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LA Redlight Runner Charged with Negligence and Vehicular Manslaughter

Fox News

The California Highway Patrol reportedly has arrested a driver seen on video speeding through a Los Angeles intersection and causing a fiery multi-car crash that left six people dead, including an infant and a pregnant woman and her unborn fetus.

The driver of the dark Mercedes-Benz vehicle in Thursday afternoon’s incident, identified by police as a woman who is a nurse and is in her 40s, now faces charges of vehicular manslaughter and gross negligence, according to Fox LA. 

Witnesses at the scene in the Windsor Hills area of West Los Angeles told Fox News that the collision caused a massive explosion that sounded like a bomb and a child thrown from a vehicle landed in a gas station.  More

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  1. So incredibly sad. And the woman who caused it all will probably live. It’s mere speculation, but I imagine she thought she could race through the red light before the green lighters started into the intersection. Distracted driving? Who knows? Just terribly heart-breaking.

    We in Seattle are at great risk of migrant Californians who think red lights and (especially) Stop signs are for the little people. It’s become so bad, I always slow down at intersections even when I have the right of way. It was bad enough when everyone got infected with the “California stop” — cars slowing down and then just moving past the stop signs. Now they don’t even slow down. It’s really bad with Millenials and younger; the ones who have side dents in their cars caused by what I call “Hail Mary” lane changes. No wonder self-driving cars are a thing.

  2. “”One lady took the baby that was ejected, she was running into the store with the child, but you could tell there was no life there,” Alphonso Word said.”

    …pray for that woman. This will haunt her forever.

    “…a child thrown from a vehicle landed in a gas station…”

    …like it would be better to be torn from a car at high speeds and flung into the parking lot of a library or day care center.

    Odd that they mention the unborn baby in the baby murder capitol of the world, tho. Seems like THAT death is one they would CELEBRATE, but perhaps Baal doesn’t reward their sacrifice unless it’s done deliberately…

  3. …but remember that the line between life and death can ALWAYS be just that sharp, just that quick. You don’t have to be the idiot to die of idiocy; you can do everything right and still die instantly at the hands of someone who can’t be bothered to.

    Life is transitory at all times.

    Always be prepared to leave it.

    Whether you want to or not.

  4. The red light running is an epidemic. People just can’t wait a few extra minutes to get on with their puny lives and when you don’t take those few extra minutes this is what happens.

  5. After a light turns green I always look left and right before entering the intersection. Saved my life once as 2 big tour buses ran the red light doing about 40. I would have been a spot on the road.

  6. I read her professional page. Says she’s a traveling nurse frrom Houston, TX. She’s an ICU nurse traveling to gain more experience in her nursing field. She’s Asian. Hmmm, wonder what was going through her mind, suicide, overwhelmed, burned out, psychotic? Too many jabbed people going wacko, Dr.Malone believes it;’s the jab causing it. Lots of pics of victims at link:

  7. 100 mph on a city street, that isn’t accidental or just ‘running a red light’. She could have been acting out or having a medical/psychological episode, but it wasn’t an accident.

  8. …from Goldenfoxx’s Daily Mail link…

    “One of the workers came and saw me with the baby and took the baby out of my hands. Somebody tried to resuscitate the baby, but the baby was gone.'”

    …you need to pray HARD for these people in particular. No decent human being gives up a fight for the life of a baby, but it still takes a measure of doing when fate hurtles a fatally and probably visibly greviosly injured baby at you, especially if you’ve neither experience or expectaion of having to ever deal with things like that.

    There is nothing that says mortality to you more forcefully than a limp, deathly quiet baby. Babies just aren’t like that. Still warm from its very recently ended life and besmeared with its own blood, every nerve in your body, every corpusle in your veins, every ganglia in your brain, screams to your very soul that you MUST do SOMETHING to save that precious little life, as innocent and pure as Heaven itself can make it, whatever the odds, whatever the costs, whatever the cold, rational part of your brain might say that your chances of success may be.

    You must try.

    …I once made the maasive mistake at my father’s viewing, during the family only part, of kissing my enbalmed father goodbye on his waxen forehead.

    This very forcefully brought home the immutible fact of his death in a way that nothing else could. This was a point where death was most literal, most finite, the truth of the tactile sensation of the complete absence of life in that once so familiar face driving home the indisputability that this life was no more with the force of a sledgehammer.

    As bad as thaf was, trying to revive an obviously dead infant is immeasurably worse.

    …pray for those people. This will haunt them forever. No matter what a coroner, a doctor, an inquest, or even their own common sense might say, there will be nights they wonder if more could have been done, that something wasn’t done right, that they may have made the situation worse by some action or inaction.

    That small, lifeless face is burned in their hearts forever, for better or for worse, and they need the Peace of God to convince then that truly nothing they did could have altered the fact that this soul had been safe with the Lord before the car seat stopped spinning.

    May the Lord speed healing to those afflicted in this crash. May He heal the bodies, the minds, the hearts, and the spirits of all who were afflicted by this senseless tragedy. May He have His healing touch upon all, be they rescuer, rescuee, or simply an onlooker who saw what no man should ever see. May He grant healing and forgetfullness to those who desperately need it. In the precious, merciful name of the Lord Jesus we pray, Amen.

    God Bless,

  9. “but it wasn’t an accident”

    Yep. There is something more to this story. The cops will do a blood draw at the hospital to determine drug and alcohol levels but on the surface, this does not look like drunk driving to me. This is an act of rage and suicide looks more likely.

  10. SNS – I’ve always thought it was weird that the Left never argues that a baby is just a clump of cells when a pregnant woman is murdered. Only when the topic of abortion is brought up. There is no more obvious example of talking out of both sides of the mouth when they do this!

  11. I witnessed an accident at age 11 that involved an old lady flying through the air after an impact with a car.

    She was trying to cross the street at night – no crosswalk was there. Me and another guy heard a big bang and turned to see her flying and landing about 30-40 ft behind the car that hit her. Later police and ambulance showed up and I saw someone cradling her head in his arms. She was talking, but next day she died.

    I’ll never forget the horror of seeing that old lady flying through the air.

  12. I have noticed over the last 10 years drivers have gotten worse by several orders of magnitude. Especially as you get nearer to big cities. Unsafe lane changes, weaving in and out of traffic, tailgating, red light running, and especially passing in no-passing zones. There is a complete lack of courtesy or even awareness of others. It is a reflection of the total lack of morals in society as a whole.


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