L.A. PodShare For Those Who Prefer Gulag Living


I saw the concept of “Co-living” in “Podshares” posted at The People’s Cube and thought they couldn’t be serious about charging people to stay in these communal living arrangements.Β Β Not only are they serious, they’re wantingΒ to expand them across the country.

LA co-living Here

The People’s Cube spin on the concept Here

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  1. Maybe having people who like that lifestyle is a good thing for a culture aiming for Mars. I just don’t think millennial snowflakes are those people.

  2. Out of all the moronic concepts the left has come up with, one of the craziest has got to be the commune. “We’ll all live in a communal free space and have our thinking done for us by someone else!” You’d think the Manson “Family” would have killed the commune idea for good back in the 60s, but like any disastrous liberal concept, they keep recycling it.

  3. “Beck tries to outfit each location with extras like bicycles and instruments. She hopes each location will eventually have bigger extras, like a gym or pool. Currently, the Hollywood location even has a recording studio and editing bay.”

    This thing has already jumped the shark. Unsustainable without subsidies.

  4. I think she sold herself on the idea first. Now comes the hard part: junkies, rape, fighting and visits by the cops. Bring forth the popcorn.

  5. Sheer capitalist brilliance. Sell it as “sharing” to commies, use spaces not zoned for traditional landlords (thus avoid those taxes) and maximize the profit per sq foot. A room that fits 10 could pull down $12k/month – and since they had common core math they’ll think that’s a deal. Go girl – all the way to the bank.

  6. I want to see how tolerant the collective is after my bratwurst and baked beans meal. It becomes more aromatic, when I use a potent German beer to wash it down.

  7. I think that I had more room in my 6 bunk compartment on board the USS Kitty Hawk CV-63. At least we had curtains for some limited privacy. I learned though the top rack was the best because that way when one of the guys got sick or was drunk he couldn’t barf on you.

  8. Housing for people who take a universal income and don’t want to be bothered with keeping, paying taxes on or maintaining an actual home.

    Provide wifi and see how many people think this is a genius idea.

  9. She’s gonna make real money here folks, simply and easily. I never thought millions would share their entire Private life on facebook , but they do.
    I hate the idea for myself, yet others love it… Youth will always evolve & I’d rather acknowledge that than ignore it’

  10. I like it. We can also envision locking the doors and giving the key to only one person – let’s call him/her a warden – so residents aren’t wandering about getting into trouble. And everyone eats the same thing at a communal meal served at specific times. Employ armed uniformed personnel to make sure everyone is safe and observes the rules. Speaking of uniforms, let’s give one to all of the residents so we know they are living there – we can have them orange because I like orange. And let’s give the place some regimen; up at 6:00 a.m. and lights out at 9:00 p.m. Perhaps we can provide some gainful employment like laundry specialist and license plate engineer, or perhaps floor maintenance expert.

    Let’s also give it a happy name like “Sing Sing” or “Rikers Island.”

  11. This was an idea (very similar to an SRO (single bedroom/shared other spaces) set-up) that came out of a group I worked with in the state of PA 40 years ago to handle the idea of institutional emptying of mental ill folks that was deemed too harsh and inhumane. Now somebody wants to pay $40 a night?

    Wow. Should have took steps to copyright or patent.

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