Kyle Kashuv Challenges David Hogg to Gun Control Debate- Dave Rubin Offers To Moderate

Kyle is the student who is in the video we posted previously with Meadow Pollack’s father.

Daily Wire-

Kashuv even sent Hogg a direct message to make sure that he saw his challenge but has not yet received a response. Dave Rubin, host of “The Rubin Report,” had signaled on Friday evening that he would be willing to host a civil gun control debate between Kashuv and Hogg.

Rubin wrote: “Happy to do that. I’ll donate all proceeds and see how else I can raise funds. Kyle Kashuv has agreed, hope you will too, David Hogg.”

17 Comments on Kyle Kashuv Challenges David Hogg to Gun Control Debate- Dave Rubin Offers To Moderate

  1. I will be completely surprised if he agrees. He is a publicity whore, but probably not quite stupid enough to show his ignorance in a debate.
    P.S. I hope I’m wrong.

  2. Absolutely no chance, unlike Kashuv, who is knowledgeable and as experienced as an 18 can be, Hogg has handlers now. He’s Hogg-tied.

  3. no way little Adolph is going to agree … unless Fake Crapper or Manderson Pooper is moderator & it’s an audience of like-minded little Antifa Eichmann’s

  4. If it gets scheduled I’d make damn sure the Hogg beast was not allowed on stage with ear buds giving him his responses.

    That is to say mommy and daddy can’t be holding his hand either as we adults are just to f’ing ignorant.

  5. Fixing the headline for you BFH.

    Kyle Kashuv Challenges the DICTATOR IN DIAPERS, David Hogg to Gun Control Debate- Dave Rubin Offers To Moderate

  6. Hah. Let master Hogg think debate is regularly conducted like the Towson Debate Team displayed themselves a few years back,

  7. THAT’s how ya’ do it! Out that punk m-effer!

    THIS is how we beat the left/prog/tard/cong…BEAT them into the pavement with their own rules!
    They say “bigot”? We say, PROVE IT! SHOW me HOW what I say or do is bigoted!
    “Black” LIES matter”?
    “BLACK” pampers”?
    “BLACK” Congressional Caucus”?
    Affirmative action?
    Welfare/”Entitlements” (There’s a word that gets my ass in an effing wad…HOW the fuck is ANY one “entitled” to what I make working HARD?!)
    The Klan? (ALL them)
    WHOSE racist, exactly?

  8. If he does it, then like Hillary and 0bama, he’ll have an earpiece so they can feed him lines. Otherwise, he’d just resort to tantrums and swearing. Much like Hillary and 0bama.

  9. Little hogg boy won’t do it, at least not without a TELEPROMPTER so his handlers can feed him the answers.


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