LA To Redirect $100 Mil From Police To “black communities and communities of color”


Mayor Eric Garcetti announced an enormous transfer of city funds at a press briefing Wednesday, with $100 million to $150 million being stripped from the Los Angeles Police Department’s budget and reallocated to “black communities and communities of color.”

Calling this an “urgent moment,” Garcetti first announced an overall transfer of $250 million from the previously proposed budget to be “reinvested” in communities of color, highlighting “jobs, education, and healing.” More

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  1. Garcetti just figured out how to separate 250 million tax dollars from the taxpayers into his cronies pockets ala the Clintons!

  2. So how much longer do we have to keep paying, welfare,free education,free rent, free food,free phones and they still can’t spell read write or stop killing each other.

  3. Is the money going directly to the payment of hair extensions, shoes, skin lotion, and press on nails or is it for repairing smashed locked cabinets and windows to loot those items?

  4. I’m in a state of shock.
    This means the city of Los Angeles will quickly grow into a jungle.

    As the jungle grows, there will be “no-go” zones in an American city for the first time, just like in islamic-infested areas of Europe.

    Holy shit….

  5. Rob from the taxpayers and give to Democrats:

    “Garcetti just figured out how to separate 250 million tax dollars from the taxpayers into his cronies pockets ala the Clintons!…”

    Rob, if only it was that. The LAPD is the only thing that stands in between the ghettos of LA and chaos.

    Garcetti let the city overun with drug addict bums – that was enough to destroy the place as anyone ever knew it. Now, the greatest police department in America in one of the most dangerous cities in the world has just been neutered.

    LA will become one big cage of monkeys, with rich people driving through in armored cars.

  6. There is no more money coming from the pockets of taxpayers. Oh they will try. But this will be a direct reduction in police resources, both personnel and supply.
    I reeeeeeaaaallly need to get out of here.

  7. “Ask not what You can do for Your Country…Ask what Your Country

    will do to You”

  8. Bye bye 911 calls.

    The nightmare we always feared is here.

    I guess 8 years was enough for obama to set up what we are seeing.

  9. Why stop there! Not that they do much anyway, but how much goes to any kind of infrastructure maintenance? Next up, fire, hospital services, long list.

    THEN you will have Robert Heinlein’s “Abandoned Area” (I will fear no evil, 1987)

  10. @Anonymous
    JUNE 4, 2020 AT 6:45 PM

    I wouldn’t mind a “no-go zone” as long as they stay there.

  11. They won’t know what to do with the money they just got done stealing enough high tops and big screens to last them a lifetime.

  12. Translation: We’re going to piss away $100 million of your tax dollars, eliminate any chance of protection for you and your families, then demand financial help from the Orange Man.

  13. The last time I was in LA (over 10 years ago) I couldn’t tell where LA was spending money on ANYTHING. Streets were horrible, homeless everywhere. Business signs in some foreign language. Looked like a third world shithole.

  14. LA has no money that they haven’t confiscated, by threat of imprisonment, from taxpayers.
    There is no law (yet) that holds people in LA.

    This is a life lesson Los Angelinos. The government that sustains you can turn on a dime to become your oppressor.

    Taking flight to more hospitable climes is wise. Bringing along your failed political notions that forced your flight are not welcome in the land of the free.

    Albert Einstein spelled it out. E=MC(2). Can’t figure out how to do squared on iPhone.

    You move somewhere else, you’d best not bring your idiocy with you.

  15. D asks “what could go wrong”…sorry, not enough time or bandwidth to fully and completely answer that…just suffice to say…everything.

  16. I will remind you that mayor Eric Garcetti is the son of the former district attorney that was unable to convict OJ
    Simpson for the open and shut case of his beheading of his estranged wife.

    Just like in NY, there is a dynastic family of losers.

  17. It’s good thing he asked the taxpayers what to do with their money, otherwise it would seem like misappropriation of public funds combined with first-degree Tyranny.

  18. And Virginia went total libtard with zero help from California. Lets understand each other. I am not upset about disparaging remarks about California. But to continue to blame voters in a Geographical area for YOUR problems is ignorant. Especially after what we’ve recently been through as a nation. It would be far more productive focusing on voter fraud and the influence your universities are having on your elected officials.

  19. @Bad_Brad: ” 2 months ago he was trying to get LA PD a 7% raise.”

    I guess he took his thumb out of his ass, stuck it up in the air, and noticed the winds had changed.
    The city of fallen angels.
    Tomorrow he’ll announce that he’s going to use the ‘deblasio plan’ for how he re-appropriates the money. The same money that they don’t have, anyway.

  20. Diane Reynolds

    Most of us Conservatives in California are waiting for the state to hit critical mass. This is a is a big step in the right direction. So was the election of Newsom. The Kung Flu is awesome. I don’t see many gyms, hair saloons etc making it out of this. Everything’s going bichten. AS LONG AS WE DON’T GET BAILED OUT. Pass the popcorn.

  21. For more clarity, I follow several LA LE on Instagram. Instagram is where the gun community hangs out, they think they are part of it. In fact ones of their address is la_50. Well there’s a bunch more La LE on his page so it’s easy to find them. To a man, or officer, if they are ordered to confiscate weapons from citizens they are all in agreement they will do it. Well a bunch of followers jumped their shit. Their answer to this was just don’t post anything for a while. Well they are back posting now, whining like a bunch of little bitches. I have no sympathy. Told them so. Follow the Constitution, which you swore an oath to, or fuck off. This is great. De fund their sorry asses totally.

