KTLA Anchorman Dies of Crystal Meth Overdeuce… dose… dose

KTLA Anchor Chris Burrous Died from Overdose on Crystal Meth After Inserting Drug into His Anus.

The Blast-

KTLA anchor Chris Burrous died from an overdose of crystal meth while engaging in vigorous sexual activity with a man he met on Grindr.

According to the L.A. County Medical Examiner, Burrous died from methamphetamine toxicity after being found unresponsive in a Glendale motel on December 28. The manner of death is listed as accidental.


According to the report, Burrous was engaging in “various sexual activities with his companion” when he inserted a “rock” of meth into his rectum. He reportedly inserted a second rock later on in the encounter, placed a mask on and “doused the filters with ‘poppers.’”

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108 Comments on KTLA Anchorman Dies of Crystal Meth Overdeuce… dose… dose

  1. Buh bye! It’s a good thing there isn’t a NARCAN equivalent for tweekers.

    The pills though. WTF HAPPENED?

    It’s like zombieland.

  2. “Burrous had worked for KTLA since 2011 and previously worked at WPIX in New York. He is survived by his wife and a daughter, 9.”

    He has a wife??? I bet she’s surprised. sheesh.

  3. My Gawd, thats reprehensible. And he is/was/had been married? WTH?

    Its getting so you cant trust newmen to play it straight.

  4. “and a daughter, 9.”

    What’s that say? I’m just sayen. Maybe enoughs been said. Unless some one else has something to say.

  5. Man” Bwahhahhaa. Looked like an inch sign to me. Am I impaired? Let me check. No. Actually, I’m with you. I think this is all Joe6’s fault.

  6. And if his motel room was decorated with cactuses?
    Ya really can’t depend on guys that stick every conceivable thing up their ass, can you?

  7. People put meth up their butt? Here I always thought the only people putting drugs up their butt were people hiding or smuggling drugs.
    The article says poppers refers to inhalant of amyl nitrate, so I looked that up and according to urban dictionary when you sniff it you get an intense but short lived high. Adds to sexual pleasure and makes you feel warm all over.
    We really need to start locking the mentally insane up in mental hospitals again.

  8. “Got one up your ass??”

    Maybe, could you come by and check. And while your up there, I missing some car key and a flash lite too. It’s Cacti retard.

    I bet you say raduiseseseseses too.

  9. So you’re all just gonna’ gloss over the rock of crystal meth up his butt deal?

    Is this a thing? The fug shoves meth up their butt? Don’t you snort it? Was anal sex not enough and he had to insert random objects, cleaning detergent and possibly a lightbulb in his bum?

    I get the pity for the wife and innocent child…. I’m just still stuck on the headline.

  10. “The male individual, who has not been identified, performed CPR on Burrous before the paramedics arrived, the report stated.”

    That might be considered ‘abuse of a corpse’ if CPR stands for Cock Parking Rectum.

  11. I was watching this show about crazy ER visits the other night and a man came into the ER because he had a pink dildo stuck in his butt and it was still vibrating. It had to be surgically removed because the ER doctor could not reach it with a physical exam. The hospital allowed him to pay in cash up front and didn’t make him give his real name. That was shocking enough, now I learn people stick meth up their butt.

  12. Can’t wrap my head around his mindset
    “Hey this stuff is great, I’m going to put some up my ass”
    Luckily his perversion was limited to drugs, and did not involve fruit, tubers, or household appliances.

  13. There is a link to Webster’s Dictionary right in front of you. Cut your losses and read it.

    Or do you come from a long line of recti?

  14. Hang on Old Racist, I haven’t even gotten to the poppers part yet. I worked in nightclubs. I even lived in San Franfuggincisco. I’ve never ever heard of this. People snort it or inject it. That… that seems pretty hardcore. You know, a benchmark has been set. Suddenly this guy comes along and says “hold my beer”.

    Just figured I had seen it all I guess. Or maybe I’m getting old. Crystal meth up the butt, by cracky, those hopped up butt tweekers better stay off my lawn.

