LA Mayor Yoga Pants Garcetti admits ‘connection’ between coronavirus outbreak and protests, after downplaying link

FOX: Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said Wednesday that public protests are likely causing the number of citywide coronavirus cases to spike, just two days after claiming there wasn’t “any conclusive evidence” showing a connection between the two.

Garcetti, a Democrat, was speaking at a press conference concerning the recent Black Lives Matter protests in Los Angeles when he was asked if the demonstrations were contributing to the spread of COVID-19.

He claimed he’d consulted with Dr. Barbara Ferrer, LA County’s director of public health, and determined the protests were in fact contributing to the spread of the virus. more here

SNIP: Before the end of the day, he will change his mind. Wait for it.

8 Comments on LA Mayor Yoga Pants Garcetti admits ‘connection’ between coronavirus outbreak and protests, after downplaying link

  1. How many people testing positive are actually getting sick, and how many of those are sick enough to really require medical treatment to recover and how many will do just fine without treatment?

    Gotta be real stats showing it somewhere but I don’t know where to find them.

  2. No wonder he saying all this stupid stuff, he’s been taking his ques from Grim Reaper’s sister?

  3. That moment when the protest you politicized gets infected with the virus you politicized.

  4. Does this surprise anyone? They have to take away the talking point that Republicans should rightfully use: if you say Trump rallies spread the virus, you have to say the same for the protests.
    They still want to use the virus as a hammer. Keep reminding people that they were the ones that were against any isolating before they were for it. No matter what you think about the lockdown, at least the President has been consistent.

  5. He’s still a little off kilter from the after effects of anaesthetic used during his recent breast implant surgery.

  6. Here is a link to a site I visit almost daily.
    A liberal relative wants to dismiss it, because the person/group who aggregates the data is not disclosed, but I believe that the sites and the groups which are compiled here daily are quite helpful in helping me to understand this virus better.

    Having relatives in Michigan, Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida. I often check those individual states. When I saw a big spike I contacted my brother in Michigan and learned that it had hit another nursing home – thus huge spike in deaths in a short time period. This was sad, but also reassuring.


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