LA deputy shot in face saved partner while she called for help


Despite her own wounds, the deputy applied a tourniquet to her partner and radioed for help after they were shot in an ambush.

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  1. stirrin the pot…i watched it as it aired, as a retired NYPD Officer i was, for lack of a better term, happy he showed it people need to see this kind of stuff (sadly) the female officer did an incredible job, courageous beyond belief i was in tears listening to her radio transmissions also, no panic i will also assume she is an incredible mother it was heartbreaking but needs to be seen/heard

  2. …ho-lee shite.

    What an amazing woman.

    I don’t know what that guy was firing, but gunshots in whatever caliber, beyond the obvious damage,can do fragmentation damage from broken bone elsewhere into the wound, and has a stunning, sometimes locally paralytic effect like a good solid punch that,even with a non-fatal wound,makes it tough to just jump up and do things. That this woman could immediately not only start to respond to the threat (when I saw the car door open the first time I half-expected a foot pursuit to commence) but then extricate and start to tend to her injured partner while herself gravely wounded?

    She must have been touched by God because that’s absolutely superhuman.

    Screw that liberal, anti-American bull crap DC’s putting out, I got your REAL Wonder Woman RIGHT HERE.

    That is some amazing training that she can deploy life saving techniques like that effectively when its not really her primary job or something she does every day, but DOUBLY so when she can perform them through her OWN pain and bleeding. It would be easy for her to have tended her own wounds and taken care of her own self and left him for medics to save or not, but she did not do that.

    Instead, she got them out of the car, which is VERY important because it is HARD to fight in a car (as Darren Wilson could tell you), plus cars have numerous blind spots, and bear in mind she had NO idea if the attacker was coming back or if he had help, so decamping from the vehicle was priority, then comms to get the calvary on the way, then wound care.

    Pretty good workload even when you’re NOT shot in the face.

    I think she could have been a terrific healer, but she’s a warrior too, so she’s probably where her destiny meant her to be, if only her employer didn’t hate her and her colleagues for political reasons. We need folks of this caliber standing on the thin blue line, but they need support and respect from US to make it worthwhile for them to BE there.

    All we can do fir them now is pray for them.

    And for our Nation, part of which has leadership that not only makes these cowardly attacks ACCEPTABLE, but even LAUDIBLE, may those that promote this for political gain find themselves swiftly and surely in hell.

    But now, for the officers,

    Dear Lord, we call upon you this day on behalf of two that you have charged with the safety of others, who were in the process of upholding an oath sworn with Your name when they were most foully ambushed by a cowardly servant of the Enemy. Please Lord, walk around their besides, touch their injuries, numb their wounds, grant them rapid and complete healing as only You as the Ultimate Physician can. Restore them to their families undiminished, and also strengthen their hearts against fear that they can continue in their chosen profession, let not this incident cause them to falter, but teach them wisdom that this not happen in future. Protect them, Lord, in whatever they do and bless them, even as you protect and bless all their brethren against the evil of the reprobate minds that would divide this Nation for gain.

    And we ask it all in the precious name of Jesus,


    God Bless,

  3. It’s another example of a nationwide effort to break the spirit of those in law enforcement. They’ll never stop until there is complete chaos.

  4. Humans never learn not to keep going down the same road only to end up in the same place. These narrow little minds are dragging the rest of us back into hell along with them.

  5. Its the same superhuman reaction in battle. I would put this incredible LEO’s courage up against a thousand of the “toughest” thug lifers and she would win everytime.

    Hard, unsparing training helps but its the core of you that kicks that training into gear and the result is heroism to save your brother/sister in arms.

  6. One story I heard on the radio was that the two deputies had only been out of the academy for a few years. Why the hell are rookies being sent, in pairs, to Compton of all places? Sheriff has some explaining to do.

  7. Cisco Kid
    SEPTEMBER 16, 2020 AT 8:49 AM

    “Hard, unsparing training helps but its the core of you that kicks that training into gear and the result is heroism to save your brother/sister in arms.”

    …know what you mean here. Some run towards danger, and some run away from it, and most people don’t even know which kind they are until they are exposed to it.

    I’ve seen grown men follow the hose back out after looking down the stairs at their first basement fire. I’ve had squad partners unexpectedly return to the unit and insist on driving when they are overwhelmed by a patient situation. I’ve had LEOs literally screaming into a microphone for the ambulance to “step it up” because they weren’t mentally able to deal with the injuries of a child struck by a car.

    And I’d wager that none knew this about themselves until the moment they were put under fire.

    Some folks freeze, and some folks go into hyperdrive in an emergency, and you can’t really hate the former nor praise the latter because they have the gifts that God gave them, and those gifts can’t be discovered until you try to use them.

    And not everyone gets the “useful reaction to crisis and tragedy gift.

    You try to manage this in emergency services somewhat by having rookie ride-alongs and proby runs and hospital time where the newbie is surrounded by pros who can take up the slack if it turns out they don’t have that gift, but that can only be for a finite time and you can’t guarantee that they’ll see a vehicular decapitation or an old woman melted to her bedframe or a flash over that pushes them out a window in that time.

    So sometimes, you don’t learn until you’re in the field.

    I know some things I can do, but others I do not because I simply haven’t been exposed to them. I know I can deal with someone trying to kill me because it’s happened, but I’ve never had to sit in a trench with people trained to shoot me on sight surrounding me, so I don’t know if that would break me or not because it’s never come up. I’ve seen things burn but never fought a California-sized wildfire like Bad_Brad’s brave son has. Would I panic if it turned back towards me? There’s no way I can know.

    Never have I stood in the middle of a street with only a shield while an angry mob marches on me with Molotov cocktails for my feet, frozen water bottles for my head, and lasers for my eyes. I
    Would I be able to stand fast and not run amok? Truly I do not know.

    Courage under fire is, to some extent, an innate quality, and just because a person can stand up to one thing, doesn’t mean he can stand up to another. Things like oaths, duty, loyalty, honor, and shame can stiffen a spine, but you have to have one in the FIRST place, and not everyone DOES.

    And if you find someone does not have that gift, you don’t hate them or revile them, but you do strongly suggest they seek another profession, or limit their duties if they don’t, for the well-being of all.

    Someone has to clean the toilets, after all.

    But when you find one with MUCH, such as this lady, you need to cultivate it and retain it in any way you can.

    For there are many employees in a county.

    But damn few heroes…

  8. I noticed from the news vid that the news team tries to focus on the one guy with a get well soon ballon instead of the big crowd of antifa/blm who were chanting that they wanted the cop to die.


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