  15. I figured it couldn’t get any worse, so I searched if this is a thing and apparently it is in the drug world and is called booty bump.
    Those people on quora apparently ask anything and get anything answered.

  16. @ ORWW

    When they got the pink still-vibrating dildo out of his colon, they discovered they were Eveready AA batteries.

    FLASH: The Eveready Bunny’s days are numbered.

  17. I linked to Webster’s Dictionary. But you know more.
    Here’s what your link says:
    “Cacti is the Latin plural of cactus, and some writers use it in English. CACTUSES IS THE ENGLISH PLURAL. Dictionaries list both, and neither is right or wrong. Also, like many names of plants, the uninflected cactus is sometimes treated as plural.”

    Don’t bully me. And maybe put down the bottle.

  18. ‘Booty bump’…..

    Well, now I’m pretty happy there are no snowplows in my area and I’m cut off from the rest of the world.

  19. My grandmother stuck a Timex watch up my granddad’s butt as a Halloween prank. He pooped it out on Thanksgiving and exclaimed, “It takes a sticking and keeps on ticking!”

  20. Bradley,
    One more thing. In 5th year Latin, we read the Aeneid. You probably think that was an epic poem about an internet bully’s trip around the known world ending with his head up his ass.

    good night, Brad Paisley concert on PBS

    you can leave me your apology for calling me a lying sack of shit and I’ll forgive you. On account of the ninth of the Ten Commandments

  21. Anonymous

    So I’m an Internent bully for calling bull shit on your “Latin”. I bet you dig the Greek. Ask any south westerner the plural of Cactus. I dare you. Further more, ask any American Indian the Plural for cactus. Further more, Google the plural to cactus. Fuck off, you’re a waste of oxygen.

  22. You mean your jr high drop out desert friends or Elizabeth Warren?

    You never admit when you’re wrong, do you. You put up a link, did you read it? Duh!

    Fuck off isn’t an apology. Loser.

  23. Anonymous

    I’m pissed. Are you pissed? We should discuss this in person. #1, because your full of shit. What’s the plural for radius, just checking to see how stupid you are. In school they teach you Cactus, Cacti. Tell me I’m wrong. By the way, your link above, re read it. It proved nothing. Glad to see you get a couple sub standard Bad Brad haters to join your cause. They’re weak sisters. Good luck. I’m glad you have them. I won’t except them.

  24. @Old Racist White Woman – There was a show called “1000 Ways to Die” that had an episode where a guy had his wife pour booze in his a-s because he was on the anti-alcohol drug. It seems the large intestine absorbs alcohol and drugs more readily and completely than the stomach. That’s what happened to this guy.
    I can’t begin to imagine what his wife and daughter are going through.

  25. @Bad Brad, I was going to tell you not to drag me into your discussion with Joe6, but I spent the last 5 minutes reading your other “discussion” so I’ll just say Never Mind.

  26. Anonymous

    I’m not fucking wrong, Cactus, plural Cacti. God Damn, Google it you fucking idiot. Honestly, Google it and apologize.

  27. I’m not pissed. And I usually enjoy your posts. I’ve been reading for many years.
    But YOU are the reason I no longer use an ID here. Occasionally, you go off the rails. Way off.

    It’s Friday, I bet you’re lit and you lost your head (up your ass). The links DO prove my point, that you were wrong to call me a maroon for using cactuses. And then you double down sticking your chest out.
    I did take Latin and you are a fool to think that name-calling equates to intellect.

    Falling down is not a failure. Failure comes when you stay where you have fallen.

  28. Anonymous,’

    What, no snappy insult? No snappy come back. You fucking fake? What’s that link say? “Latin plural for cactus is Cacti”

    Yes? No? Kiss my ass. Why would a loser like you push this debate this far when you had no idea if you were right or wrong? Do you consider yourself a conservative? I think not. why would you push this Charade to this point? Your more of a Libtard than a conservative. And so is any loser that gave you a TU.

  29. Brad,
    read your link. Put your fingers under the words on the screen and slow down. Cacti is the plural IN LATIN. Is that your excuse? You thought our posts are in Latin?!

