Kurt Schlichter’s Advice to Young Ladies in This Very, Very Stupid Era

Towhall: Some of you misguided young women (the non-misguided ones can ignore me) will resist the obvious fact that you need the romantic advice of a married, 53-year old retired Army officer who identifies as male. Well, judging from that Aziz Ansari story in babe.net, many of you sure need some guidance from someone. And since your fathers apparently went AWOL – or maybe you just didn’t listen – I’ll step in to help. Because I’m a helper. And because since so many of you are so utterly ill-equipped to interact with men, maybe you need a man to mansplain things to you.

I know what’s coming: Youre condescending and patriarchal!

Probably, but I’m still right. Regardless, I don’t do the SJW distraction thing – we’re talking about you, because you are the ones with the problem. And the problem is you do dumb things that lead to unsatisfying relationships with men that leave you feeling like a heap of steaming garbage.

Now, you might object that someone ought to be mansplaining to Aziz Ansari and asking, “What about his problem?”

Well, until babe.net decided to run 3000 words of Department of Womyns’ Studies and Long-Term Feline Care mush, he did not have a problem. He had kind of the opposite of a problem. Sure, the article is a problem, but he’s a celebrity. Unless your partner in whine is a celebrity there’s very little chance that anyone is going to print an article about your sad, ugly encounter titled, “I Put Out For A TV Star And All I Got Were These Lousy Text Messages.”

The fact is Aziz Ansari is a weaselly little dude who women only discovered was funny, cool, and sexy, at about the same time he started appearing on the idiot box. It’s amazing how that happened.  read more

16 Comments on Kurt Schlichter’s Advice to Young Ladies in This Very, Very Stupid Era

  1. Simple economics, an item is worth what you trade it for and thus, something traded for nothing has no value.

  2. To put this in easily understood language, he said you acted like a tramp and got treated like a tramp. Sound about right?

  3. Young women are not smart when they dress in skimpy and skin tight clothing, then they complain about men not looking at their eyes. Girls, if you are not fishing DON’T BAIT THE HOOK!

  4. I’m not a fan of liberal Ansari but I also loathe women that drink excessive amounts of alcohol, go to a man’s home and make a big deal when they later think better of it. And why does she get to use a fake name to hide her identity while she smears a known personality. Maybe she just has a hard time with confrontation and shouldn’t be putting herself into awkward situations drunk.

  5. What was that old saying amongst celebrities? That women would LET YOU grab ’em by the P#^sy even, if you’re famous? Didn’t this woman just PROVE that theory? She left her date to go home with this wimp ’cause he’s a celebrity?

  6. read it first thing this morning….loves me some colonel schlichter!!!

    oh, so….you went to his apartment willingly???…..and then you played his flute…willingly????….and then he got you a ride home..????…..and HE’S the bad guy??????…..

    kids today……..sad…….ut;s sad…….

  7. and i will not bother to mention the lack of an edit button, as it goes without saying……again….hint hint

  8. The current generation of stupid, amoral wimenz set themselves up to be victimized, sometimes for attention and/or revenge. The article describes the dynamics concerning men and women very well. Sexes are supposed to be different in order to compliment each other. Unfortunately, it will fall on deaf, #MeToo ears, who are not genetically, emotionally or mental designed to be the same as men.

  9. That babe.net site is going to be mentioned in the epilogue of The Fall of Western Civilization.

    They give dumb cunts a bad name.

  10. Innate female drive toward hypergamy. They are no longer taught to discriminate and therefore cannot moderate this drive.

  11. @Cliche Guevara January 23, 2018 at 8:22 am

    > That babe.net site is going to be mentioned in the epilogue of The Fall of Western Civilization.

    I couldn’t decide if it was top kek trolling, or they really were that differently abled. (Kind of like the “white women, kill your babies, for social justice” Medusa site.

  12. They said something to the effect that their oldest editor was 25 y.o.

    My 14 yo niece mentioned that garbage site to me as her screwl is doing their damnedest to “woke” her.

    People’s Cube is banned but that site is thinly veiled pr0n targeting kids.


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