Kris Kobach’s ‘List of Demands’ Smacks of Fake News

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The New York Times published an article on Monday about Kris Kobach, former Kansas secretary of state, failed candidate for governor of Kansas, and adviser to Donald Trump on immigration and voter fraud.  The article purports to list the conditions Kobach has demanded be met if he is to assume the proposed position of “immigration czar” for the Trump administration.

The creation of that position is considered an end run around the Senate confirmation process that would follow Trump’s nomination of Kobach to the Cabinet post of secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.  As Kobach is seen as a “hard-liner” on border security and immigration policy in general, he would probably face the kind of orchestrated challenges that were brought against Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, but the as yet to be created “immigration czar” position would not require such confirmation.

The Times article presents Kobach’s alleged list of demands (below) as evidence of his presumptuousness and imperious attitude.  Much is being made of his alleged demands numbers 6 and 7, for what amounts to “private jet” access for weekly trips from Washington, D.C. to the Southern border, with weekend excursions on the return trip to spend time with his family, which would remain in Kansas.

The article does not specify how the NYT obtained this list.

Mr. Kobach submitted the following list of demands during discussions for an administration post.

1. Office in the West Wing.

2. Walk-in privileges with the president.

3. Assistant to the President rank – at highest pay level for WH senior staff.

4. Staff of 7 people (2 attorneys, 2 research analysts, 1 scheduler, 1 media person, 1 assistant).

5. POTUS sits down individually with Czar and the secretaries of Homeland Security, Defense, Justice, Ag, Interior, and Commerce, and tells each of the Secretaries to follow the directives of the Czar without delay, subject to appeal to the President in cases of disagreement.

6. 24/7 access to either a DHS or DOD jet. Czar must be on the border every week.

7. Ability to spend weekends in KS with family on way from border back to DC, unless POTUS needs Czar elsewhere.

8. Security detail if deemed necessary after security review.

9. Serve as the face of Trump immigration policy – the principal spokesman on television and in the media.

10. Promise that by November 1, 2019, the president will nominate Kris Kobach to be DHS Secretary, unless Kobach wishes to continue in Czar position.

I happen to have mixed feelings about Kris Kobach, which turn on issues of personal disappointment.  But I still voted for him, I would do so again, and my support for him is undiminished, because I can’t think of a tougher, more steadfast, or more educated proponent and defender of border integrity, election integrity, state sovereignty, and the Second Amendment.  Similarly, I have disappointment issues with Donald Trump (whom, unlike Kris Kobach, I have never met), but they don’t stand in the way of my being extremely pleased with his presidency.

Leftists always let us know whom they fear by whom they hate.  more

7 Comments on Kris Kobach’s ‘List of Demands’ Smacks of Fake News

  1. That list smacks of total bullshit. It’s just another attempt to smear a man that Trump feels would be effective on the border issue. For the dems the flood of future voters must continue at all costs.

  2. The list looks more like what is being offered to Kobach, or terms being negotiated, in an offer of appointment.

  3. The NYT didn’t name the source of the document because they likely wrote most of it themselves.

  4. Yeah, because nothing says “appoint this guy” like a list of demands from the candidate. It’s likely total BS.

  5. Nowut Ameen has it exactly right. Trump the deal maker with an offer Kobach can’t resist, but it’s a boring “dog bites man” story to the journos, so they flip the truth to create a bullshit “man bites dog” narrative. Sad, journos.

  6. Remember the NYT’s “lodestar” load of crap. We never found out who wrote that.

    And also remember that the whore Ali Watkins is still working at NYT.


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