    And in reference to your Greek homo crack, the Romans practiced homosexuality too.

    BTW, you missed my mistake: you come from a long line of recta. Rectum is a neuter noun (it’s been more than 40 yrs since my Latin classes)

  30. “It’s Friday, I bet you’re lit and you lost your head (up your ass). The links DO prove my point, that you were wrong to call me a maroon for using cactuses. And then you double down sticking your chest out.
    I did take Latin and you are a fool to think that name-calling equates to intellect.”

    Yada Yada Yada. Problem is, your still wrong. And that’s easy to prove. As you know.

  31. Bully much?
    Couldn’t possibly kiss your ass with your big head up there.
    You think you’re never wrong do you?

    Like I said, and meant, I like most of your posts. But this part of you can stay in CA so I never run across you. And you don’t know me but I got your number.

  32. Anonymous.

    wow, thanks for making me do that. Here’s what it says.

    “Cacti is the Latin plural of cactus, and some writers use it in English.”

    You need help. Fuck off.

  33. WTH?!?!?!?!

    Whatever happened to dying the old=fashioned way. With dignity. From a heart attack while screwing your mistress.

  34. Some writers use cacti. Some writers use cactuses.
    So I was never wrong and I’m not a lying sack of shit.
    But with your temper you lost your dignity. And made yourself the maroon.
    Good night, Nancy

  35. “Some writers use cacti. Some writers use cactuses.”

    There you go. As usual. A weak pussies admission to defeat as it throws slurs and sign off. Any, any, idiot knows, plural of Cactus is Cacti. What happened to his 28 years in Latin. I really hate fake muther fuckers like this. But yet, I’m the Bully. Maybe. But hes a lying sack of shit.

    I win. Again.

  36. @Bad-Brad
    When you’re sober, you are one of the good guys and we need all the good guys we can get.
    I recommend you go to bed, sober up and we’ll start from scratch tomorrow.

  37. Bad Brad, the flawed tragic hero. More brute than brains.
    Keep digging and calling me names, I’ve enjoyed the show.

    BTW, a friend of yours must be using Anonymous 2 to help you. It’s not me, but I hope you listen to his wise advice.

  38. Anonymous
    That’s me. I’m stupid.
    What’s the plural for cactus?

    Cacti, even in, and especially in, Latin you dumb fuck. As linked above.

    What are you trying to prove here? Especially when your so easily proven wrong?

  39. Anonymous 1,2,3,4, etc
    I grow tired of this game, which you should know better. Fuck off. I hope you use the word Cactuseses in public. People will laugh at all one of you. Don’t forget to donate to Bernie.

  40. Never surrender. Keep slugging.
    I’m picturing Stallone in the one where Rocky’s face looks like coleslaw.
    Eye of the tiger/ hair of the dog/ cacti up your tuchus.
    and pleasant dreams lil buckaroo!

  41. And this is what is entertaining here, a dumb pos OD’s because he stuck too much meth up his ass and it evolves into a highbrow discussion of what is plural for cactus. You don’t get that just anywhere.

  42. The fuckin comments are weirder than the story.
    And THAT was weird enough.

    (shuffles off in my bathrobe, down through the gutter, clutching a bottle of Muscatel, muttering to myself)

    izlamo delenda est …

  43. According to the death investigation, officials say Burrous worked his shift at KTLA, and then left early for the day complaining he felt ill.

    “Yeah guys. The only way to combat this thing going around is to throw a rave for my Grindr lover in a seedy hotel room, get fisted, ram rocks of crystal meth up my ass, and heavily puke in my leather mask. That should do the trick.”

  44. @Jerry Manderin February 23, 2019 at 9:12 am

    Do you suppose his family will do an elitist survivor PSA, on the importance of multicultural love?
    “Please remember, children, all love is good love. But when being anally fisted, always keep your mask facing up.”

