Kurdish fighters’ success against Islamic State makes Turkey nervous

kurdish fighter


These fighters represent a powerful, pro-Western force that could be the best bet for defeating the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, in Syria, and have scored a string of successes in recent weeks. Even so, given the ethnic, territorial and political crosscurrents that have long buffeted the region, it’s a lot more complicated than just winning on the battlefield.


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  1. Thanks for that link-good site BB

    Obama is missing a chance to cover himself with glory by not arming the Kurds to the teeth. Wonder why?

  2. obama did allow the bombing of the ISIS stronghold in Syria. Hell it is being reported that as many as10 ISIS murdering terrorists have been killed. Chicago trying to keep pace with 8 or 9 murders over the weekend.

  3. These people have got to be pissing Barry off. He keeps blocking weapons to them and they just keep kicking ass. Looks like they have some new Glocks though. Wonder where they got those? They offer a $500.00 bounty per terrorist to foreign fighters. Hmm.

  4. Someone smarter than me need to set up a Go Fund Me for these guys. Please, would someone figure out how. Do it for the sake of all that’s good.

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