usable.

  11. Right. And then she has the nerve to state that all victims of sexual violence have the right to be heard.

    Most Punchable Face Cage Match:

    Hillary Clinton vs. Andrew Cuomo.

  12. A string of the videos showing the two faced enabler in action, would be astounding. Bring it on to bury Krauthammer, the over, self-inflated liberal.

  13. The saddest thing about Krautsauers comments, and the most infuriating, is to think that men DIED for this country.

    To think of the amount of sacrifice made by our fathers, grandfathers, fore-bearers, our friends and neighbors, the physical pain and death they endured fighting for what they believed in.

    Not to mention the grit and will it took to build this country into what it is today, as we stand by and watch it slip away. And Krautsauer is wilted and surrendered to the weakness of merely uttering words. Words that are true facts.

    I cringe at the cowardice of the limp wristed, safe space, self consumed faggots of the day. From the mass produced assembly line “hipster” to the arrogant, old, cowardly intellectuals.

    STFU Krautsauer and just sit on the sidelines and mind your business. You are pathetic, along with the rest of your coward friends. We are long overdue for the return of the days where punks and scumbags get a punch in the face when they step out of line. Long overdue….

  14. Yep. Just where would this country be without the Govt building those beautiful byways- the Santa Fe, the California, and the Oregon- just for the settlers Conastoga wagons ?? Those handy tourist stops so the settlers could pick up appropriate maps for finding lodging, restaurants and the go-kart tracks.

  15. So true…. And to think that on top of it all, our governmemnt used tax dollars to build those beautiful handy tourist stops that for a while had such great dividends.

    Now, instead of serving that great purpose, they are reduced to seedy rat holes that have been commandeered by the deviant homosexuals. Now they are used by the likes of Arnie Duncan and Jim Mcgreevy for gay pedophile sex in the mens room and out behind the greasy garbage dumpsters. They have become a worthless scourge.

    These homosexual predators always ruin everything. They are insatiable. They destroy everything good in their twisted quest to stick their peepee in holes they dont belong in. But hey, at least we can say those old joints helped give us that mana from heaven, the good ole “Bakersefield Sound”. Where would we be without the Wagoneers that gave it life?

    (My sympathies to all of the child gay rape victims.)

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