Kyrsten Sinema Saves the Senate Filibuster

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Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda was officially shelved after an agreement with Joe Manchin couldn’t be reached. On that note, my prediction that Manchin would stall things out into next year proved correct, and I still believe his ultimate goal is to kill it entirely in the softest way possible.

Of course, the Democrats needed an excuse for why they were punting on the president’s chief policy priority, and some overpaid consultants settled on “voting rights.” Sure, everyone who is legally entitled to voting rights already has them, but when you’ve got nothing else, you’ve got nothing else.

Well, that great hope lasted for all of a few hours. Kyrsten Sinema has now come flying in off the top rope, destroying any hope that Democrats can pass a federal takeover of the country’s elections. More

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  1. Kyrsten Synema is kind of a whacky person but she has more sense in her than 99% of the leftists in the DemocRAT party.

  2. Am I the only person thinking that there is some obscure clause in the Senate rules that will let the dems push this through? I, obviously, do not agree with them in any way, but most of them are not stupid. Why would they drop BBB in the hopes they could get control of the elections.

    Oh, wait. They already have Dominion. That still doesn’t explain this.

  3. The Maverick Senator from Arizona, at least that’s what they called John McCain. Not surprised it was a compliment from the Press regarding McCain. I notice they use the “rebel” label for Joe Manchin right now.

  4. @Beachmom: She’s not full of common sense, as much as she’s an opportunist who sees this as her meal ticket to get us gullible Arizonans to vote for her.

  5. “..After an agreement with Joe Manchin couldn’t be reached.”
    Translation: when nothing with sufficient leverage power could be found to extort him with.
    A rare ocurrance with leftists.

  6. Actually Cynic that was the intent of the Framers, for a candidate to garner support from across a state for their election as a US Senator.

    And how does a candidate gain the support of locally elected state representatives(the ones who before the 17th Amendment elected the US Senators)? By supporting policy that a majority of their constituents want.

    She’s doing exactly what was originally intended in the Constitution.

    You may call it gullible, I call it listening to what your constituents want.

  7. Aah, shes not that great in bed. HC. Shes a real live wire though; likes to change positions every five minutes or so

    You know, like Aunt Peg used to do


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