  45. Stadium – Stadii
    Memorandum – Memorandi
    Marsupial – Marsupii (okay – I made that up)

    “Usage is King.”
    (the late, great, Wm. F. Buckley Jr.)


    izlamo delenda est …

  46. Actually Tim, it’s stadia. Or stadiums. and memoranda/ memorandums.
    As above, the neuter nouns’ plural ends in -a, not -i. In English as in Latin.

    I’m remembering my Latin I (which I had in 7th grade. In public school)
    Good morning and pax vobiscum

  47. What is most shocking about this whole ordeal, is that his friends and coworkers gave him high marks. Never in their wildest dreams did they ever suspect him to be gay and a drug addict. You can never tell a book by its cover. They even had a GoFundMe for his family! I wouldn’t want to be his wife knowing that her husband was that kind of guy. I guess I can garner up some sympathy for his daughter but that’s about it.

  48. Mithrandir February 23, 2019 at 6:24 am


    He had a wife and daughter.

    That doesn’t stop a pervert. Shocking way to discover it though. He’s dead so he has no shame, only his wife and daughter. Nice guy? Hell NO!

  49. Considering his membership of the MSM, just add Meth into the Hand-foot-and-mouth disease description (let not alone a couple of other things), surprised?

  50. Anonymous,
    Actually, Anonymous, I have no fucking idea.
    I barely speak Engrish – much less some wop talk.

    Pathetic stab at humor.
    That’s all.

    izlamo delenda est …

  51. @LadyGun12 February 23, 2019 at 12:41 pm

    > Anyhoo, I suspect the wife DID know.

    Like a Jerry Springer episode, after the “shocking” announcement: “I want my man to understand fashion, and be in touch with his feminine side. But I don’t want people to think he’s gay.” (She still used “think” after they brought out his other boyfriend.)

    Like a Kanye quote: “Some women just be like that.”

  52. This Thread affirmed my opinion.

    When Brad is drunk…he should go bang the wife or something and stay away from the keyboard.

    When an Anonymous posts, I just wish they’d FOAD. They are like a transgender….want people to take them seriously, but ain’t got the balls to own what they post.


  53. Historically bound this thread will be!
    This thread affirms all opinions.
    Just think if FDR was limited? He was the US Hitler at the time,
    OK, we’d still be here where we are.
    That is what makes IOTW the stuff!
    Seen many times conflicts of opinions and the pointing out of childish political pissing matches. Usually resulting in adult conversation and respect,,,

    And if you believe that,
    just be kind to each other,,
    Life too short
    clinks glasses to all

  54. I’m reading all this back and forth shit and I’m wondering if Anderson, Don, Chris, Jim, CNN, and MSNBC are familiar with Chris Burrous’ anus? Just a filthy thought.

  55. You people take from this thread what you want. The true connoisseur will enjoy the subtly placed oxford commas.

  56. Although this information has not been released by the LA Sheriffs Dept, a leaked report describes what happened that night. Burrous stuck a meth crystal up his anus. When it wouldn’t come out, his companion put a gerbil up there to retrieve it. The gerbil got stuck and was crying, so Burrous stuck another meth crystal up his anus to lure the gerbil back down. Nothing would come out and Burrous started feeling crappy. Then, he tried to take a crap but he was severely constipated by meth crystals and the gerbil. The companion tried inserting a second gerbil up Burrous anus, with the hope that it would lure the first gerbil back down, but the second gerbil got stuck and couldn’t move. The companion, now very scared, used serving tongs to reach up into Burrows anus to find the gerbils and pull them out. In his haste, he shoved the gerbils and meth crytals all the way up into Burrous stomach. Then, the companion felt he had grabbed something with the tongs, and thought he had the two gerbils, so he pulled and pulled with all his might…Burrous was screaming in pain. But the gerbils refused to come out. The neighbors heard the screams and called the police. 45 minutes later, the sheriff arrived. The companion, who was a plumber’s assistant, let them in, but it was too late. Burrous was naked and dead on the bed, laying on bloody bedsheets. The police found the tongs laying next to Burrous, all covered with blood. The police also retrieved a plumbers rooter snake, also covered with blood and with what apparently were Burrous two testicles attached to the end.


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