Kuwaiti Academic Invents Anal Suppositories That “Cure” Homosexuality Based on Islamic “Prophetic Medicine”

It exterminates the anal worm that feeds on semen.

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Kuwaiti academic Dr. Mariam Al-Sohel claims to have invented anal suppositories that “cure” homosexuality” by exterminating an “anal worm” that feeds on semen.

Yes, really.

In a clip taken from Kuwaiti television and translated by MEMRI-TV, Al-Sohel claims that her product ‘cures sexual urges’ of gay men and “butch lesbians”.

According to Al-Sohel, homosexual urges develop when a person is sexually attacked “because there is an anal worm that feeds on semen”.

34 Comments on Kuwaiti Academic Invents Anal Suppositories That “Cure” Homosexuality Based on Islamic “Prophetic Medicine”

  1. let’s get up a GoFundMe page to get them for that mayor of South Bend Me Over …. Butterbutt … or whatever

    btw, what, exactly, does it take to be a ‘Dr’ in Kuwait? … not much, I’m guessin’ … & wtf is ‘prophetic medicine’?

    so many questions, so little time

  2. Where is Nancy Grace and Gloria Allred when you need them?
    Kuwaiti Academic Invents Anal Suppositories,,, sure they did.
    Flat out copyright infringement, Afro-lube was decades in the making before Afro-Shine,
    Just ask the the most intelligent non-US citizen ever elected to be POTUS…
    Or his wife,,, him having gratefully learned about from her.
    End result, we all are still getting, use your favorite F’

  3. Can we all agree this is the most hilarious concept to come out of islam, ever?

    “You’re just mad because your anal worms are hungry for semen.” It’s like something Ryan Reynolds would say in the heat of combat.

  4. Gads, is she part of the New Green Deal clan of brilliance? I can just see AOC proudly touting this dribble.

  5. She forgot to add the part about the anal worm that feeds on seaman is killed not by the suppository but by the fall after the host is tossed off a high building. The suppository just gets the gay guy loopy so they are more easily tossed.

  6. ‘anal worms feed on semen’??? wtf, I thought anal worms deposited semen … maybe, after all this time, I’ve missed the concept!

    I guess the worm has truly turned …

    … maybe this explains Adam ‘The Worm’ Shiff

  7. Although they’re on opposite sides, sounds like Kuwaiti “intellectuals” get their cred from the same schools that the Left’s “intellectuals” get theirs. This gals creative.

  8. A good friend, and coworker, worked in Kuwait for a few years as a nurse. From her experience, most of the women that she knew, including some female physicians, were suffering from rectal prolapse related to rectal penetration. The odds that this woman has been sodomized are very high. No wonder she’s looking for a cure. Sad.

  9. Cynic APRIL 24, 2019 AT 1:42 AM
    What’s next?

    An oral version of the cure for when Kamalloverya harris wants to retire. Gotta kill her sperm worm problem

  10. 7th century “scientific” cure for homosexuality – stick more things up the rear. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  11. Did they steal the idea from those evil people that put razor blades or glass shards in apples on Halloween ?

  12. I expect to see adds for this on TV in the near future. It should fit right in with all the other stuff they’re pushing.

    “Ask your doctor if Anal Worm Suppositories are right for you.”

  13. It’s not so much the “suppository” that does the cure, as the speed at which it is injected by the applicator gun.

  14. “I don’t know much in this crazy, crazy world, but I do know that if you don’t let us fuck this asshole, we are going to have our dicks and our pussies all covered in shit!”

    Derka Derka!

  15. Dr: And they come in different colors.

    Interviewer: Praise be to allah

    These are the people that want to rule over us. Good lord.

  16. Last I heard, their cure for homos was throwing them out a high-rise window.
    You mean it’s safe for me to go back now?

  17. That’s got to be the ugliest sounding language I’ve ever heard. Are these people from another planet?

  18. So, wait. It cures the urges of the person who installs this suppository? What about the person who does the penetrating? This is way over my head.


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