    I should add my NorCal small county Sheriffs department is awesome. Patriots all.

  22. @badbrad

    If you are looking for an apology for Virginia from me, you won’t get it. I didn’t vote for this dog’s breakfast. I call out my drooling idiots unabashed. I am embarrassed by my ‘betters’ like you are.

    And you are stuck in the same situation in California.
    Life pretty much sucks for the both of us right now.

    We need to rally our forces and make sure that we vote, make sure the vote is free and fair and have a plan b, just in case.

    No idea what plan b is, at this point.

  23. Virginia and California are not alone in this mess. If the Feds don’t get a handle on voter fraud we will all be in for a rough ride. I would like to be able to say it’s under control but I don’t see any sign that it is.

  24. PHenry

    I’m not looking for an apology from anyone. It’s my opinion it’s counter productive dividing people up by geographical location. Virginia is a good reason why. Who in the hell ever thought Virginians would vote these assholes in. Focus on fraud.

  25. LA police budget. 3 billion.

    Population. 3.99 million. Lets round up to an even 4 million.

    3 billion divided by 4 million comes out to 750 thousand dollars for each citizen. 750 thousand each year per person. That’s insane.

  26. The silver lining of this is that the angry mob will make their way to the liberal elites’ homes and loot and burn those down. Better arm up Kaepernick!

  27. Today was a sorry day in Virginia.
    Richmond has Monument Avenue and today Governor steppinfetchit demanded that General Robert E Lee be removed.

    Next will be the other confederate heroes.

    Leaving the silly Arthur Ashe statue

    Problem is, if you have a thoroughfare called monument avenue and you have only one monument, but you’ve recently renamed a road after Arthur Ashe, you kind of have to relo that statue and rename monument avenue.

    Many expensive and stately homes line monument avenue. I fear which black leader they rename it to.
    Property values will plummet starting today.

  28. @Aaron Burr
    I hate to be a stickler, but I’m an engineer – it’s what we do.
    $3,000,000,000/4,000,000 = $750 per person.
    That’s still a lot of money per person for just law enforcement.

  29. Bad_Brad- Well sometimes the LAPD hires gang members. unknowingly, of course. *wink wink* So you can’t never tell what some of them will do.

  30. When Trudeau went to LA to meat, er, meet Garcetti, Garcetti took Jussie jogging at Griffith Park (no mountain lions lurking that day), and they talked about yoga. (They call Garcetti ‘Mayor Yoga Pants”) It was pathetic. They looked like 2 women shopping for shoes at an outlet mall, but swore they would tell their friends they bought them full price. *giggles*

    I hate them both.

  31. Wait. What? All those good liberal Oblowme loving AMA doctors who supported commie care are leaving L.A? I don’t get it.

  32. MJA: No, but funny thing is, I used to live in Van Nuys in 1973, about a block from Van Owen and VN Blvd. Right before i left for good.

  33. Dad took the training wheels off my bike when we lived in van nuys.

    Of course, I was 40. /kidding. Maybe 4.

  34. see? I always forget to carry the one…

    750 bucks per person.

    Compared to 750 thousand it’s peanuts.

    Still, I too would prefer a return to beat cops instead of the impersonal executive one size fits all policing we have now.

  35. MJA
    “Bad_Brad- Well sometimes the LAPD hires gang members”

    Oh shit. I forgot about that. I’m going over to IG to reek havoc.

  36. “LA To Redirect $100 Mil From Police To “black communities”

    In you have any doubts about the long term effects of such bullshit…..give me a call.

    I’ll save you the dime…..It’s a fucked up deal.

  37. Mr Burr: Still, I too would prefer a return to beat cops instead of the impersonal executive one size fits all policing we have now.

    Quite so.

  38. Bad_Brad- And don’t forget to remind them how the police chiefs never know who the gangbangers are because they don’t have images of their tattoos on file. Oh we laughed about that one for months!

    For those who don’t know why that’s funny: You see, gangbangers walk around with their gang names on their faces, chest, backs, hands and or legs. And they usually look like this:

    or this:

    Don’t the poor fellas look like they’re plagued with arthritis? lol

  39. Wait! Here’s another way LA’s tax money is wasted.
    There’s a hospital in the San Fernando Valley that does free tattoo removals for ex gangbangers. Funny thing is, 75% of them want them removed because, you guessed it! They want to join a different gang on the other side of town.

  40. Wow! Defund the po-po. And the next time the PantyFag come to Hollywierd to “Burn The Rich”, who’s going to stand in the PantyFags way to stop them?
    I would LOVE to be a fly on the streetlamp to watch that.
    Or hire myself out (at exorbitant rates) to be security at some Hollywierdo’s palatial mansion.

  41. Aaron Burr @

    $3 billion / 4 million is $750 per person!

    and I have been drinking since 5:30PM

  42. @Arron Bur/Jethro. according to the la times the lapd take up about 17.6% of the city’s $10.5 billion dollar budget or about $1.85 billion. Still, it’s about 8% of the lapd budget tossed into the urban jungle (although a big piece will be coming back as donations to the Democrat Party). It will be interesting to see if the next troop of urban denizens march out of their habitat on their next Black Friday Shopping Night make it into where the Hollywood crowd actually live what the reactions of the prog stars will be.

  43. mayor d**k-sucker, hand out out numbers so you can keep track of the blow jobs you are going to provide as you kneel

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