Krikorian: Revised Immigration Order Legally Sound, but Trump Opponents Will ‘Find at Least One Federal Judge’ to Block It

Breitbart: Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, discussed President Trump’s revised executive order on immigration with SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Tuesday’s Breitbart News Daily.

“The changes are mostly in response to the legal challenges, and I think the point here, the goal here, is to try to keep federal judges from stopping this executive order, the way they did the previous one,” Krikorian explained. “So they explicitly exempted people who had green cards, for instance, even if they were from those countries. They explicitly exempted people who had visas issued before the first executive order. In other words, they already had visas in hand before then.”

“For political reasons, they removed Iraq from the list of seven countries, now six countries, whose citizens would be barred for 90 days,” he continued. “It’s really just a pause. And the other thing specifically that I think probably was related to the court cases was they removed the special refugee reference to Syria. What they had done in the original one was pause all refugee resettlement for 120 days, but for Syrian refugees, they just indefinitely put it on hold. They got that Syrian part out, so now, it’s all refugees, including Syrians, are on hold for 120 days while they look at how they can redo the vetting.”

“There’s two points to make,” Krikorian said. “One is, this really is a better-prepared document than the first one, than the first executive order. It’s not just longer. It actually goes through and explains why they’re doing this list. Each country – why Libya? Well, there’s a whole paragraph on Libya, then one on Somalia, then one on Syria. That’s important for political purposes. This is a political act, so you need to keep explaining what you do.”  more

8 Comments on Krikorian: Revised Immigration Order Legally Sound, but Trump Opponents Will ‘Find at Least One Federal Judge’ to Block It

  1. @joe6pak March 8, 2017 at 10:25 am

    You must allow “temporary” entry to people from homophobic “temporary” countries, so they can have all the sex orgies they can fit in, before being forced to return to benefit their repressive regimes with their fabulous selves. (Until their next vacay rolls around.)

  2. Those in favor of open borders should be forced to sponsor citizens from musloid countries. Have the wonderful muslims live with sponsor a couple years. Make the sponsors, not the tax payers, foot the bill.

  3. Congress could easily pass legislation restricting all Judges but those on the Supreme court from determining the constitutionality of legislation! And further,
    could completely restrict the Supreme Court Justices from making so-called living constitutional decisions!

  4. Since Hawaii has filed a lawsuit over this EO already, send EVERY “refugee” (especially Somali) to Hawaii until the suit is settled. Every.Single.One. If they want them so badly, let them have them.

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